Mars is a Commander of Team Galactic. She is a major antagonist in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 8: The Wind Worker

Emile encountered Mars and Charon leading a small group of Team Galactic Grunts in taking over the Valley Windworks. Emile defeated them all and they fled the Windworks.

Episode 42: Defending the Homeland

Mars and Emile met again. Her entire team was defeated by just Psythe.

Episode 51: Spearheading

Mars, and Jupiter had a double battle with Emile, and Barry.

Episode 52: Distortion World

She reappears alongside Jupiter when the Distortion World is summoned, and after Cyrus enters it.

Episode 76: Useless Buck

She reappears in Stark Mountain alongside Jupiter, Grunt 1, and Grunt 2, and she had one more final battle with Emile. She and Jupiter would later quit Team Galactic and Charon after the battle was done.

Pokémon Team


  • Bronzong (Lvl. 58)
  • Golbat (Lvl. 58)
  • Purugly (Lvl. 60)


  • Mars is the first of the Galactic Commanders battled in Platinum.
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