Molly is a Normal Duck villager that lived in Chugga's town Palette in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Edit

Day 1: New Life [Part 1] Edit

Molly was one of Chugga's starter villagers.

Day 28: Vacation Time [Part 1] Edit

Emile walked into The Roost to find Brewster working and Molly having a coffee.

Day 38: The Public Works Edit

Emile speaks to Molly, and she tells him that she loves the snow. Molly asks Emile to get her 6 signatures from other towns for her petition, Scamper to Victory. Emile obliges. Later, Molly suggests Emile build the Lighthouse, a favorite of Chugga's.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo Edit

Day 1: Old Life Edit

Molly's picture is seen inside Emile's house. Emile talks to her shortly after, the first villager he talks to. She is happy to see him after many years.

Day 2: Genie of the Camp Edit

Molly plays with Emile and newcomer Beardo on Chugga's real-life desk using the amiibo Camera.

Later, Molly and Emile talk. Emile calls Molly's outfit "cute" when she asks his opinion.

Day 3: The Return of the King Edit

Molly announces her intention to move out on October 18th, in order to find herself, in order to start a new life. Emile reluctantly lets her go, to find her own way.

Day 4: The Worst Birthday Edit

Molly appears on main street and annoys Emile with her main street blandness.

Day 6: Deep Dive Deep Edit

Molly talks with Emile outside his house, and reveals that Croque and Pietro have been fighting.

Day 8: Selling Out Edit

Molly buys Emile's koi for an astronomical 4,900 Bells, to Emile's shock and acceptance.

Day 11: Puzzling World Edit

Molly challenges Emile for the championship of Animal Crossing: Puzzle League, but he declines, because he just doesn't have the heart. In Molly's house, Emile and her say an emotional goodbye, before he leaves. Emile reads her letter, and bursts into laughter because she sent him a frilly apron.

 Other Appearances Edit

Six Years Edit

Emile wandered around Palette, doing some fishing and talking to various villagers, including Molly.


  • Chugga has stated that he finds Molly adorable.
  • She has asked Chugga to bring her a peach twice.
  • Chugga built a fountain for Molly so that she could swim in it adorably. However, she didn't show up for the ceremony.
  • According to Chugga, Molly had his favorite house of any villager living in Palette.
  • She now calls Emile, "dearie."
  • She was the first victim of Emile's Net of Terror. (Episode 2)
  • Chugga made Molly's greeting into "Queak." Sometime before the Saturday before Emile's Birthday, he changed her greeting to "Quackers."
  • Chugga and Molly we're romantically involved, however on her birthday, to his distress, she had an affair with Croque.
  • Molly wanted Chugga to get people to sign a petition, Garden Gnomes have rights.
  • It is suggested in the last episode of Welcome Amiibo that Chugga now lives with Molly.
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