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Odairu is Emile's Feraligatr in Pokémon Crystal. He was the first Pokémon to join his team.

Pokémon Crystal

Part 1

Emile selected a Level 5 male Totodile holding a Berry with the moves Scratch and Leer from the three starters in Professor Elm's laboratory in New Bark Town. Emile gave him the nickname Odairu as soon as he received him.

On Route 29, on the way to Cherrygrove City, Odairu battled a Pidgey and two Sentrets, losing half of his HP but growing to Level 6 in the process. Emile healed him as soon as they reached Cherrygrove City.

Part 2

On Route 30, on the way to Mr. Pokémon's house, Odairu battled a wild Caterpie and Pidgey, growing to Level 7 and learning Rage in the process.

Later, on his way back to Elm's Lab, Emile met a red-headed stranger at the exit of Cherrygrove City. Odairu battled his Chikorita, and by repeatedly using Rage, which grew 67% stronger with every hit Odairu took, he won the battle easily, growing to Level 8 in the process.

At the end of the episode, Emile encountered a wild Phanpy and tried to catch it. Odairu weakened it with a Scratch attack before, to Emile's memetic shock, the wild Phanpy fled.

Part 3

Odairu weakened a different wild Phanpy, stated to have been encountered immediately after the previous one, with Scratch, this one using Growl instead of fleeing. Then Emile tossed a single Poké Ball, and succeeded in catching the Pokémon that would come to have the name Darmani.

Offscreen, Odairu grew to Level 9.

Odairu battled Youngster Joey's Rattata after switching in from Darmani. He took a bit of damage, but defeated it easily with two Scratch attacks.

Odairu later battled a wild Level 5 female Bellsprout after it knocked out Darmani. He used Scratch to weaken it, and to Emile's pleasure, took relatively little damage from Vine Whip. Emile tossed a Poké Ball, but after the third shake, Bellsprout broke free, and reduced Odairu to the red zone of HP with another Vine Whip. Odairu ate his Berry to restore his HP, however, and then Emile succeeded in catching the Bellsprout with his second Poké Ball.

Part 4

Offscreen, Odairu grew to Level 10.

On Route 36, Emile attempted to catch a Growlithe for his team. After two failed attempts with Darmani, both of which ended with the Growlithe using Roar, Emile used Odairu instead, thinking he could do more damage faster and therefore minimize his chances of failure. He proved to be half-right; a critical Scratch attack immediately knocked out the next Growlithe he encountered, to Emile's frustration.

Emile sent out Odairu again against the fourth Growlithe he encountered, again using Scratch and again landing a critical hit, but this time, the opposing Growlithe endured easily, and countered with a Bite attack. Emile then threw a single Poké Ball, succeeding in catching the Pokémon he would soon after nickname Roary.

Part 6

Offscreen, while healing his team from the battles against the Violet City Gym trainers, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party. Odairu subsequently started the battle against Gym Leader Falkner, battling his Pidgey. Like his battle with Eyan, he simply used Rage repeatedly, defeating the Pidgey with ease. Odairu then defeated Falkner's Pidgeotto with identical ease, enduring its Gust attacks and defeating it with just two strikes, growing to Level 11 and earning Emile the Zephyr Badge.

Part 7

Odairu battled Fisher Ralph's Goldeen on Route 32. Despite the opposing Water-type succeeding in hitting him with Supersonic, he defeated him with repeated Rage attacks, growing to Level 12 in the process.

Part 8

When Emile cut to the end of the battle against Hiker Russell in Union Cave, Odairu was on the field at barely more than half his HP and close to growing a level; Emile stated shortly afterwards that he used Rage to win, and regretted not having used Roary's Ember instead due to Geodude's poor Special Defense.

Part 9

Odairu took part in the fight against the second Team Rocket Grunt in Slowpoke Well, battling her Ekans. He used Rage, but the move remained weak for the first three usages of it due to Ekans missing with its attacks or else not using an offensive move. Nonetheless, the snake managed to deal 5 damage with Wrap before Odairu finished it off, the resulting experience causing Odairu to grow to Level 13 and learn Water Gun, to Emile's delight.

