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Mr. Pokémon

Mr. Pokémon is a supporting character in Pokémon Crystal.


Pokémon Crystal

Mr. Pokémon appeared in Part 2, where Emile is introduced to him as a friend of Professor Oak. He is an elderly man who casually studies Pokémon. In Part 1, he calls his acquaintance, Professor Elm, about a Pokémon Egg which he discovered. Emile is dispatched by Elm to retrieve the Egg. The Egg is later gifted to Emile, and it eventually hatches into Emile's Togepi. Much later, in Part 26, Emile gives Mr. Pokémon a scale of his newly-caught Red Gyarados in exchange for an Exp. Share.


  • "Mr. Pokémon" is just a nickname, his real name is unknown.