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Shauntelle Kikue, better known as MasaeAnela or Masae is a YouTuber and a friend of Emile. Like Emile, she's a happy go lucky person. While not as lucky as Emile sometimes getting really rotten luck, she's happy never the less.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Day 36: The Land of Hope

Chugga visited her town of Aurnion and it was revealed Amelia had moved there.

Day 40: All's Well That Ends Well [Part 1]

Emile briefly returned to her town on New Year's Eve.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Bonus Episode

Masae joined Emile to tackle the multiplayer of the game.

TheRunawayGuys Tournaments

She appeared in the Bomberman Live Battlefest tournament. In the Mario Kart: Double Dash tournament, she and Emile were a team called the "Streetpassers". Later in the Runaway Gaiden: Burnout Revenge. She participated in the Smash Bros. For Wii U tournament and made it to the semifinals.

Fortune Street

Masae joined TRG to play Mount Magmageddon, Mario Circuit, Castle Trodain, and Alefgard. Her choice of character was Carver.

During the Mario Circuit board, a card chosen by another player limited the players' movements to one space on their next roll, and Masae was at a junction where both spaces were 500+ Tim spaces. Taking Jon's advice she moved towards the 690 following the one she hit - and rolled another 1 the following turn.

During Castle Trodain many decisions she made would come back to haunt her, her not buying a specific shop early on in particular.

She almost won Alefgard, but Emile went bankrupt on one of Jon's spaces instead (that he had just spruced up that same turn, no less).

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Part 38: "TEAMWORK!"

Masae, now joined by Emile, beat some levels of the Golden Temple.

Part 39: "Soul Sucking"

Masae and Emile beat some more levels of the Golden Temple.

Super Mario 3D World

Masae controlled Princess Peach during all episodes.

Mario Party 2 with Chuggaaconroy

During a pause in uploading content on their accounts, the two played Mario Party 2 together. The playthroughs of Pirate Land, Horror Land, Mystery Land, and Bowser Land were uploaded to Chugga's account while Space Land and Western Land went to Masae's. She got the Coin Star at Space Land thanks partly to rolling a 1 just as Emile said "unless you roll a 1..."; earlier that same board she did not set a Snifit trap which cost Emile all his Coins (even with one dice block Black Hole Bowser was guaranteed to hit him, as evidenced by Emile's "OH MY BARK!" when he realized where he was).

Like Tim, Masae played as Yoshi. Unlike Tim in the TRG LP, Masae was able to win aboard


Episode 1: Inkopolis News Time!

Masae's voice can be heard in the background, saying the words "Stop yourself."

Episode 19: Battle Dojo

Masae appears as a guest star.

Episode 20: Squad Battle

Masae appears as a guest star

Masae additionally helped in this let's play by recording a lot of the clips in the weapon bios. Any clip of a female inkling was recorded by Masae.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo

Episode 25 [Finale]: Founder's Day

In the end, Emile can be seen going on a train and visiting Masae's town, Aurnion, and can be seen walking to a house. We find that Molly, a former villager of Palette, Emile's town, has moved to Aurnion, and Emile talks to her before the screen fades to black.

Pokémon Black & White

Masae provides bio-art once more.

Episode 5: Dream Team

Masae plays multiplayer with Emile. Her file later returns for Episode 14 as Emile uses it to show off Liberty Island and capture Victini after fighting off Team Plasma; other than that, Whitlea only appears when Emile plans to show version differences between Black and White.

Episode 82: Battle Across Time

Masae battles Emile twice, controlling Whitlea. She ends up losing both battles without knocking out any of Emile's Pokémon.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Episode 44: Green Dream Team

Masae appears as a guest star to demonstrate Co-star mode.


She's also an artist making legendary Pokémon artwork in Emerald, Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, Platinum, and White as well as the pictures for his new teammates in XD.


  • Both Masae and Chugga have LPed Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Super Mario RPG, Pikmin, Paper Mario, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Okami, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
    • Coincidentally, their Super Mario RPG LP had some user input involved when deciding to LP it. Fans had requested Chugga to LP it at all and fans have requested for Masae to do it blind should she decide to LP the game.
  • She helped Chugga write the Tiny Tim Adventures song. She also helped sing it when it appeared in Super Mario 3D World.
    • The song was the debut of an icon for her in the same style as those of the main three.
  • When asked the question of how she and Emile met, Masae answered that they first met through Skype calls. [citation needed]
  • Masae is 5'5" tall.[1]
  • In a Facebook/Twitter post thanking different contributors to his Xenoblade Chronicles LP, Chugga gave thanks to Momanela, Masae's mom, for watching and reviewing the first episode.
  • She has also guest-starred on BrainScratchComms' Pokémon X & Y, Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess playthroughs.
  • Masae recorded a video of Shantae: Half Genie Hero for Yoshiller while at E3 2016. [2]
  • For a long time, Masae thought Sentret evolved from Furret instead of Sentret evolving into Furret. [3]
  • Masae has confirmed that she doesn't live with Chugga.[4]
  • Similarly to Stephen, Masae has her own wiki.
  • Masae corrected Emile about curry originating from multiple countries, in particular India. At the time, he thought it had Japanese origins.