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Marshall the Quagsire

Not to be confused with Marshal

Marshall is Emile's Quagsire in his Let's Play of Pokémon Colosseum. He was the third Pokémon to join Emile's team.


  • Yawn
  • Amnesia
  • Earthquake
  • Surf


He was Purified in episode 15, along with Affection and Corona. He was Level 60 at the end of the LP.


  • Marshall's Nature is Sassy, which is not a bad Nature, since it buffs up its Special Defense while lowering its Speed, which is not a huge loss, since it can effectively use Surf and Earthquake well while tanking hits.
  • Marshall's role is to not only absorb Water moves with Water Absorb, but also stop Rain strategies against Ein (Although, he does not shine well against Miror B due to his team full of Ludicolos). As an attacking role, it uses Earthquake to nail Electric types while having either Affection, Saikou, or Walnut using Protect (Latter two cases) and Surf against Fire, Ground, and Rock types. It also has Yawn to put Shadow Pokemon asleep, allowing Emile to snag them much more easily than without Sleep status.
  • He got a Quagsire because he loves Wooper, who he thinks is the happiest Pokémon in the world.
  • Despite knowing the move, Amnesia, since Episode 6, he has never used the move Amnesia onscreen, making that move slot completely wasted.
  • In episode 16, "Camerupt is an Idiot", his Surf accidentally knocked out Dakim's Shadow Entei after Dakim's Camerupt stupidly used Earthquake to friendly fire Entei, preventing Emile to snag Shadow Entei.
  • He was named by playsonic3 in episode 18.
  • One of Marshall's suggested names was Tim, which was referencing NintendoCapriSun.
  • Because of his moveset, Marshall will always attack more than one opponent if he uses an offensive move in a Double Battle.
  • Marshall is the only Water type Chugga has used that didn't get a move super effective against Grass. (Tessie, Odiaru, Kappa, Mah Stache, and Vanity had Ice Beam/Punch, and Acooltent got Sludge Bomb)
  • Marshall was the last man standing at the end of the battle with Evice after Munchkin gets defeated by Evice's Machamp with a Cross Chop.