"...I have secretly trained here all my life. As a result, I can now see what others cannot. Just a bit more... With a little more, I could see a future in which I meet the Pokémon of rainbow colors. You're going to help me reach that level!"
Morty is a character in Pokémon Crystal.

Pokémon Crystal Edit

Part 19 Edit

Chuck appears as the Ecruteak City Gym Leader. He specializes in Ghost-Type Pokémon. He gives out the Fog Badge to those who defeat him.

Pokémon Team Edit

  • Gastly (Lvl. 21)
  • Haunter (Lvl. 21)
  • Haunter (Lvl. 23)
  • Gengar (Lvl. 25)

Trivia Edit

  • Morty is the first Ghost-Type Gym Leader.

References Edit

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