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Moegami is Emile's Blaziken in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. He was the first Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Moegami, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 1

He was obtained as a Torchic. Right off the bat, he defeated a wild Zigzagoon to save Professor Birch. Despite the Zigzagoon restoring most of its HP due to an Oran Berry (which it has a 5% chance of holding), Torchic had no difficulty defeating it with repeated Scratch attacks, while taking minimal damage in return. Upon returning to his lab in Littleroot Town, Birch allows Emile to keep the Torchic he used. Emile then nicknames Torchic Moegami.

Emile traveled up to Route 103, with Moegami defeating a few wild Pokémon along the way and growing to Level 6. There, Emile battled May for the first time, with Moegami battling May's Mudkip. While he nearly took out Mudkip with four Scratches, Mudkip scored a critical hit with Tackle, defeating him in spite of being one level higher. This marked Emile's first loss in the LP. On the second attempt, Moegami once again repeatedly used Scratch on Mudkip, ultimately knocking it out after a fifth hit. This allowed Moegami to grow to Level 7 (learning Focus Energy).

Episode 2

Moegami is revealed to have a Rash nature, which boosts his Special Attack but lowers his Special Defense.

Emile battled numerous trainers on Route 102, which Moegami had no trouble defeating. He first battled Youngster Calvin and his Poochyena. The Fire Chick got a critical hit with his first Scratch before finishing it off with a second (while only losing three HP to Poochyena's Tackle). The experience elevated him to Level 8.

Moegami then took out both of Bug Catcher Rick's Wurmples, with two Scratches each. He only took one hit from the first Wurmple, and he was still able to outspeed the second one after it used String Shot. The resulting experience grew him to Level 9.

Moegami defeated a wild Zigzagoon (only taking one hit), then battled Youngster Allen. The Torchic knocked out both his Zigzagoon and Taillow with three Scratches apiece, all while he took no damage from them, due to them only using Growl. This made Moegami grow to Level 10 and learn Ember.

After knocking out and running from a few more wild Pokémon, Emile encountered a Lotad, which Moegami weakened to red health with one Scratch (taking two HP of damage from Lotad's Astonish). Emile then threw a Poké Ball and captured Lotad on his first attempt. Lotad became the second member of Emile's team, and would eventually be nicknamed Kappa.

Emile was forced to do switch training between Moegami and Kappa to allow the latter to gain levels quickly due to his weak Astonish attack. This occurred with a wild Poochyena and Lass Tiana's Zigzagoon. Moegami defeated both, as well as Tiana's Shroomish with a single Ember (which is super effective on Shroomish), and grew to Level 11.

Episode 3

Emile battled the trainers on the southern end of Route 104, mainly to continue training Kappa. Moegami was often switched in to finish them off. This included against Youngster Billy (knocking out his Zigzagoon with two Embers and Seedot with one), and Lady Cindy. Moegami nearly knocked out Zigzagoon with a single Ember (which also burned it). To Emile's shock, Cindy used a Full Restore, despite her Pokémon only being Level 7. Moegami was still able to knock it out with two more Embers (the second being a pointless critical).

In Petalburg Woods, Moegami took out more wild Pokémon (growing to Level 12), and fought Bug Catcher Lyle's four Wurmples. The Torchic beat all of them with one Ember after switching in from Kappa. Offscreen, Moegami gained three more levels (putting him up to Level 15) when Emile was searching for a Slakoth, which he would catch for his team and nickname Teddy.

Episode 4

Emile switched trained Teddy against Bug Catcher James in Petalburg Woods. Moegami was sent out in Teddy's place and took out his first Nincada with a single Ember. He then repeated the process with James' second Nincada.

Episode 5

Moegami did not participate in the battle against Rustboro City Gym Leader Roxanne, mainly due to not being evolved yet, and his Type disadvantage against Rock Types in his base form. After Emile won the Stone Badge, he battled the trainers on Route 116. Moegami won the battle against Bug Catcher Jose by knocking out his Nincada with one Ember. This was after he was switched in from Teddy and he took one HP of damage from a Leech Life.

Episode 6

During Emile's second battle with Team Aqua in Rusturf Tunnel, Moegami was switched in from Teddy to battle the Aqua Grunt's Poochyena. He took five HP of damage from Poochyena's Tackle. The Chick then used Scratch, doing about half of the Dark Type Pokémon's health. After easily taking another Tackle, Moegami finished it off with an Ember. He grew to Level 16 and learned Peck (which Emile deleted Growl for). After the battle, Moegami evolved into Combusken and learned Double Kick (which Emile overwrote Scratch for).

After returning to Rustboro City, Emile battled May for a second time. The newly evolved Moegami came out against May's Torkoal after it defeated Kappa. With the Fire Turtle in red health, Moegami finished it off with Double Kick, which only hit once thanks to a critical hit. Moegami was then switched out for Teddy when May sent out her Mudkip.

Moegami came out again after Mudkip beat Teddy. With Mudkip already around two thirds of its health, he used Double Kick. While Mudkip survived both hits in red HP, May neglected to have it use the super effective Water Gun, and it used Growl instead. Once it fell asleep from Teddy's earlier Yawn, Moegami took Mudkip out with one hit from Double Kick (which was also a pointless critical).

Episode 7

While Emile was navigating Granite Cave (without Flash), he encountered some wild Pokémon on the lowest floor. After switching in from Acoolslave, Moegami took out an Aron with two Embers (with the first one burning it). He lost a small bit of HP to Aron's Headbutt, and even less to a subsequent Tackle as a result of the burn. Moegami was then switched in from Acoolslave again for a Zubat. He also took it out with two Embers (the second one being critical), while taking one HP of damage to each of Zubat's Leech Lifes. The experience elevated the Fire/Fighting Type Pokémon to Level 17.

Episode 8

Moegami was Emile's lead Pokémon in the battle against Dewford Town Gym Leader Brawly, facing off against his Machop. He started with an Ember, which did just less than half of Machop's health and also burned it. Machop responded with a Karate Chop, taking away 16 out of Moegami's 50 Hit Points. The burn damaged Machop and put it below half HP. While the Superpower Pokémon endured a second Ember in red HP, the burn finished it off. However, it first delivered another Karate Chop, doing another 20 HP of damage to Moegami. Emile then switched out Moegami for Acooltent as Brawly sent out his Meditite.

Moegami came out again for Brawly's strongest Pokémon, Makuhita, after it defeated Acooltent and Teddy. The Guts Pokémon was just above half of its HP when Moegami was sent out, taking damage from poison inflicted by Acooltent earlier. Moegami used Ember, lowering Makuhita into yellow health. Unfortunately, he was then taken down by a Vital Throw.

Episode 9

Emile defended Captain Stern and the Devon Goods from two Team Aqua Grunts in Slateport City's Oceanic Museum. Moegami battled the second Grunt's Zubat, after Acooltent and Teddy had difficulty with it. Even with a critical hit, Zubat's Leech Life did a laughable one HP to Moegami before he finished it off with an Ember. The experience raised him to Level 18. Moegami was then switched out for Kappa when the Aqua Grunt sent out his Carvanha.

Episode 10

Emile went through the first puzzle in the Trick House on Route 110, which required Cut to navigate. Moegami was switched in from Teddy during the battle with Lass Sally and her Oddish, after Teddy did about 1/3 of its health. He defeated it unscathed with an Ember since Oddish used Sweet Scent (which only lowered his Evasiveness).

For the battle against Lass Robin, Moegami was once again switched in from Teddy after the latter took out almost half of the HP of Robin's Skitty. He hit one time with Double Kick to take out the Kitten Pokémon, after it only used Tail Whip. Emile then switched out Moegami for Kappa as Robin sent out her Marill. He was later sent out again for her Shroomish, which he took out all of its health with one Ember.

Moegami then battled Youngster Eddie, taking out both of his Zigzagoons with one hit from Double Kick each (even with the second Zigzagoon being two levels higher than the first).

Further on Route 110, Emile had his third battle with May. Moegami was sent out against May's Lombre due to Emile forgetting to switch him out of the lead spot in the party. He then switched him out for Acooltent.

