Magnus is a character in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Edit

Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord Edit

While traveling through Dark Lord Gaol's Castle, Pit stumbles across Magnus, who is taking on Underworld troops by himself. The two introduce themselves to each other, then agree to work together to defeat Dark Lord Gaol.

When the two arrive at Gaol's throne room and engage in battle with the dark lord, Magnus and Gaol continuously talk back to each other, hinting at the shared history between them. Once Gaol is defeated, Magnus apologizes before kneeling down beside her, seeming to show remorse over the circumstances that led to her defeat.

Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos Edit

Pit, who was turned into a ring, uses a dog's body to traverse through the Decimated Town. Eventually he spots Magnus, who is fighting off a group of Centurions. In an attempt to grab Magnus's attention, Pit hops onto his back and shoves the Ring of Chaos into his face until he finally takes it. However, Magnus throws it behind him and goes to walk away, but seems to have a change of heart when he suddenly goes back, picks the ring up, and puts it on after all.

Now having control over Magnus's body, Pit continues through the Decimated Town, conversing with Magnus about the state of humanity during the three years Pit was absent. Along the way, the two agree to defeat Pit's Body in order to free Pit from the Ring of Chaos.

After defeating Pit's Body, Magnus crouches down and places the ring on Pit's finger, giving him control over his own body once again. Pit then thanks Magnus and, upon being granted the Power of Flight by Viridi, parts ways with him.

Chapter 24: The Three Trials Edit

Alongside Gaol, Magnus is called upon by Dyntos to participate in one of Pit's trials, where he must defeat the both of them. During the battle, Pit asks Magnus a variety of questions, though he refuses to answer any of them, telling Pit he is only there to test him. Upon defeat, Magnus compliments Pit's efforts before he and Gaol disappear.

Trivia Edit

  • Magnus and Poseidon share a voice actor, Fred Tatasciore.

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