Odairu took part in the fight against the third Grunt, taking out almost all of his second Zubat's HP with his new Water Gun attack, despite Zubat striking him with Supersonic. Odairu lost a significant amount of HP due to striking himself with confusion once and repeated Leech Life attacks, but one Rage finished it off. Emile then healed offscreen at the Pokémon Center.

Part 11

At the start of the episode, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party in Roary's place. Odairu subsequently began the second rival battle against Eyan at the edge of Azalea Town. He defeated his Gastly with ease, taking little damage from the Ghost-Type's Lick attacks and depleting its HP with three Water Gun attacks, subsequently growing to Level 14. Emile then switched Odairu out for Roary as Eyan sent out his Bayleef.

After the battle, Emile healed his team at the Azalea Pokémon Center, and switched Darmani to the front of the party in Odairu's place.

Part 12

Offscreen, Odairu grew three Levels to Level 17.

Part 13

During a cut batle, Odairu defeated Lass Bridget in Goldenrod City Gym, growing to Level 18 and subsequently evolving into Croconaw in the process. Emile then battled Beauty Samantha and healed his team offscreen.

Odairu took part in the battle against Gym Leader Whitney, battling her weakened Miltank after it knocked out all of his other Pokémon. Odairu nearly knocked Miltank out with Water Gun, but after she used Milk Drink to heal herself, Emile cut out a chunk of the battle while he used Leer a few times. In the meantime, Odairu lost a significant chunk of HP, but lowered her Defense enough that Scratch dealt a massive amount of damage. Emile healed off most of Odairu's damage, and again nearly knocked Miltank out, but she again used Milk Drink. Emile lowered her HP again, but yet again, she used Milk Drink. Finally, Odairu knocked her out with a critical Scratch attack, subsequently growing to Level 19 and earning Emile the Plain Badge.

Part 16

Offscreen, Odairu grew to Level 20.

In the Ecruteak Dance Studio, Odairu battled against Kimono Girl Naoko's Flareon. Its Tail Whip and Sand-Attack both missed, allowing Odairu to win the battle completely unscathed with three Water Gun attacks. He subsequently grew to Level 21 and learned Bite in place of Leer, though Emile meant to delete Scratch.

Odairu then battled Kimono Girl Kuni's Vaporeon. Emile cut the battle out, but Odairu took very little damage during it.

Part 18

Offscreen, Odairu grew to Level 22.

Part 19

Offscreen, Emile bought TM33 at the Goldenrod Department Store, and used it to teach Odairu Ice Punch in place of Scratch. He also used HM03 to teach him Surf in place of Water Gun.

Odairu took part in the battle against Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty, battling his Gengar, his strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Darmani and Roary. He attempted to use Surf, but Gengar immobilized him with Hypnosis before draining all of his HP with another critical Dream Eater, restoring him to full health while Odairu fainted.

Emile used his only Revive to revitalize Odairu and a Super Potion to max out his health while Vui was on the field as a scapegoat. After Gengar knocked Vui out, Odairu took the field again. The Croconaw dodged Gengar's Hypnosis attacks and landed a Bite and two Surf attacks, knocking the powerful Ghost-Type out.

Odairu then battled Morty's second Haunter, his last Pokémon. Emile dismisses the Haunter as little threat, and then snarked at it in a deadpan voice as it used Mean Look. Whether because he agreed with Emile or wanted to shut him up, Odairu used a critical Surf to knock the Haunter out, growing to Level 23 and earning Emile the Fog Badge.

Afterwards, Emile healed his team at the Ecruteak Pokémon Center.

Part 20

Offscreen, Odairu grew two Levels to Level 25.

Part 21

Offscreen, Emile gave Odairu the Mystic Water hold item.

Part 22

Odairu began the battle against Mystical Man Eusine north of Cianwood City, battling his Drowzee. Odairu struck with a Surf that depleted about a third of the Psychic-Type's HP, but Drowzee then immobilized him with a Hypnosis attack. An annoyed Emile then switched out Odairu for Vui.

Part 23

Offscreen, Odairu grew three Levels to Level 28.