Later in the battle, Moegami came out in place of Teddy for May's Slugma. However, Slugma used Yawn to make him drowsy before it fell asleep (due to Teddy using Yawn as well). Emile then switched back over to Teddy before Moegami would fall asleep. He would send him out once again after Teddy brought Slugma's HP to the yellow zone. Moegami easily took an Ember from Slugma before he beat it with one strike from Double Kick. The experience raised him to Level 19.

Episode 11

Moegami participated in the cut fight against Collector Edwin and Guitarist Joseph on Route 110, growing to Level 20 in the process. He took minimal damage in said battle.

Emile then fought Psychic Edward and Triathlete Alyssa with Moegami and Acooltent. While Acooltent reduced Edward's Abra to low green HP with Poison Sting (which also poisoned it), Moegami took out Alyssa's Magnemite with one Ember. He then used another Ember to finish off Abra.

When Emile battled Wally in Mauville City in front of the Gym, Moegami made short work of his Ralts by taking it out with one Ember.

Episode 12

Moegami was Emile's main Pokémon he used in the Mauville City Gym. When battling Youngster Ben, Moegami took out his Zigzagoon with two strikes from Double Kick (the second hit only necessary due to Zigzagoon barely enduring the first). The experience raised Moegami to Level 21. He tried to learn Sand Attack, which Emile declined.

Moegami stayed on the field for Ben's Gulpin. His Ember reduced Gulpin's HP to the low green zone before it sharply raised its Special Defense with Amnesia. This caused Moegami's next Ember to only put the Poison Type below half before it used a second Amnesia. He then resorted to Double Kick, which brought Gulpin's HP to the red zone. Though Gulpin used Yawn, Moegami managed to defeat it with one more hit from Double Kick.

Emile then battled Bug Maniac Angelo and Guitarist Shawn using Moegami and the newly evolved Teddy. They opened the battle with Illumise and Voltorb respectively. Moegami took away most of Illumise's HP with Ember while Teddy did the same to Voltorb with three hits from Fury Swipes. After barely taking damage from Voltorb's Tackle and having his Attack lowered two stages by Illumise's Charm, Moegami took out the latter with Peck (with Teddy taking out the former with another two hits from Fury Swipes).

Angelo's next Pokémon was Volbeat while Shawn's was Magnemite. Teddy's next Fury Swipes combo was four hits, reducing the Bug Pokémon's HP to the mid yellow zone. Moegami followed with a Double Kick on Magnemite, which barely failed to knock it out after its second hit. His Ember on the next turn finished the Magnet Pokémon while Teddy ended up hitting herself in confusion (from Volbeat's earlier Confuse Ray). Volbeat then targeted Moegami with a Quick Attack that did a negligible amount of damage. This allowed him to defeat it with another Ember.

After offscreen training on Route 117, Moegami grew two levels to Level 23.

Emile later battled the trainers on the Cycling Road for extra experience. Teddy was Emile's lead, but Moegami was sent out in Teddy's place to battle the trainers who had Magnemites on their teams. Moegami took minimal damage and defeated each Magnemite with an Ember. He grew to Level 24 from the battle with Triathlete Benjamin.

Moegami was used in the battle with Mauville Gym Leader Wattson. He came out for Wattson's Electrike, which he took out unscathed with two Embers (due to Electrike using Howl in between). He stayed in battle for Wattson's Magneton. The Magnet Pokémon nearly took out half of his HP with Shock Wave before the Fire/Fighting Type responded with a Double Kick, putting it to the low yellow zone. On the next turn, Moegami's Quick Claw (which Emile gave to him prior to the battle) activated, allowing him to go first and take out Magneton with an Ember. He then grew to Level 25 from the experience.

Wattson then sent out his ace Pokémon: Manectric. It used Howl to boost its Attack, only for it to be undone when Moegami's Ember burned it, and reduced it to low green HP after the burn's damage. Manectric then resorted to Shock Wave, which Moegami endured with 10 HP. His next Ember (boosted by his Blaze Ability) also brought Manectric to red health, which activated an HP restoration from its Sitrus Berry. The Discharge Pokémon was just below half HP following the healing from the Berry and the burn's damage. Emile planned to have Moegami use Double Kick, hoping for the Quick Claw to activate. This didn't work, as Manectric was able to go first and knock him out with another Shock Wave.

Episode 13

On the way to Verdanturf Town, Emile fought Bug Maniac Derek on Route 117. Moegami was sent out in place of Acooltent for Derek's Dustox. Despite Dustox using a super effective Confusion, Moegami took the hit with ease before knocking it out with an Ember. He then proceeded to one shot Derek's Beautifly with Ember as well (the move being a critical hit).

Once in Verdanturf Town, Emile decided to teach Bulk Up to Moegami via TM08, which he overwrote Focus Energy for.

Inside Rusturf Tunnel on its eastern end, Emile fought Hiker Mike. Moegami faced his Machop, taking it out with Double Kick to win the battle.

Episode 14

Emile challenged the Winstrate family. Moegami took out Victor's Zigzagoon with one hit from Double Kick. He later took out Vivi's Shroomish with an Ember and grew to Level 26.

Further north on Route 111, Emile battled Gabby and Ty for the first time. Moegami was switched in after Kappa only did a small amount of damage to their Magnemite. Once Teddy reduced Magnemite to the low yellow zone with Strength, he finished it off with Ember to win the battle.

Episode 15

After healing at the Old Lady's Rest House on the north end of Route 111, Emile saw Gabby and Ty share the battle they had with him on TV. They stated that "the combination of Combusken (Moegami) and Vigoroth (Teddy) was divine." Additionally they commented on the marvelous sight it was to see Moegami and Teddy selflessly supporting each other in battle, and that the Ember Moegami used to finish the battle was his and Teddy's sign of friendship. Emile's comment on the battle was (ironically) "awfully".

On Route 113, Emile battled Youngster Dillon, who had an Aron. Moegami came out in Teddy's place and took six HP of damage from Aron's Metal Claw. His Ember nearly took out all of its HP, while it sharply boosted its Defense with Iron Defense. That didn't matter, as Moegami used another Ember to KO it.

Episode 16

Moegami was not used in battle. However, Emile found a Carbos on Route 114, which he used to raise Moegami's base Speed.

Episode 18

During Emile's battle with Team Magma Leader Maxie on Mt. Chimney, Moegami came out against his Mightyena. He took minimal damage from a Bite while Mightyena was just above half HP after taking damage from the poison that Acooltent inflicted earlier. Following this, Moegami took it down with a Double Kick. Emile then switched him out for Kappa as Maxie sent out his Camerupt.

Episode 19

As Emile was traveling through Jagged Pass to get to Lavaridge Town, he found a lone Team Magma Grunt, which he defeated. Moegami fought the Grunt's Numel, reducing it to the red zone with Double Kick. After the Camel Pokémon used a Magnitude 6, which put Moegami at 44/72 HP, he used Ember to knock it out.

Emile next battled Picnicker Diana. Moegami came out against her Oddish after Acooltent struggled with it. To Emile's annoyance, Oddish immediately put Moegami to sleep with Sleep Powder, like it did with Acooltent. Thankfully, it only used Sweet Scent on the two turns that Moegami was asleep, allowing him to KO it with Ember upon waking up on the third turn. As Diana sent out her Swablu, Moegami was switched out for Altair.

The following battle was a tandem battle with Picnicker Autumn and Triathlete Julio, who used Shroomish and Magnemite. Emile sent out Moegami in Altair's place, after Kappa knocked out Shroomish and he and Altair did a quarter of HP to Magnemite (also putting it to sleep via Sing). When Moegami was switched in, Kappa's Nature Power turned Rock Slide dropped the Magnet Pokémon to about half HP. He then depleted its health with Ember to finish the battle.

Episode 20

While browsing the Herb Shop in Lavaridge Town, Emile received a Charcoal from a man. He gave it to Moegami to boost his Fire Type attacks, swapping out the Quick Claw.

Following the battle with Kindler Jeff in the Lavaridge Gym, Emile shifted Moegami into the lead spot of the party due to his resistance to other Fire Types and immunity to being burned.

