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TheRunawayGuys - Meet the Jepsons

"Meet JoshJepson" is the first Song spoof Chuggaaconroy made during a Runaway Guys Let's Play, being based on the song Meet the Jetsons. This song was sung during the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Let's Play.


Meet JoshJepson
His boy Chugga
Daughter Johnny
Tim his wife


  • This is the only song without lyrics on the screen while Chugga sings it.
  • The other guys hated this song, most notably JoshJepson. As Chugga later comments that he "ruined Josh's life" with this song.
  • The running gag "Tim his wife" originated from this song.
    • A comment on the Best Moments video for Snowflake Lake, themed akin to Gilligan's Island (fittingly for the Castaway part of the following board Castaway Bay), evolved this as "Tim the Millionaire's Yoshi" (the commenter, fanfiction author KhaosOmega under the identity of his second alternate account, opted to depict Tim as his long-time Mario Party character Yoshi, the placement in the character order was the only link to the gag).