Part 24

Odairu took part in the battle against Olivine Gym Leader Jasmine, battling her Steelix, her strongest Pokémon. A Surf attack nearly depleted Steelix's HP, but it responded with Sunny Day, halving the power of Water-Type attacks, and then Jasmine used a Hyper Potion to max out Steelix's HP. Steelix then knocked out more than half of Odairu's HP with repeated Iron Tail attacks, despite its lost accuracy, but ultimately, Odairu's repeated Surf attacks knocked the powerful Steel-Type out, and the Croconaw subsequently grew to Level 29. Emile then switched Odairu out for Darmani as Jasmine sent out her second Magnemite.

Part 25

Odairu finished the battle against Hiker Benjamin on Route 42, defeating his Geodude with a single Surf attack.

Part 27

Odairu took part in a mostly cut battle against two Team Rocket Grunts in the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town. He dealt some damage before the first Rocket's Drowzee used Hypnosis to put him to sleep. At the end of the battle, Odairu was shown to have taken little damage.

Odairu battled another Rocket Grunt in a cut battle, growing to Level 30 in the process, and subsequently evolving into Feraligatr. Emile then switched Vui to the front of the party in Odairu's place.

Part 29

Odairu took part in the battle against Mahogany Gym Leader Pryce, battling his Dewgong after it knocked out Darmani and Vui. He used a Bite attack to take out a small amount of HP, and Dewgong responded with Icy Wind, lowering Odairu's Speed but dealing even less damage than Bite did. From there, Emile began spamming Bite while Dewgong began spamming Rest to recover its health. After the second Rest, Emile began cutting footage. Five minutes later, he moaned for Odairu, who had lost almost half of his health, to 'please get a critical' as Dewgong used Rest again. Two more minutes later, Emile revealed that he had switched to using Rage, and had allowed Odairu to take enough damage that the attack would knock out Dewgong in three hits. As he said so, Odairu did so.

Odairu then battled Pryce's Piloswine, his last and strongest Pokémon. One Surf attack reduced the Ice/Ground-Type to a mere sliver of HP, but it barely held on, and retaliated with Fury Attack, much to Emile's amusement. The attack took out a little more than a quarter of Odairu's remaining HP, and Emile ordered the Feraligatr to use Surf again. Despite Pryce healing his Pokémon back to full health with a Hyper Potion, the second Surf succeeded in knocking Piloswine out, earning Emile the Glacier Badge.

Part 31

On the Goldenrod Radio Tower's fifth floor, after Rocket Executive Petrol's Weezing knocked out itself and Darmani by using Explosion, Odairu finished the battle, knocking out each of his remaining four Koffings with a single Surf and growing to Level 31 in the process.

Offscreen, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party in Darmani's place, only to switch them back shortly after entering the Goldenrod Underground.

Part 32

Odairu finished the fourth rival battle against Eyan in Goldenrod Underground, knocking out his slightly weakened Sneasel with one Surf attack after it took out Roary, and subsequently growing to Level 32.

Part 34

Odairu finished the battle against Rocket Executive Ariana in the Radio Tower, defeating her Murkrow with a single Ice Punch.

Odairu later battled against Sage Gaku of the Wise Trio, battling his Noctowl and Flareon. Odairu's Ice Punch attack landed a critical hit and froze the Noctowl, leaving it helpless as Odairu finished it with another Ice Punch, and though Flareon managed to take out a modicum of Odairu's HP with Quick Attack, it quickly fainted before two Surf attacks.

Odairu then began the battle against Sage Masa, battling his Noctowl. Two Ice Punch attacks nearly depleted its HP, and its retaliatory Peck attack did negligible damage. Realizing that despite the Type advantage, Surf would do more damage due to Odairu's held Mystic Water and the STAB bonus, Emile used Surf to finish it off, realizing only afterwards that the Noctowl was almost out of HP anyway. Emile then switched Odairu out for Darmani as Masa sent out his Jolteon.

Odairu then began the battle against Sage Koji. Emile cut the battle out, but Odairu defeated his Noctowl, growing to Level 33 in the process, and then switched out, possibly to Darmani, as Koji sent out his Vaporeon.

