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Pandora is Emile's Absol in his Let's Play of Pokémon EmeraldShe was the sixth and final Pokémon to join Emile's team. Pandora, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 27

Pandora was caught by Emile on Route 120 at Level 27. She nearly took out half of Altair's health with a critical hit from Quick Attack, while Altair missed with Steel Wing. The Absol then put Altair in the yellow zone with another Quick Attack before she took a small amount of damage from Altair's next Steel Wing that successfully struck her. Pandora then knocked out Altair with a third Quick Attack and a Bite, with the Cotton Bird missing with his Sing in between.

Emile sent out Moegami to continue weakening her down. With two Pecks, he reduced Pandora to yellow HP while her Bite did minor damage due to Moegami's resistance to Dark, and boosted her Attack two stages via Swords Dance. Emile tried to capture Pandora in a Nest Ball, which he regretted due to the animation having hearts appear. Pandora however broke free after two shakes and only did a chip more damage to Moegami with a second Bite. Emile next threw his Timer Ball, which succeeded in catching Pandora. She was transferred to the PC due to Emile's party being full, but was later taken out when Emile came back to Fortree City after his Wynaut hatched from the egg.

Pandora did not receive her nickname at the time Emile caught her.

Episode 28

Pandora grew two levels to Level 29 offscreen. Emile gave her the Exp Share so she would catch up in levels when battling the trainers in the Fortree City Gym. She grew to Level 30 at the end of the battle with Bird Keeper Jared and Picnicker Ashley, when Kappa knocked out the former trainer's Tropius. Later, when Acooltent beat Bird Keeper Darius's Tropius, Pandora was raised to Level 31 and tried to learn Double Team. Emile refused, seeing Double Team as a cheap move despite not initially doing so.

Pandora's first battle was against Fortree Gym Leader Winona. Emile sent her out against Winona's Altaria, which already defeated Kappa and Acooltent. With Altaria in low yellow health and poisoned from Acooltent's Toxic, Pandora tried to finish it off. She succeeded, as the Cotton Bird used Dragon Dance, and she reduced it to the red zone with Bite before the poison took out the last of its HP. Pandora then grew to Level 32 and Emile was rewarded the Feather Badge.

Following the battle, Emile deleted Razor Wind and taught Pandora Aerial Ace with TM40, which he received from Winona.

Episode 29

Emile took the Exp Share from Pandora, since she was on par with the rest of his team. When briefly visiting Littleroot Town, Emile gave Pandora the Amulet Coin, which he recieved from his in game mother. Emile then returned to the Name Rater's house in Slateport City, where he gave Pandora her nickname. Later, she took minor damage in omitted battles on Route 120. On the same route, Emile (with Acooltent) ran into another Absol, which was also female like Pandora.

Episode 30

On Route 121, Emile used Pandora in his fight with Beauty Jessica. She knocked out Jessica's Seviper unscathed with two Aerial Aces as the Fang Snake missed with Glare.

Further along the route, Emile found a Carbos. He gave it to Pandora to raise her fairly low base Speed. Pandora later grew to Level 33 in the battle with Cooltrainer Cristen that wasn't shown, taking little damage in the process. Emile then healed his entire team including Pandora at the Pokémon Center in Lilycove City.

Episode 33

In Mt. Pyre's interior on the third floor, Emile sent out Pandora in the battle with Psychic Kayla, when she sent out her Kadabra. Even with Bite not being a Physical move in Generation III, Pandora used it and took down Kadabra in one hit. On the same floor, she was used to battle Psychic William, when she knocked out his second Ralts and Kirlia (via pointless critical) with one Bite apiece.

Pandora next fought Psychic Cedric and his Wobbuffet on the sixth floor. Her Bite brought the Patient Pokémon to just above half before it used Destiny Bond to try and bring her down with it. While Pandora's second Bite didn't quite knock out Wobbuffet, the attack flinched it, preventing it from using Destiny Bond again. As such, Pandora finished it off with a third Bite scott free. She was also raised to Level 34 in the process.