The next battle was a double battle with Kindler Jace and Hiker Eli, who used a Slugma and Numel. Emile sent out Moegami and Kappa to battle together. Moegami nearly knocked out Slugma with Double Kick as Kappa's Ice Beam did just under half the health of Numel (which barely damaged the Fire/Fighting Type with a Tackle). The next turn, he redirected his Double Kick on Numel to take it down, while Kappa's Swift from Nature Power took out Slugma's remaining HP.

Moegami and Kappa participated in another tandem battle, this time with Kindler Cole and Cooltrainer Gerald. Cole used Numel, while Gerald had a Kecleon. Moegami almost took out Kecleon with Double Kick, only falling short due to the first hit causing Kecleon to become Fighting Type (thanks to its Color Change Ability), and making the second hit merely do neutral instead of super effective damage. After Kappa's Ice Beam brought Numel to low green HP, Kecleon used Flamethrower on Moegami, which he took handily. Like the previous battle, Moegami then turned his focus to Numel so he could finish it with another Double Kick. The experience raised him to Level 27. Kappa then finished off the Chameleon Pokémon with another Swift from Nature Power, further mirroring the previous battle.

Before the battle with Kindler Axle, Emile switched out Moegami from the lead for Acooltent. However, he came out to battle his Numel after Acooltent only did a small amount to it. The Young Fowl used Double Kick twice (four hits total) to deplete its health, while it only lowered his Attack by one stage with Growl and also did just minor damage with Tackle.

Episode 21

In the battle with Lavaridge Gym Leader Flannery, Emile switched in Moegami in place of Acooltent for Flannery's Camerupt (which was just above half of its HP). Upon being sent out, Camerupt used Sunny Day while the Light Screen set up by Flannery's Slugma earlier in the battle wore off. Moegami then reduced the Fire Camel to red health with Double Kick, before its retaliatory Tackle only did less than a quarter of his HP. Once Flannery healed Camerupt with a Hyper Potion, Moegami brought it to just below half with another Double Kick, due to the first strike being a critical hit. He then used Bulk Up to buff his Attack and Defense by one stage each, as Camerupt missed with Tackle. But when Moegami used a second Bulk Up, the Fire/Ground Type infatuated him with Attract (with the Sunny Day fading at the end of the turn). Moegami then tried attacking with Double Kick, only to be immobilized by love. Thankfully, his Defense boost allowed him to take another Tackle with ease, before he succeeded in striking with Double Kick on the next turn. This knocked out Camerupt with only the first hit (which was also critical).

Moegami stayed on the field for Flannery's strongest Pokémon: Torkoal. Even a Double Kick amplified by the earlier Bulk Ups only did about a third to the Coal Pokémon's HP, while it set up another Sunny Day. After another Double Kick weakened it to yellow health, Torkoal blasted Moegami with Overheat. The boost from Sunny Day and the move being a critical was more than he could take, and he fainted as a result. The Fire Turtle also restored its lowered Special Attack from Overheat with a White Herb, getting a free use out of the move.

Episode 22

In the Petalburg City Gym, Emile switched Moegami into the lead spot, intending him to be the star player as the Petalburg Gym specialized in Normal Type Pokémon. However, this didn't hold true. The first battle was against Cooltrainer Randall in the Speed Room, where he was quickly defeated by a Wing Attack, then a Quick Attack from Randall's Swellow. Moegami did however bring it to the low green zone with a Double Kick that did neutral damage. After the battle, Emile made a trip to the Pokémon Center to heal Moegami and his other Pokémon.

Before battling Cooltrainer Parker in the Confusion Room, Emile switched Moegami out of the lead spot for Teddy. Moegami was next used in the fight with Cooltrainer George in the Recovery Room, taking the field against his Slakoth after it KOed Teddy. The Sloth Pokémon's equipped Sitrus Berry healed most of its HP due to being below half. On the turn Slakoth loafed around, Moegami nearly took it out with Double Kick. It endured the attack with a sliver of red HP, prompting George to heal it with a Hyper Potion. Luckily, Moegami's next Double Kick was able to put most of the damage back on Slakoth, and he was able to go first and knock it out with a single hit from Double Kick.

Emile used Moegami as his lead for the battle with his father in game: Petalburg Gym Leader Norman. Norman opened with Spinda. Moegami reduced Spinda to red health with Double Kick, before it responded with a super effective Psybeam, lowering him to about half. Norman then used a Hyper Potion to heal Spinda, before another Double Kick brought it back to red HP. Thinking that Norman would heal again, Emile had Moegami buff his Attack and Defense with Bulk Up. This didn't come true, as the Spot Panda confused him with Teeter Dance. Emile decided to heal Moegami's confusion with a Persim Berry. However, Spinda used another Psybeam, which knocked him down to five Hit Points and confused him again. Frustrated, Emile decided to just bite the bullet and try attacking. Thankfully, Moegami fought through the confusion and delivered a Double Kick to knock out Spinda.

When Norman sent out his Vigoroth, Emile kept Moegami out. He tried to use Double Kick despite being low on HP and confused. This was futile, as Vigoroth was faster and finished him off with Slash before he got the chance to attack.

When Emile defeated Norman's Slaking, he forgot about his Linoone. He sent out Slavinator to use a Revive on Moegami, then the already weakened Altair to replenish the rest of his health with a Super Potion. When Moegami took the field again, Linoone used Belly Drum. This maxed out its Attack, but sacrificed half of its HP, allowing him to get the KO with Double Kick. Moegami grew to Level 28 and Emile won the Balance Badge as a result.

Episode 23

While Emile was Surfing to a hidden area on Route 115, he encountered a wild Tentacool that was at a higher level than Moegami (who was in the lead slot), and thereby ignoring the Repel's effects. Acooltent was also a lower level than it at the time, with Emile comparing the two. Moegami didn't do anything to it, as Emile fled from the battle.

Moegami fought in the battle with Black Belt Koichi. He took out his Machop with two Pecks, while losing 18 of his 77 HP to a Karate Chop. Koichi's Machoke wasn't in the same regard. Moegami's Peck only took out a quarter of its health before it used Revenge. The attack being doubled in power from the Peck overwhelmed Moegami and finished him.

After Emile healed his team at the Pokémon Center, he fought Expert Timothy on Route 115. Emile noted that he magically grew his hair back as the battle began (due to him being bald in his overworld sprite compared to his sprite in battle). Moegami fought against Timothy's Hariyama. He was flinched by Hariyama's Fake Out before the rest of the battle was cut out.

As Emile was going through the second Trick House puzzle, he used Moegami to fight School Kid Georgia's Beautifly. One Ember quickly took it out.

Moegami wasn't used in the battles in the third Trick House puzzle, but he was in the fourth. For Black Belt Yuji, he fought his Machoke after it knocked out Altair (who did about a third to its health). Moegami's Double Kick brought it to the yellow zone, after which a Revenge attack took away 60 Hit Points of his 77 total. Regardless, he took out Machoke's remaining HP with only the first hit from Double Kick, which ended up being a critical. Whether or not the critical was necessary is unknown. Moegami was later used for Battle Girl Paula, following Acooltent's faint at the hands of her Breloom. Thanks to the Grass/Fighting Type being about 2/3 health, and Moegami's Blaze Ability activated from his own low HP, his Ember burned away the rest of its health to win Emile the battle. Moegami also grew to Level 29 as a result.

Episode 25

Emile raised Moegami to Level 30 with a Rare Candy before challenging the Battle Tent in Verdanturf Town. He used him, along with Kappa and Acooltent during his challenge, where each Pokémon chooses their own moves to use in battle. During the third battle with Fisherman Tobias, Moegami had a close finish against his Tentacool. With him at 26/82 HP, and Tentacool in the red zone, Moegami was incapable of using his power, as the Jellyfish Pokémon sharply lowered his Defense with Screech. He then lost five HP to the ongoing damage from Wrap. After being unable to use his power for a second turn, Tentacool used Wrap again. The combined damage from the move itself and the chip damage at the end of the turn reduced Moegami to the red zone. On his last chance, Moegami fought through both confusion and infatuation to deliver the final blow to Tentacool with a single strike from Double Kick. This won Emile the challenge, with a Nest Ball being rewarded as a prize.

