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Mean Leaf is Dye's Lilligant in Pokémon Black & White. She previously belonged to Emile/Blair.

Pokémon White

Episode 10: Running with Pinwheels

Emile wanted to catch a Petilil solely to show off the in-game trade with NPC Dye in Nacrene City. Searching Pinwheel Forest, he finally found one at Level 14. Ottawa immediately weakened it with her last Razor Shell attack and then fell to a Sleep Powder, then Emile threw a Heal Ball that succeeded in catching her and gave her a nickname.

Emile withdrew her from the PC, spared time to check her stats, and then traded her to Dye for her Cottonee, Fluffee.

Episode 58: Cruisin' Round Towns

In Nacrene City, Emile battled against Dye with Mean Leaf, now grown into a Level 65 Lilligant, with Hex. It continuously healed itself with Synthesis, allowing him plenty of time to go over the multiple bios that were obtainable at this point.

This was the first instance in the Pokémon series of a trainer battle with a previously traded Pokémon.


Mean Leaf's Nature is Lax, helping Defense and hindering Special Defense, and her characteristic is "Strong-Willed", meaning her highest stat is in Special Defense.


Nickname Origin

The origin of Mean Leaf's nickname is unclear even to the one who gave it to her; Emile stated that it was why he did not name his team himself.