Not to be confused with Lloid, a character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Lloyd is a playable protagonist in Mother.

Mother Edit

Part 13: The Not-So-Sweet Factory Edit

Lloyd first appeared hiding in a trash can atop Twinkle Elementary. He introduced himself to Ninten and subtly implied that Ninten should get him some bottle rockets.

Part 14: Lloyd, mah boy Edit

Ninten brings Lloyd some bottle rockets from the Sweet Little's Factory. He then joins Ninten with enthusiasm.

Part 37 Edit

Emile covers some odds and ends of the game, Lloyd is in the party.

Moves Edit

  • Attack

Trivia Edit

  • Lloyd is very similar to the Earthbound character of Jeff.
  • Some people theorize that Lloyd is actually Dr. Andonuts, which is hinted at in Mother 3 as both characters hide in trash cans when scared.
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