Emile next participated in the Battle Tent challenge in Fallarbor Town, using Teddy, Altair, and Moegami. His first opponent was PokéFan Gianna. Moegami took the field after Gianna's Plusle defeated Teddy and Altair. A single Spark took out nearly 2/3 of Moegami's HP before he knocked it out with Ember. Emile's dilemma didn't end there, as Gianna's third Pokémon was Marill. Moegami brought it to the low green zone with Double Kick before the Aqua Mouse used Bubblebeam. Miraculously, he endured the hit with eight HP, and made a last ditch attempt to win with another Double Kick. Unfortunately, it only reduced Marill to red HP, who then used Rollout to knock out Moegami and end the battle.

For Emile's second attempt at the challenge, he presumably chose Moegami as one of his Pokémon. However, he wasn't used since Teddy won the whole gauntlet of battles single handedly.

Episode 26

Emile battled against Team Aqua in the Weather Institute. Moegami was used for the second Aqua Grunt's Poochyena, which he easily took down with one hit from Double Kick.

Episode 27

Moegami was sent out against a wild Absol that Emile found on Route 120 after it knocked out Altair, who only did a small bit of damage to the Dark Type. He then weakened Absol to yellow HP with two Pecks, while taking only 11 HP of damage from a Bite. After the second Peck, Absol sharply raised its Attack with Swords Dance. Emile then threw a Nest Ball, which he regretted due to hearts appearing in the animation. To his relief, it broke out after only two shakes, and once again only did minor damage to Moegami with a resisted Bite. Afterwards, Emile successfully captured Absol with the Timer Ball he had. Absol became Emile's sixth and final team member, eventually receiving the nickname Pandora.

Episode 28

Offscreen, Emile taught Rock Tomb to Moegami via TM38, deleting Peck for the purpose.

Moegami wasn't used very much in the Fortree City Gym because of his weakness to Flying Type Pokémon, even with his newly learned Rock Tomb for Type coverage. He did however knock out Bird Keeper Humberto's Skarmory with two Embers. The Armor Bird was already faster before it used Agility to boost its Speed. On the second turn, it did half of Moegami's HP with a critical Swift before he knocked it out. After the battle, Emile switched Moegami out of the lead spot for Teddy. Emile then healed at the Pokémon Center after defeating every Gym trainer.

For the battle against Fortree Gym Leader Winona, Emile sent out Moegami for Winona's Tropius. Moegami's Ember reduced the Banana Tree to low green HP before it used Sunny Day. The sunlight activated a Speed boost from Chlorophyll, allowing Tropius to go first on the next turn and bring Moegami down to 36 of his 82 HP with Aerial Ace. Even the buff from Sunny Day wasn't enough for Moegami's second Ember to finish it off, only putting it in the red zone. He then fell to another Aerial Ace from the Grass/Flying Type.

Episode 29

During Emile's third battle with Gabby and Ty, Moegami took the field when Slavinator fainted (after Emile accidentally sent him out). He lost around half of his health to their Loudred's Stomp, which was boosted by Howl. With it and the Reporters' Magneton in red health, Acooltent finished off both with Surf. Even though he didn't use any moves, the resulting experience raised Moegami to Level 31.

After healing in Fortree City offscreen, Emile went to explore the Scorched Slab. Along the way, he encountered another Kecleon. Moegami battled it after Slavinator fainted again because Emile forgot to switch him out of the lead spot. He easily knocked out the Chameleon Pokémon with two Double Kicks (four hits total) even with only the first hit being super effective due to it triggering Color Change. Kecleon did a mere seven HP of damage to Moegami with Faint Attack in the process.

Episode 30

While traveling along Route 121, Emile put Moegami in the front of the party due to him being underleveled compared to his other teammates.

Moegami and Kappa fought in tandem against Pokémon Breeders Myles and Pat. He started by easily taking out Pat's Poochyena with only the first hit from Double Kick. As Pat sent out her Shroomish, Kappa's Surf brought it to the low green zone thanks to a critical hit despite being resisted. Myles' Makuhita fell to the yellow from the same attack, but with no critical. On the next turn, Moegami burned away the rest of Shroomish's health with Ember. After Pat sent out Electrike for her last Pokémon, Kappa used Surf again to finish Makuhita, and take out more than half of the Electric Type's HP.

Myles next used his Wingull, which Moegami one shotted with the super effective Rock Tomb. When Myles was forced to send out Tropius as his last Pokémon, Kappa's Surf managed to deplete Electrike's HP, while only giving a small chip to the Banana Tree because of its resistance to Water. Moegami planned to use Ember on Tropius, but Kappa went first due to leveling up after beating Electrike, and finished the Grass/Flying Type with his 4x effective Ice Beam that also got a critical.

Since he was in the front of the party, Moegami presumably took part in omitted battles with Cooltrainer Marcel, then Cooltrainer Cristen. During those battles, Emile switched him out for Altair (against Marcel) and Pandora (against Cristen).

Episode 32

Emile watched Gabby and Ty share the experiences from their battle on Route 120, which Moegami and Acooltent participated in. According to the Interviewers, the battle was hotly contested. Though Emile said that the fight was boring in the interview, Gabby and Ty once again found significance from Emile's opinion.

Episode 33

In an offscreen battle, Moegami was reduced to half of his HP and paralyzed.

Moegami and Teddy fought together against PokéManiac Mark and Hex Maniac Leah in the interior of Mt. Pyre. Teddy easily wiped out Leah's Spoink with one Strength, which grew Moegami to Level 32 from the experience. He tried to learn Quick Attack, but Emile passed. Moegami then finished the battle by taking out Mark's Rhyhorn with a Double Kick, with the first hit scoring a critical. Emile then healed Moegami's paralysis with a Paralyze Heal.

The next fight was against Black Belt Zandar, who used a Hariyama. Moegami's Ember only did a small chip of health to the Fighting Type due to its massive amount of Hit Points. It then knocked him out with Vital Throw since he was already weakened.

After defeating every trainer in Mt. Pyre's interior, Emile went back to Lilycove City to heal Moegami and the rest of the team before returning to explore Mt. Pyre's summit. There, Moegami found but ran from a wild Shuppet.

Emile next had to battle the Team Aqua Grunts at the peak. Moegami easily defeated the first Grunt and his Carvanha, with the first hit from Double Kick doing enough to knock it out on its own. He merely lost five HP from the Savage Pokémon's Rough Skin.

The second Aqua Grunt also posed no real threat. Moegami took down his Zubat with two Embers, while a super effective Air Cutter simply put him just above half.

Moegami battled alongside Teddy again for the third and fourth Grunts in tandem. As Teddy nearly one shotted the female Grunt's Wailmer with Strength, Moegami only needed one strike from Double Kick to one hit KO the male Grunt's Poochyena. As the male Grunt sent out his Carvanha, Wailmer dropped Moegami into the red zone with the super effective Water Pulse. Teddy finished Wailmer with another Strength (making the female Grunt send out her Zubat), before Moegami again only used the first hit from Double Kick to bring down Carvanha in one shot. However, Rough Skin took out his remaining HP, and he fainted. As such, only Teddy recieved the experience from Carvanha's faint.

Episode 34

Offscreen, Moegami grew to Level 33, while taking a decent amount of damage in cut battles.

Emile healed his team offscreen before traveling along Route 123. There, Moegami fought alongside Kappa in an omitted fight with Ninja Boy Jonas and Parasol Lady Kayley. He took no damage and was elevated to Level 34 in the process.

In another battle that wasn't shown, which was against Guitarist Fernando and Bird Keeper Alberto, Emile had issues with the latter trainer's Pelipper. Moegami lost about 1/3 of his HP, while Kappa fainted in said battle. However, both he and Altair were eventually able to get the win. After the battle, Emile switched Moegami out of the lead slot for Acooltent.