Part 35

Odairu battled against Suicune in the Tin Tower. He used repeated Ice Punch attacks in an attempt to freeze the Legendary Pokémon for more ease of catching. Odairu took little damage as he followed Emile's orders, succeeding in freezing Suicune solid before cutting down its HP with three Bite attacks. Emile then caught the still-frozen Suicune, failing with his thrown Ultra Ball but succeeding with the Poké Ball he threw after that.

Odairu later battled a wild Lickitung on Route 44 as Emile detailed the new wild Pokémon on that route, defeating it with a single Surf attack.

Part 36

Odairu briefly came out in the battle against Cooltrainer Fran's Seadra before Emile switched to Vui.

Odairu then battled Cooltrainer Cody, using Rage to defeat his Horsea and Seadra, losing half of his HP to repeated Twister attacks but growing to Level 34 in the process.

Odairu then battled Cooltrainer Mike's Dragonair. Ice Punch nearly knocked the serpentine dragon out, but Thunder Wave and Dragon Rage in retaliation brought Odairu within one turn of defeat. Fortunately, Odairu was able to fight through the paralysis and end the battle with another Ice Punch. Emile then healed his team offscreen.

Odairu then battled Cooltrainer Lola, defeating her Dratini with one Ice Punch and her Dragonair in a battle identical to the one with Mike's Dragonair. Emile then healed Odairu's paralysis offscreen.

Odairu then began the fight against Gym Leader Clair, battling her first Dragonair. Ice Punch took out half of its HP, but it retaliated with Thunder Wave and Dragon Breath, which damaged Odairu significantly before another Ice Punch knocked it out.

Emile elected to keep Odairu out against her second Dragonair, thinking that it may not be the one that used Thunderbolt, and even if it was, the AI was so poor that he could potentially count on it not using the best move. Unfortunately, neither of those were the case, and the Dragonair's Thunderbolt finished the weakened Odairu off.

Part 37

Odairu battled Cooltrainer Darin's Dragonair in the Dragon's Den, defeating it with two Ice Punch attacks and growing to Level 35 in the process.

Odairu then battled Twins Lia and Pia. Emile cut the battle, but Odairu grew to Level 36 from it.

Part 38

Odairu fought Psychic Gilbert on Route 27, battling his Starmie. Despite Bite's type advantage, Emile instead used Rage again, at the same time expressing his eagerness to be rid of the move. He mocked Starmie for its Tackle and Rapid Spin attacks, which powered up Rage while dealing little damage to Odairu; before long, the alligator defeated the starfish and grew to Level 37. Emile then switched Odairu out for Roary as Gilbert sent out his Exeggcute.

Part 39

Odairu took part in the fight against Cooltrainer Gaven on Route 26, defeating his Flareon with a single Surf. Emile then switched out Odairu for Methane as Gaven sent out his Kingler, misreading the text as Kingdra.

Odairu then battled Cooltrainer Beth's Rapidash, defeating it with one Surf, to Emile's surprise.

Part 40

During cut battles against wild Pokémon in Victory Road, Odairu grew to Level 38, and subsequently learned Slash in place of Rage. Near the end of Victory Road, Emile used TM26 to teach Odairu Earthquake in place of Bite.

Odairu dominated the fifth rival battle against Eyan, defeating his Kadabra with a critical Slash attack and his Magneton with a single Earthquake attack, despite Meganium's lingering Reflect in the latter case. He then battled Eyan's Golbat, taking little damage from its Wing Attack and wiping out its HP with two Ice Punch attacks, and ended the battle by knocking out Eyan's Haunter with a single Earthquake.

Part 41 (Johto Finale - Part 1: Will)

Offscreen, Emile trained Odairu up two Levels to Level 40 and switched him to the front of the party.

Odairu began the fight against Elite Four Will, battling his first Xatu. His Ice Punch wiped out most of its HP, but it retaliated with a Psychic attack. To Emile's surprise, Odairu endured with relative ease, though Emile remarked on how Xatu doesn't have the best Special Attack as Odairu finished it with another Ice Punch. Emile then switched Odairu out for Roary as Will sent out his Exeggutor.

After the battle, Emile healed Odairu back to full health with a Hyper Potion, and switched Roary to the front of the party.

