Munchkin is Emile's Granbull in his Let's Play of Pokémon Colosseum. He was the sixth and final Pokémon to join Emile's team.


Current MovesEdit

  • Earthquake
  • Scary Face
  • Return
  • Sludge Bomb


  • He is the only Pokémon that Emile put off of introducing because he and Walnut were very close together.
  • He was purified by using a Time Flute in episode 27.
  • He was named by Queen Chrysaliss.
  • He fainted in his first battle, against Miror B.
  • Emile had originally intended to use Stantler instead of Granbull. The move Hypnosis caught his eye, but Stantler didn’t live up to the hopes he had, so he scrapped it. This was revealed during his Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness LP.
    • The reason why Emile picked Granbull is because it has the move Strength from Furret and the ability Intimidate from Stantler.