Episode 35

Emile fought his way through Team Magma's Hideout. In the second room, Moegami was sent out in Altair's place to defeat a Magma Grunt and her Mightyena.

After Altair evolved into Altaria, Emile switched Moegami into the front of the party. In the third area, Moegami defeated a male Magma Grunt's Zubat with a Rock Tomb. He next fought a female Grunt in the same area, knocking out her Baltoy with Double Kick and Ember, while only taking eight HP of damage from Ancient Power.

In the following area, Moegami battled another male Magma Grunt, who also had a Baltoy. He burned away all of its health with two Embers. In between, the Young Fowl again took minimal damage from Rock Tomb, and he still outsped it after his Speed dropped. The resulting experience grew Moegami to Level 35.

When the battle was over, Emile raised Moegami to Level 36 with a Rare Candy. This caused him to evolve into Blaziken and learn Blaze Kick. Emile deleted Ember in favor of the higher powered move. He then switched Moegami out of the lead for Pandora.

Episode 36

Moegami's first battle as a Blaziken was against Team Magma Admin Tabitha. Despite its Intimidate lowering his Attack, Moegami swiftly defeated Tabitha's Mightyena with one Double Kick. Before Emile fought Magma Leader Maxie, he healed the small amount of damage that Moegami had with the remaining Potions and Oran Berries he had to consume the obsolete healing items.

For the second battle with Maxie himself, Moegami was Emile's lead. He used a Double Kick on Maxie's Mightyena, which put it into the yellow zone in spite of Intimidate. It then sharply lowered the Fire/Fighting Type's Speed with Scary Face. While Maxie healed most of its HP with a Super Potion, Moegami's next Double Kick put Mightyena back into the red. He tried to finish it off with a third Double Kick, but Maxie switched over to his Crobat. The Bat Pokémon handily took the move thanks to its quad resistance, even with one of the strikes being critical. Crobat then took out most of Moegami's health with Air Cutter, before he responded with Rock Tomb to drop it to the low green zone. Although Rock Tomb caused its Speed to lower, Crobat was still faster and finished off Moegami using another Air Cutter.

Episode 37

When Emile made his way through Team Aqua's Hideout, he fought the Aqua Grunts along the way. He used Moegami and Kappa to battle the first male and female Grunts who fought in tandem. The female Grunt's Poochyena went down to only the first strike from Moegami's Double Kick, which also needlessly got a critical. After the female Grunt sent out her Zubat, Kappa used Surf to bring both it and the male Grunt's Zubat to the yellow. The male Grunt's Zubat then used Air Cutter. Despite the attack being super effective on both Kappa and Moegami, they took only minor damage, even with the latter taking a critical.

Moegami then finished the male Grunt's Zubat with Rock Tomb, prompting him to send out his Carvanha. Kappa followed with Surf, which reduced the female Grunt's Zubat to the red, and did a third to Carvanha in spite of it being resisted by the Savage Pokémon. On the next turn, Moegami used Blaze Kick for the first time to knock out Zubat, while Kappa drained the rest of Carvanha's HP with Giga Drain.

The next pair of Aqua Grunts were also fought by Moegami and Kappa. Moegami took down the female Grunt's Zubat with one Rock Tomb, while Kappa did the same to the male Grunt's Carvanha with Giga Drain.

Episode 38

While Surfing on Route 124 towards Mossdeep City, Emile fought Swimmers Grace and Declan, who sent out Marill and Gyarados respectively. Even with their Type effectiveness not being the greatest, Emile used Moegami and Acooltent. Acooltent began with Sludge Bomb on Marill, knocking out most of its HP and poisoning it. This reduced it to the red at the end of the turn. In spite of his Attack being cut a stage by Gyarados' Intimidate, Moegami did 1/3 of the Sea Serpent's health with Rock Tomb, also lowering its Speed.

On the following turn, Acooltent and Moegami both focused on Gyarados. Though Acooltent's Sludge Bomb brought the Water/Flying Type to the low yellow, Moegami missed with Rock Tomb. He surprisingly only took minor damage from a super effective Bubblebeam by Marill before the Aqua Mouse fainted from the poison. Acooltent then used another Sludge Bomb to defeat Gyarados and win the battle for Emile.

Episode 39

Emile healed Moegami and the rest of his team at Mossdeep City's Pokémon Center due to him still being damaged from the previous episode. Moegami was not used in any onscreen battles, due to his weakness to Psychic Types, which the Mossdeep Gym specialized in.

Between Episodes 39 and 40

In a brief clip that was shown in Episode 37, Emile revisited Route 123 after Moegami grew to Level 37. He was reduced to 30/115 HP and paralyzed during cut battles.

Episode 40

Emile battled all of the Team Magma Grunts who attacked the Mossdeep Space Center. He used Moegami while battling the Magma Grunt blocking the stairs to the second floor. Moegami easily knocked out the Grunt's second Mightyena with Double Kick in spite of Intimidate lowering his Attack by one stage. Emile then switched out Moegami for Acooltent when the Grunt sent out his Numel.

Episode 41

Emile used Moegami when he battled alongside Steven Stone against Team Magma Leader Maxie and Magma Admin Tabitha in the Mossdeep Space Center. Moegami took the field after Altair fainted. Steven was using his Metang, which only had a small amount of damage on it, while Maxie and Tabitha had their Camerupts (both in yellow HP). He used a Double Kick to finish off Tabitha's Camerupt which made him grow to Level 38. After Tabitha sent out his Golbat, Steven's Metang used Psychic on Maxie's Camerupt, which reduced it to the red zone. Metang handily took a Take Down from Camerupt, which fell to a sliver of red HP from the recoil damage. Moegami next used Blaze Kick on Golbat, taking out more than half of its health. It responded by confusing Moegami with Confuse Ray. Meanwhile, Metang took out Camerupt with another Psychic, defeating Maxie's last Pokémon.

Fighting through the confusion, Moegami landed another Blaze Kick on Golbat to deplete its Hit Points (albeit with an unnecessary critical). Tabitha's last Pokémon was his Mightyena, which cut Moegami's Attack a stage via Intimidate (while Metang's Clear Body negated its effect). Metang's attempted Psychic was in vain due to the Dark Type's immunity to Psychic. While the Fire/Fighting Type hit himself in confusion on the next turn (barely doing a chip of his health), Metang used Metal Claw. This brought Mightyena to the low green area. Additionally, its Attack was raised from using the move. The Bite Pokémon then harshly lowered Moegami's Speed two stages with Scary Face, causing Metang to be faster on the next turn. But that worked well, as the Steel/Psychic Type's next Metal Claw was enough to take out the rest of its HP thanks to the Attack boost (which happened again after the second Metal Claw). Emile and Steven won the battle thanks to the teamwork of them and their Pokémon.

Later, Emile explored areas underwater on Route 124 after receiving the HM for Dive. Moegami was in the lead when Emile encountered two Clamperl, but he ran from both. Afterwards, Emile switched Moegami out of the lead slot for Kappa.

Episode 42

Moegami grew to Level 39 offscreen. He was not used in any onscreen battles.

Episode 43

Emile used Moegami and Acooltent for a battle on Route 127 with Bird Keeper Aidan and Cooltrainer Athena, who began with Swellow and Manectric respectively. Acooltent started with a Surf, which did just less than half of Manectric's HP, but reduced Swellow to the yellow. Moegami then knocked out the Swallow Pokémon with a Rock Tomb, prompting Aidan to send out his Skarmory. Before the turn ended, Manectric used Thunder Wave to paralyze Moegami and cripple his Speed.

The following turn saw Acooltent use a second Surf, which brought down more than half of Skarmory's health and put Manectric in the red zone. The Electric Type proceeded to paralyze Acooltent with Thunder Wave as well. Skarmory then used Agility to sharply raise its Speed. This was in vain, as Moegami wasn't fully paralyzed, and his Blaze Kick felled the Armor Bird.

Manectric then struck Moegami with a Thunder, dropping him to the low green before Acooltent (who avoided full paralysis) washed away its remaining Hit Points with Surf. Athena next sent out her Linoone, which Moegami greeted with a Blaze Kick that one shotted it (after breaking through paralysis once more).