Episode 35

Pandora was not used in any onscreen battles. However, Emile switched her into the lead spot after Moegami evolved into Blaziken in Team Magma's Hideout.

Episode 36

Emile elevated Pandora to Level 35 using a Rare Candy in the last area of the Team Magma Hideout. Pandora and Kappa were used to fight the last pair of Magma Grunts, who used Zubat and Numel. As Kappa flinched Numel with Fake Out (also doing a chip of damage to it), Pandora used Aerial Ace to knock out Zubat in one hit. She then used Aerial Ace again to take down Numel and win the battle.

For the second battle with Magma Admin Tabitha, Pandora fought his Numel. She almost took out the Fire Camel in one hit using Aerial Ace, leaving it with a sliver of red HP. It then retaliated with a Magnitude 10, which Pandora endured more comfortably than anticipated, with over half of her Hit Points. She then used another Aerial Ace which knocked out the last chip of health the Fire/Ground Type had, albeit getting a critical pointlessly. Emile called back Pandora in favor of Moegami when Tabitha sent out his Mightyena.

As Emile prepared for his second battle against Magma Leader Maxie, he healed the HP of Pandora and his other Pokémon with Potions and Oran Berries. He did so to use up the obsolete healing items. However, Pandora was not used in the battle itself.

Bonus Episode 6

Pandora has also proven her worth greatly in Southern Isle fight against Latias. Even Chugga was amazed about her power against this Legendary Pokémon, he also praised her for lowering Latias to red health in one shot.

Why Emile Chose Absol

Part of the reason for him using an Absol was to prove that she was better than people gave her credit for. However, despite winning her first battle against Fortree City Gym Leader Winona and often proving her worth, he still got criticized for using her. And even though she beat Sidney and Phoebe of the Elite Four with ease, she was still criticized. Chuggaaconroy has even called out Pandora's critics in one of his Emerald episodes.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 67: The Second Journey

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and captured his team from Pokémon Emerald again, including Pandora.

 Other Appearances

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy!

Pandora participated in the titular battle.


Current Moves

  • Swords Dance (Episode 27 - Present)
  • Aerial Ace (Episode 28 - Present)
  • Slash (Episode 38 - Present)
  • Shadow Ball (Episode 40 - Present)

Previous Moves

  • Razor Wind (Episode 27 - Episode 28)
  • Bite (Episode 27 - Episode 38)
  • Quick Attack (Episode 27 - Episode 40)


  • Pandora is Chugga's first Dark type Pokémon. The second is Terrabite.
  • Many people expected Pandora to make a comeback in Chugga's Platinum LP, as Absol would now have reliable Dark type STAB starting in Gen 4. Had Absol been caught, it would've been Chugga's 3rd Pokemon species used more than once, the others being Arcanine and Espeon.
  • Pandora is the first Pokémon Chugga obtained for influence due to her being criticized a lot.
    • Some theorized that it does not take advantage of STAB in Gen 3 and the fact that Absol is a glass cannon. 
  • Pandora is the only Pokémon Chugga has used to not have a move that gets STAB bonus because Dark type moves were considered special before Generation IV and most Dark types (including Absol) were physical attackers.
    • Because of that, Pandora gets Shadow Ball since it was a physical type before it was special in Generation IV.
  • Pandora defeated Phoebe of the Elite Four single-handedly.
  • Pandora is Chugga's fourth Pokémon that can Mega-Evolve after Gen VI, the others being Bulbapedia, Moegami, Altair, Billy Bob, and Psythe.
  • Pandora is referenced a few times in Chugga's Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness LP, mostly while fighting against an Absol.
  • In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Chugga claims that he still misses Pandora to this day.
  • Pandora, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.
  • Pandora won her first battle, which was against Fortree City Gym Leader Winona.
  • Pandora is also the name of a Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer, having more than 1,000 stores in North America.