MinceWords is Youngster Kyle's Minccino in Pokémon White. He previously belonged to Emile/Blair.

Pokémon Black & White Edit

Episode 23: Daily Garbage Run Edit

MinceWords is caught by Emile/Blair on Route 6.

Episode 25: Triple Spin Kick Edit

In Driftveil City, Emile traded MinceWords for Youngster Kyle's Basculin, Blueeyes.

Episode 61: Racing Through Driftveil Edit

In Driftveil City, Emile Battles against Kyle who used MinceWords, now a level 65 Cincinno, with Hex, Terrabite, Ottowa, and Hilbert. It constantly spammed Tail Slap, Tickle, and Sing, much to Emile's aggravation.

Trivia Edit

  • Emile nicknamed MinceWords himself.
  • The only reason Emile caught this Minccino was for the trade for Basculin.
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