Following the battle, Emile cured Moegami's paralysis with a Cheri Berry.

Episode 44

Moegami and Altair participated in a battle on Route 133 with Swimmers Franklin and Debra that wasn't shown. During said battle, Moegami grew to Level 40.

As Emile was in the Sealed Chamber to unlock the Legendary Titans, he taught Dig to Moegami from TM28, deleting Bulk Up for the purpose. Moegami then used Dig so Emile could gain access to the innermost chamber. Emile later retaught Moegami Bulk Up offscreen.

Episode 45

In the Desert Ruins, Moegami was used during Emile's first attempt at catching Regirock. He took the field following the faints of Teddy and Pandora, but not before their combined efforts weakened the Rock Peak Pokémon to the red. As Emile threw a Premier Ball and four Poké Balls (all of which failed), Moegami was able to tank Regirock's hits, especially with the Rock Type's Attack and Defense being lowered by it using Superpower (which it used twice, along with two Rock Throws and AncientPower). After the Fire/Fighting Type was weakened to red HP, Emile healed him with a Hyper Potion, after which he then took minimal damage from AncientPower.

Moegami proceeded to take hits again as Emile threw more Poké Balls. As Regirock broke free from a Luxury Ball and three regular Poké Balls, it used AncientPower once and Rock Throw twice (missing on its second use). Eight failed Poké Balls later (during which Moegami fell to the yellow zone), Emile threw an Ultra Ball that Regirock broke free from, after which it used Curse to lower its Speed and buff its Attack and Defense (to compensate for the stat drop from Superpower). After breaking out of a Great Ball as well, Regirock used another Rock Throw on Moegami. The latter ultimately fainted offscreen.

During the second attempt at the battle, Moegami took damage but was still in green HP and on the field when Regirock had all of its stats get boosted a stage from using AncientPower. He was eventually defeated in this attempt and the subsequent third attempt. On the mostly cut fourth try, Emile led with Moegami to weaken Regirock instead. He successfully got it to the red. Moegami was on the field in yellow HP for at least one failed Nest Ball. Though the Blaze Pokémon eventually fainted again, Emile ultimately caught Regirock in a Premier Ball.

Episode 46

Moegami was used in a few offscreen battles. This includes a wild Pokémon battle in Granite Cave that Emile ran from and a few trainers on Route 105. On the water route, Emile unintentionally ran into Ruin Maniac Foster and was forced to defeat him. Moegami and Teddy then fought side by side in a cut battle with Bird Keeper Josue and Ruin Maniac Andres. The latter trainer caused inconvenience for Emile by blocking an item (a Big Pearl), forcing him to leave the route and return to obtain it. Despite the fiasco, Moegami took only 16 HP of damage in the omitted fights.

Emile encountered Regice in the Island Cave on Route 105, with him using Moegami to start the battle. Moegami weakened Regice to the yellow zone with Blaze Kick and then put it into the red with a Rock Tomb. In the process, he took minor damage from an AncientPower even with it being a critical hit. The Iceberg Pokémon then merely put the Fire/Fighting Type in the yellow with Superpower, while causing its Attack and Defense to drop one stage each. Emile threw four Poké Balls at Regice, all of which failed. During those turns, the Legendary Ice Type again did minimal damage with AncientPower. However, it would raise its Attack and Defense one stage each (at the cost of a Speed drop), use another Superpower to put Moegami in the red zone (with its Attack and Defense dropping again), and ultimately defeat the Blaze Pokémon with Icy Wind.

Episode 47

Emile began his battle with Registeel in the Ancient Tomb on Route 120 with Moegami. The Blaze Pokémon reduced Registeel to the red with two Double Kicks (four hits total), while handily tanking two Metal Claws. Emile proceeded to throw Ultra Balls when Moegami was on the field to try and catch the Iron Pokémon. All four Ultra Balls failed. In the process, Moegami easily withstood an AncientPower. When Registeel used Curse to lower its Speed and raise its Attack and Defense, it followed with Superpower, which cancelled out the Attack and Defense buff. This was the only attack that did significant damage to Moegami, as he took another AncientPower with ease. However, he was ultimately knocked out offscreen.

After Emile managed to catch the Legendary Titan, he flew back to Mossdeep City, where he healed Moegami and the rest of the team at the Pokémon Center.

Episode 48

Emile found TM26 Earthquake in the Seafloor Cavern. He taught the move to Moegami and deleted Bulk Up again.

Moegami took part in Emile's battle with Team Aqua Leader Archie, coming out against Archie's Mightyena after it had beaten Altair. Since the Dark Type in the red zone, Archie healed it to the yellow. However, this didn't prevent Moegami from knocking it out with Double Kick, with the first strike nearly finishing it by itself. Emile switched out Moegami for Teddy when Archie went to his Crobat.

Episode 51

Even with his weakness to Water, Moegami took part in Emile's battle against Sootopolis City Gym Leader Juan, facing Juan's Sealeo. His first Double Kick took out more than half of Sealeo's HP, putting it into the mid yellow zone. The Ball Roll Pokémon responded with a super effective Water Pulse. This also dropped Moegami to the yellow and confused him too. Luckily, he fought through the confusion and finished Sealeo with one more hit from Double Kick. The experience was enough to raise Moegami to Level 41. Emile switched him out in favor of Teddy when Juan sent out his Crawdaunt.

When Crawdaunt defeated Teddy, Moegami came out again. With the Water/Dark Type in the red from Teddy's efforts, he finished the last of its HP with another Double Kick. Juan then sent out his strongest Pokémon: Kingdra. Moegami attempted to use Rock Tomb in order to slow down the Water/Dragon Type, only to be finished off by a Water Pulse.

Once Emile won the Rain Badge, he revisited certain places around Hoenn accessible with Waterfall. During the process, he healed Moegami and the rest of the team at Fallarbor Town's Pokémon Center.

Episode 52

Emile sent out Moegami when trying to capture Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar, merely allowing Moegami to take hits while throwing Poké Balls. In the first of four attempts, Moegami was Emile's last conscious Pokémon. Both Ultra Balls that Emile threw failed, after which Rayquaza knocked out Moegami with Fly.

On one of the other attempts, Moegami came out after Teddy, Acooltent, and Altair fainted. However, Rayquaza ended up fainting from the poison caused by Acooltent earlier.

During another attempt, Moegami was on the field when a regular Poké Ball nearly caught the Legendary Dragon at full health, after which it attacked him with ExtremeSpeed.

Moegami and the rest of Emile's team except for Kappa were defeated in the successful attempt.

Episode 53

During offscreen training, Moegami gained two levels, making him Level 43.

When Emile explored the deeper parts of Meteor Falls past the Waterfall, he battled Old Couple John and Jay. He sent out Moegami and Teddy to fight the Couple's Hariyama and Medicham. After Teddy tried but failed with her Hyper Beam on Medicham due to the latter's Protect, Moegami used Blaze Kick on Hariyama. The bulky Fighting Type took the hit comfortably with 2/3 HP before using Rock Tomb, only doing a small amount to Moegami while lowering his Speed a stage.

Emile switched out Teddy for Altair, so that Moegami could use Earthquake without damaging his ally. As Altair switched in, Medicham used Psychic on him, which would've been super effective on Moegami. The Fire/Fighting Type used the planned Earthquake, putting Medicham to the yellow zone and Hariyama to the red. However, Hariyama used Rest to heal itself to full health at the cost of going to sleep. Moegami used Earthquake again, which only hit Hariyama due to Medicham using Protect another time (which also blocked Altair's Dragonbreath). Luckily, this put the Arm Thrust Pokémon back to below half HP. Once Medicham failed with another Protect, Altair used a Dragonbreath to put the Fighting/Psychic Type into the red zone. Moegami followed with Earthquake again, taking out both opposing Pokémon and winning the battle for Emile.

