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Lillipoop is one of Emile/Blair's Lillipup in Pokémon Black and White.

Pokémon White

Episode 1

Emile traversed Route 1 with Ottawa, attempting to catch as many Lillipup as possible to take advantage of their Pickup Abilities to potentially gather many rare items. Lillipoop, at Level 2, was the fifth one he encountered. Ottawa battled her offscreen, weakening her to 4 HP with one Tackle attack and she retaliated with Leer. Emile then threw one Poké Ball, succeeding in catching her, and he nicknamed her immediately.

After catching five Lillipup, he checked each of their stats. Alone among the five, Lillipoop had the Vital Spirit Ability, and Emile laughed at the irony of her nickname. He healed her shortly afterward at the Accumula Pokémon Center.

Episode 3

At the beginning of the episode, Emile deposited Lillipoop in the PC storage system to clear up room in his party for a new temporary team member as she was the only Lillipup in his possession without the Pickup Ability, speaking of her with some fondness and apologeticness for doing so.

Episode 5

In response to an NPC's comment, Emile remarked on how his PC Box was better with Lillipoop inside it as opposed to being empty.


Lillipoop's Ability is Vital Spirit and her Nature is Quiet, granting her increased Special Attack and decreased Speed.


  • Tackle (Episode 1—Present)
  • Leer (Episode 1—Present)