The Mario Power Tennis Invitational Tournament is a tournament run by TheRunawayGuys. Each match consisted of 2-game, 1-set, with the winner advancing into the next round. Only starting characters could be used, with unlockable and star characters not being able to be used.


Volley! Serve! Fault! Along with other such Tennis terms that no one in the tournament seemed to understand...


There were only 9 participants in the Mario Power Tennis Invitational Tournament. There was going to be 10, but someone dropped out.

  • Chuggaaconroy (Bowser Jr.)
  • NintendoCapriSun (Yoshi)
  • ProtonJon (Luigi)
  • JonnyPaula (Mario)
  • CloudFangLP (Shy Guy)
  • Lucahjin (Peach)
  • JoshJepson (Koopa)
  • PurpleRodri (Daisy)
  • ALG (Mario)


Due to there being only 9 contestants, only 1 preliminary was needed, the match was JonnyPaula (Mario) VS ProtonJon (Luigi)

ProtonJon (Luigi) bt. JonnyPaula (Mario)



Eliminator 1 - Chuggaaconroy VS ProtonJonEdit

Chuggaaconroy (Bowser Jr.) bt. ProtonJon (Luigi)


Eliminator 2 - CloudFangLP VS NintendoCapriSunEdit

CloudfangLP (Shy Guy) bt. NintendoCapriSun (Yoshi)


Eliminator 3 - Lucahjin VS JoshJepsonEdit

JoshJepson (Koopa) bt Lucahjin (Peach)


Eliminator 4 - PurpleRodri VS ALGEdit

PurpleRodri (Daisy) bt. ALG (Mario)



Semi-Final 1 - Chuggaaconroy VS CloudFangLPEdit

Chuggaaconroy (Bowser Jr.) bt. CloudFangLP (ShyGuy)


Semi-Final 2 - PurpleRodri VS JoshJepsonEdit

PurpleRodri (Daisy) bt. JoshJepson (Koopa)

(3-2) (8-6)

Note: Tiebreak results are in brackets.

Grand FinalEdit

Match - Chuggaaconroy (Bowser Jr.) VS PurpleRodri (Daisy)

Chuggaaconroy (Bowser Jr.) bt. PurpleRodri (Daisy)

(3-2) (8-6)

Note: Tiebreak results are in brackets.

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