Part 43 (Johto Finale - Part 3: Bruno)

Odairu took part in the battle against Elite Four Bruno, defeating his Onix with a single Surf. Emile then switched Odairu out for Vui as Bruno sent out his Hitmonchan.

Part 44 (Johto Finale - Part 4: Karen)

Odairu took part in the fight against Elite Four Karen, battling her Houndoom, her last and strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Darmani. The Fire/Dark-Type moved before Odairu, taking out almost half of his HP with Crunch, but Odairu's retaliatory Surf attack reduced Houndoom into the red zone of HP. Karen restored Houndoom's HP to maximum with a Max Potion, but Odairu's Earthquake immediately dropped it back to the red zone. Houndoom used another Crunch, nearly depleting Odairu's HP, but the Feraligatr used Slash to finish Houndoom off, winning the battle.

After the battle, Emile healed Odairu offscreen, and switched him to the front of the party in place of Methane.

Part 45 (Johto Finale - Part 5: Lance)

Odairu began the fight against Champion Lance, battling his Gyarados. Odairu used Slash to cut down its HP while Gyarados attempted to do the same with Surf and Flail, with much less success. After the third Slash, reducing Gyarados to less than a quarter of its HP, the sea serpent retaliated with Hyper Beam. Odairu endured the assault with relative ease, to Emile's joy, and two more Slash attacks finished it off, (the latter a critical, despite it only taking out the final sliver of Gyarados' HP).

Odairu then battled Lance's first Dragonite. He used Ice Punch, which was quadruply effective and, to Emile's joyful shock, manages to freeze it solid, leaving it helpless as Odairu finished it with another Ice Punch, growing to Level 41 as a result.

Continuing Emile's joyful shock, Odairu then defeated Lance's second Dragonite in the exact same way. Unfortunately, however, Odairu proved to be slower as Lance sent out his third Dragonite, his strongest Pokémon, which immediately finished Odairu off with Outrage.

Part 46 (Johto Finale - Part 6)

Along with the rest of Emile's team, Odairu enters the Hall of Fame.

Part 47 (Kanto - Part 1)

Through several battles that Emile sped through on the S.S. Aqua, Odairu grew to Level 42.

Part 48 (Kanto - Part 2)

While Emile went over the new wild Pokémon on Route 6, Odairu battled Poké Fan Allan, defeating his Teddiursa with ease.

Part 49 (Kanto - Part 3)

While Emile went over Electabuzz's bio on Route 10, Odairu fought and defeated a wild Venomoth, growing to Level 43 as a result.

Part 50 (Kanto - Part 4)

In the Pewter City Gym, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party in place of Roary. Odairu subsequently battled Camper Jerry's Sandslash, defeating it with a single Surf attack.

Part 51 (Kanto - Part 5)

Odairu began the battle against Gym Leader Brock, defeating his Graveler with a single Surf attack. Emile then switched Odairu out for Methane as Brock sent out his Kabutops.

Odairu took the field again after Methane defeated Kabutops with Explosion, and battled Brock's Omastar. His Earthquake took out most of the ammonite's HP, and to Emile's loud mockery, it responded with Spike Cannon. It struck all five times, but only dealt 25 damage. Odairu finished it off with another Earthquake, and then defeated Brock's Rhyhorn and Onix with one Surf each, growing to Level 44 and earning Emile the Boulder Badge.

Part 52 (Kanto - Part 6)

Odairu battled against Lugia in the Whirl Islands. The battle was lackluster, with Odairu continually using Ice Punch in hopes of freezing the Legendary Pokémon, and Emile healing him with a Hyper Potion whenever Lugia's Gust and Hydro Pump attacks did too much damage, and tossing Balls whenever Lugia's HP was too low to use Ice Punch again. Finally, after the fourteenth Ice Punch, Lugia froze with its HP in the red zone, and after a few Balls, Emile caught it.

Part 54 (Kanto - Part 8)

Odairu took part in the battle against Cerulean Gym Leader Misty, battling her Starmie, her strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Volvagia. He weakened it with Earthquake, but from there, it began using Recover, prompting Emile to cut out the remaining battle against it until a critical Slash knocked it out, causing Odairu to grow to Level 45. Emile then switched out Odairu for Vui as Misty sent out her Quagsire.