In the same area of Meteor Falls, Moegami single handedly defeated Dragon Tamer Nicolas and his two Altarias. Moegami knocked out the first Altaria unscathed with two Rock Tombs (the first lowering its Speed) due to the Cotton Bird only using Mist in between. The second one did pose a bit of a challenge though. When Moegami missed with his first Rock Tomb, Altaria used Dragonbreath, which paralyzed him despite not doing very much damage. It then used Take Down, reducing Moegami (who ended up being fully paralyzed that turn) to the low yellow thanks to a critical (while taking a small amount of recoil). After Altaria used Safeguard, Moegami hit with Rock Tomb, taking out most of its HP. While the earlier Mist prevented a Speed reduction by Rock Tomb, it wore off at the end of the turn. Moegami managed to survive another Dragonbreath in red health before he finished off Altaria with another Rock Tomb. Following the battle, Emile healed Moegami's paralysis with a Lava Cookie.

In Fortree City, Emile watched Gabby and Ty share their report on a battle Emile had with them from offscreen training. In said battle, Moegami and Altair defeated the Interviewers' Magneton and Loudred before either of them got to attack. Emile commented "Nitwit" in the interview. Despite Gabby and Ty losing some of their own confidence in battle, they always found Emile's comments significant and his battling worth seeing.

On the way to revisit Mt. Pyre, Emile healed Moegami and the rest of the team at Lilycove City's Pokémon Center.

As Emile was Surfing towards Ever Grande City, he fought Swimmers Carlee and Harrison on Route 128. The trainers used Seaking and Tentacruel, which Teddy and Moegami defeated. Moegami took no damage and leveled up to Level 44 in the process.

Episode 54

Near the entrance to Victory Road, Emile battled Wally again. He used Moegami against Wally's Delcatty. After easily knocking it out with Double Kick, Emile switched out Moegami for Pandora when Wally sent out his Gardevoir. Moegami later took the field again for Wally's Magneton, which he made quick work of with a 4x effective Earthquake.

Once Emile defeated Wally, he deposited Moegami in the PC due to him being the highest leveled at the time, and Emile needing his Pikachu to navigate Victory Road with Flash and Rock Smash.

Episode 56

Once Emile cleared Victory Road and made it to the north side of Ever Grande City, he put Moegami back in the party, while depositing his Pikachu.

As Emile did additional training before the Elite Four, he navigated through the fifth, sixth, and seventh puzzles of the Trick House. In the sixth puzzle, Emile fought Bird Keeper Benny, sending out Moegami against his Pelipper. Moegami took out most of Pelipper's HP with a Rock Tomb which also lowered its Speed, after which it used Stockpile. The Pelican then used Protect twice in a row to block Moegami's attempted Rock Tombs. When it didn't use Protect, Moegami missed with the planned Rock Tomb, allowing Pelipper to use Mist, to no effect. The Water/Flying Type used two additional Protects successfully before Moegami KO'd it via Rock Tomb when its third Protect failed. Emile switched out Moegami in favor of Pandora as Benny sent out his Xatu. Later in the same maze, Moegami participated in the battle against Pokémon Ranger Sophia, beating her Roselia with one Blaze Kick.

In the seventh Trick House puzzle, Moegami and Pandora took part in a few battles together. The first battle was against Psychic Joshua and Hex Maniac Patricia, whose leadoff Pokémon were Kadabra and Banette respectively. Moegami was quick to take down Banette with one Blaze Kick, growing to Level 45 in the process. After Patricia sent out her Lunatone, Joshua's Kadabra used Future Sight before falling to a critical Shadow Ball from Pandora. Joshua next sent out his Solrock. Moegami proceeded to use Double Kick on Lunatone, bringing it down to the yellow zone, while Pandora's Shadow Ball one hit KO'd Solrock. Though Moegami took a super effective Psychic from Lunatone, he took the hit in yellow HP before he finished off the Meteorite Pokémon with one more strike from Double Kick.

The next battle had Moegami and Pandora fight Psychics Alexis and Alvaro, who started with a Kirlia and Banette. Like Patricia's Banette from earlier, Alvaro's fell to one Blaze Kick from Moegami. In the meantime, Pandora swiftly defeated Kirlia in one shot with Shadow Ball. Another Blaze Kick defeated Alvaro's Kadabra in an identical manner, while Pandora also used Shadow Ball again to beat Alexis's Xatu in a single hit.

Psychic Mariella and Gentleman Everett were the last set of trainers in the seventh maze. Moegami's Blaze Kick almost defeated Everett's Wobbuffet in one hit, as Pandora once again used Shadow Ball and made short work of Mariella's Chimecho. Though Moegami defeated Wobbuffet with another Blaze Kick (which pointlessly got a critical) on the following turn, he fainted due to Wobbuffet using Destiny Bond. This resulted in only Pandora receiving the experience.

Moegami grew to Level 46 after more offscreen training before Emile challenged the Elite Four.

Episode 57

During the battle with Elite Four Glacia, Moegami defeated most of her team by himself. He first fought Glacia's first Sealeo, which he defeated with two uses of Double Kick (only needing the first strike on the second use). Moegami only lost eight HP from the Hail that Sealeo set up. Emile switched out Moegami for Acooltent when Glacia sent out her Walrein.

Moegami came out again for Glacia's first Glalie after Teddy was defeated. With the Ice Type in yellow health from Teddy's efforts, he used Double Kick to deplete its Hit Points, only needing the first hit which got a useless critical. For Glacia's second Sealeo, Moegami took it out with similar ease to the first one, using Double Kick twice (four hits total). Also like the first one, the second Sealeo used Hail, resulting in only eight of Moegami's Hit Points lost from being pelted by the Hail. The resulting experience elevated him to Level 47.

Glacia's last Pokémon was her second Glalie. As it took the field, Moegami took nine HP of damage from the Hail. His Blaze Kick barely failed to KO it in one hit, resulting in the Blaze Pokémon losing a combined 39 HP that turn from a Shadow Ball and the Hail. Moegami brought Glalie back to the red zone with a second Blaze Kick after Glacia healed it with a Full Restore. When he was pelted by the Hail once more, he was sitting at 63/146 HP. Moegami then used one hit from Double Kick to take out Glalie and claim the battle for Emile, who healed Moegami back to full HP with a Hyper Potion after the battle. Emile also switched him out of the lead for Pandora before challenging Elite Four Drake.


Moegami took part in the battle against Hoenn League Champion Wallace. He was sent out against Wallace's last Pokémon: Gyarados. Despite having his Attack lowered by Intimidate, Moegami attempted to use Rock Tomb in order to lower Gyarados's Speed. Miraculously, he barely withstood a Surf at four Hit Points and went through with the planned Rock Tomb to lower the Sea Serpent's Speed. This even allowed him to be faster on the next turn as he used a second Rock Tomb. By the time Moegami was KO'd by another Surf, he took out about a third of Gyarados's HP and lowered its Speed by two stages thanks to the Rock Tombs, making it easy for Teddy to finish it off and clinch the battle for Emile.

Moegami and the rest of Emile's team were later entered into the Hoenn Hall of Fame.

Bonus Episode 3

Emile sent Moegami out when he tried to catch Kyogre in the Marine Cave underwater on Route 125. Kyogre had already knocked out Kappa and Teddy, and was at about 2/3 of its HP. After Emile threw a regular Poké Ball that failed, Kyogre went to sleep with Rest and healed its HP to full. The Sea Basin Pokémon broke out of a Dive Ball and two Net Balls on the turns it was asleep. When it awoke, Kyogre pointlessly used Rest as it was at full health.

Following another pointless use of Rest by Kyogre, Moegami used Rock Tomb. While it only took away a tad of Kyogre's HP, it lowered its Speed to allow Moegami to be faster on the next turn. After a second Rock Tomb and resulting Speed drop, Kyogre resorted to using Double Edge. The attack nearly depleted Moegami's HP, leaving him with only 16 of his 146. Meanwhile, the recoil from Double Edge combined with the two Rock Tombs put Kyogre back at two thirds of its health. Once Emile tried but failed with another Net Ball, Kyogre used Rest to heal itself again. On the first turn that it was asleep, Moegami did a small amount of Kyogre's HP via Double Kick so Emile would have it around the same amount that Groudon had when he caught it. Unfortunately, Kyogre broke free from the two planned Nest Balls. It then woke up, only to immediately put itself to sleep yet again and heal itself via Rest.