Part 58 (Kanto - Part 12)

Offscreen, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party before he battled who he (supposedly) thought was Gym Leader Janine, but was actually Lass Alice. Consequently, as soon as Alice sent out her Gloom, Emile switched Odairu out for Vui, and after the battle, he switched Vui to the front of the party.

Part 59 (Kanto - Part 13)

Offscreen, Emile deposited Odairu in the PC Box in preparation for exploring Mt. Mortar. After defeating Black Belt Kiyo in its depths, he withdrew Odairu again.

Part 60 (Kanto - Part 14)

Odairu destroyed Cinnabar Gym Leader Blaine, defeating his Magcargo, Magmar, and Rapidash with one Surf attack each, and taking damage only due to Rapidash's speed allowing it to use a weak Fury Attack before Surf struck. Odairu effortlessly won Emile the Volcano Badge.

Part 61 (Kanto - Part 15)

Offscreen, Odairu grew three Levels to Level 48.

Odairu battled against Ho-Oh at the top of Tin Tower. Like Lugia, it was a lackluster battle: Emile healing Odairu when he got too weak, and attempting to freeze Ho-Oh with Ice Punch. Emile cut much of the battle out, but it took a nine Ice Punch attacks and a dozen Surf attacks to freeze and sufficiently weaken the phoenix. Emile then began throwing Poké Balls, catching it on the tenth try.

Part 62 (Kanto - Part 16)

Odairu began the fight against Viridian Gym Leader Blue, battling his Pidgeot. By virtue of an eight level advantage, the Normal/Flying-Type took out over half of Odairu's HP before two Ice Punches and a Surf attack knocked it out. Emile then switched Odairu out for Vui as Blue sent out his Exeggutor.

Odairu switched back in as Blue sent out his Rhydon, knocking it out with one Surf attack. Emile then switched Odairu out for Roary as Blue sent out his Alakazam.

Odairu switched back in against Blue's Gyarados after it knocked out Vui and Methane. Correctly assuming that the sea serpent would use Hyper Beam, Emile used a Hyper Potion to fully replenish Odairu's HP, though to Emile's surprise, the Hyper Beam fell short of taking out even half of Odairu's HP. Odairu then used Slash, wiping out half of Gyarados' remaining HP, but the sea serpent then used Hyper Beam again. This one proved to be a critical hit, and Odairu subsequently fainted.

Part 63 (Kanto - Part 17)

After defeating Blue, Emile did a large amount of training offscreen, during which Odairu grew ten levels to Level 55.


Odairu took part in the fight against Pokémon Trainer Red, battling his Blastoise. Blastoise used continual Surf attacks while Odairu used continual Slash attacks. Despite the type disadvantage, the nineteen Level advantage meant that Blastoise eroded Odairu's HP much faster than Odairu eroded Blastoise's. Emile resorted to using a Hyper Potion halfway through, but ultimately, while Odairu managed to reduce Blastoise to the end of the yellow zone of its HP, he fainted to its continual Surf attacks.

Why Emile Chose Feraligatr

When deciding on his starter, he stated that Chikorita was the most challenging of the three while Cyndaquil was the easiest. He elected to choose Totodile due both to it being the 'middle-of-the-road' choice and the fact that in his first play through of Crystal several years prior, Totodile was his choice.


Final Moves

  • Ice Punch (Part 19—Finale)
  • Surf (Part 19—Finale)
  • Slash (Part 40—Finale)
  • Earthquake (Part 40—Finale)

Former Moves

  • Scratch (Part 1—Part 19)
  • Leer (Part 1—Part 16)
  • Rage (Part 2—Part 40)
  • Water Gun (Part 9—Part 19)
  • Bite (Part 16—Part 40)

Nickname Origin

Odairu is a mis-Romanization of Odile, the Japanese name for Feraligatr.


  • Odairu is Emile's 2nd Water-Type team member, the first being Tessie, and his first pure Water-Type team member.
    • It is also his first Water-type Starter
  • Odairu fought against Blastoise, the evolution of Emile's then-favorite Pokémon, Wartortle, in the finale. However, Odairu was not successful in winning.