After two more failed Nest Balls and a Dive Ball, Kyogre attempted to use the one hit KO Sheer Cold as it woke up, but missed. Emile then tried another two Net Balls, both of which Kyogre broke out of. In between said Net Balls, Kyogre once more used Rest in vain due to being at full HP. This made Emile question if the Legendary Pokémon was going to attack Moegami, to which Kyogre landed Sheer Cold to finally KO him after the second Net Ball.

It took Emile two additional tries at the battle to capture Kyogre, with Moegami fainting again during the second attempt. On the third, Moegami was on the field when Kyogre used Rest again even with it in green health. This made Emile wonder if Moegami bored Kyogre so much that it didn't want to attack him when it could easily knock him out with a super effective Hydro Pump. As the Sea Basin Pokémon was asleep, Moegami damaged it again slightly. Emile then threw a Net Ball and succeeded in catching Kyogre.

Bonus Episode 4

Emile temporarily deposited Moegami in the PC for Darmani due to him being above Level 40, and needing a Pokémon Level 40 or below in order to encounter Latios. After Emile caught Latios, he put Moegami back in his party and Darmani into the PC.

Emile fought numerous trainers aboard the S.S. Tidal. For Gentleman Micha, Moegami came out against his second Manectric, knocking it out with one Earthquake. PokéFan Colton had five Skittys and a Delcatty. Moegami took out the last four Skittys with only the first strike from Double Kick each, and Delcatty with both hits from the same move. Once all the trainers were defeated, Emile took a rest in his cabin to heal his entire team, including Moegami.

After arriving at the Battle Frontier, Emile went to the Battle Dome to demonstrate a battle under the Open Level ruleset. Though he selected Moegami, along with Altair and Teddy as his Pokémon, he didn't use him in the battle with PokéFan Quinn.

Bonus Episode 6

Emile trained Moegami to Level 50 offscreen. He was not used in any battles.

Final Bonus Episode

Emile used Moegami and Kappa in his rematch against Mauville City Gym Leader Wattson. Moegami used Earthquake to instantly take out Wattson's Mareep and Electrode. However, he also brought Kappa to low green HP from the same move due to a critical on him. As Wattson sent out his Magneton and Manectric, Kappa used Surf. This reduced Magneton to the yellow and Manectric to the low green. The Magnet Pokémon healed itself to the green zone from its equipped Sitrus Berry.

Magneton used Protect on the next turn, causing Moegami's next Earthquake to only hit Kappa and Manectric. The attack was able to take out the latter, while the former went into the yellow zone. Kappa's Surf was also rendered void due to the Protect from Magneton. Fortunately, Moegami finished it off with one more Earthquake on the following turn, while Kappa survived the hit in the low yellow, giving Emile the victory.

After the rematch with Wattson, Emile trained his entire team offscreen. Moegami was raised to Level 62, learning Sky Uppercut at Level 59 (which Emile deleted Double Kick for). Emile also briefly checked out Altering Cave, which only had wild Zubats. Moegami encountered three Zubats but simply fled from them.

Emile went to the Trainer Hill on Route 111 to show a battle. He selected Moegami and Altair to participate, while putting the Charcoal back on the former after removing it offscreen. The first battle was against Triathlete Alfonso and Hex Maniac Alaina, who started with Flareon and Misdreavus. After Misdreavus used Confuse Ray on Altair, Moegami attacked it with Blaze Kick to bring it to the yellow. Afterwards he took a Fire Blast from Flareon in the low green area before Emile cut out the rest of the battle.

Emile finally rematched PokéManiac Steve on Route 114. To Emile's surprise, Steve only had a Lairon at Level 27. Due to the huge level difference, Moegami quickly beat the Steel/Rock Type with Sky Uppercut. Regardless, Emile and Steve parted ways on good terms. As he continued on Route 114, Emile made preparations to battle the superboss Steven Stone. He taught Moegami Overheat via TM50 in place of Blaze Kick.

In the inner area of Meteor Falls, Emile found Steven Stone and challenged him. Steven began the battle with his Skarmory, while Moegami started for Emile. Moegami was faster, and he blasted the Armor Bird with Overheat, taking it down in one hit. Though his Special Attack was harshly lowered from using Overheat, Emile switched out Moegami for Kappa as Steven sent out his Aggron.

Moegami later came out to battle Steven's Metagross after it had beaten Kappa and Teddy. With the Psuedo Legendary at low green HP, Moegami used Overheat to finish it off. Emile shifted out Moegami again, this time for Pandora when Steven sent out his Cradily.

After Cradily knocked out Pandora, Moegami took the field one more time. The Grass/Rock Type had a small amount of damage from Pandora's efforts, and also was restoring a bit of HP from its Ingrain. Moegami once again used Overheat, reducing Cradily to the mid yellow area. The Barnacle Pokémon responded with AncientPower, taking away 67 Hit Points and leaving the Fire/Fighting Type at about two thirds of his health, after which a tad of its own HP was restored via the Ingrain. With his Special Attack lowered two stages from the Overheat, Moegami used Sky Uppercut to finish off the last of Cradily's HP, winning the battle for Emile.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 67: The Second Journey

In order to show off Pal Park, Emile transferred and

re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Moegami.

Other Appearances

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy!

Moegami participated in the titular battle.


Current Moves

Previous Moves

  • Scratch (Episode 1 - Episode 6)
  • Growl (Episode 1 - Episode 6)
  • Focus Energy (Episode 1 - Episode 13)
  • Peck (Episode 6 - Episode 28)
  • Ember (Episode 2 - Episode 35)
  • Double Kick (Episode 6 - Episode ?)
  • Bulk Up (Episode 13 - Episode ?)
  • Blaze Kick (Episode 35 - Episode ?)

Nickname Origin

He is named after Moegami in Ōkami, a god of fire who takes the form of a bird.

Why Emile Chose Blaziken

He stated he doesn't like Blaziken much and finds it a tad overdone, but picked it so he could use a grass starter in Generation 1, a water in Generation 2, and a fire in Generation 3. This continues in Platinum, where he used a Grass starter (Bodhi), and White, where he uses a Water starter (Ottawa), leaving some fans to predict that he'll use a Delphox in Generation 6.


  • As of his Platinum Let's Play, Moegami is the only one of Chugga's unevolved starters to not be the first member of the team to evolve, as Kappa evolved first.
    • Though, in Black and White Let's Play, Ottawa evolved first before catching Haywire.
  • Chuggaa has stated that although he felt choosing Torchic as a starter was overdone, he did so because he picked a Bulbasaur (a Grass type) in Pokémon FireRed and a Totodile (a Water type) in Pokémon Crystal, so he wanted to have used each type of starter at least once. It is assumed that his Kalos starter would be Fennekin as he continued his rotation by picking Turtwig in Platinum and Oshawott in White.
    • Both Torchic and Fennekin were chosen as the starter of a game character who became the resident girl of Ash's travel group with a similar three-generation gap between them (May chose Torchic while Serena chose Fennekin; Emile picking Turtwig for himself in Platinum with Barry choosing Chimchar landed Piplup with Dawn, who also joined Ash as the resident girl in her home generation's portion of the anime).
  • Moegami is the first fire type Chugga has used which wasn't an Arcanine.
  • As of Pokémon X and Y, technically, Moegami is the second Pokémon that Chuggaa would have been able to Mega Evolve. The other is Bulbapedia.
    • Notably, Blaziken is the only Hoenn starter capable of Mega Evolution in X and Y, whereas the Kanto starters - Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise (with Charizard having two Mega Forms) - are all capable of it. The other two Hoenn starters gained Mega Evolutions of their own in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Moegami was the only starter that Emile left in the PC for Victory Road.
  • Moegami was Emile's first Fighting type Pokémon.
  • Moegami was both the first and last Pokémon Emile used in battle during his Emerald LP.
  • Moegami, along with Emile's other Pokémon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.
  • Moegami returned for Pokemon Showdown during The Runaway Guys Colosseum 2021.