Lillipip is one of Emile/Blair's Lillipup in Pokémon White.

Pokémon Black & WhiteEdit

Episode 1Edit

Emile traversed Route 1 with Ottawa, attempting to catch as many Lillipup as possible to take advantage of their Pickup Abilities to potentially gather many rare items. Lillipip, at Level 2, was the fourth one he encountered. Ottawa battled her offscreen, weakening her to 4 HP with one Tackle attack and she retaliated with Leer. Emile then threw one Poké Ball, succeeding in catching her, and he nicknamed her immediately.

After catching five Lillipup, he checked each of their stats and was pleased to see that Lillipip had the Pickup Ability. He healed her shortly afterward at the Accumula Pokémon Center.

Episode 3Edit

Shortly after depositing Lillipoop in the PC, Emile reviewed his party and, seeing that all of his remaining Lillipup aside from Lillipep had picked up items, he took a Full Heal from Lillipip, unexcited but pleased at the collection.

Episode 4Edit

After defeating Striaton City Gym Leader Cilan, Emile checked his team and collected an Escape Rope from Lillipip.

Episode 6Edit

While rearranging his team, Emile collected another Escape Rope from Lillipip. Emile mentioned later that he had collected several items through Pickup during the hour he spent searching for a Blitzle with Lightningrod.

Episode 7Edit

After several battles on Route 3, Emile collected a Potion from Lillipip.

Episode 8Edit

Offscreen, Emile deposited Lillipip in the PC to clear a slot for catching a Fighting-Type.

Episode 10Edit

Offscreen, Emile withdrew Lillipip in place of said Fighting-Type, Throw.

After battling several trainers in the Pinwheel Forest, Emile collected a Potion from Lillipip.

Episode 11Edit

After picking up Salsa from the Day Care, Emile collected an Escape Rope from Lillipip.

Episode 12Edit

Offscreen, after capturing BACKTRAKNG, Emile deposited Lillipip in the PC to show the Roggenrola to the Berry-giving NPC.

Episode 15Edit

Offscreen, Emile added Lillipip back to his party.

Episode 16Edit

After defeating Harlequin Louis in the Castelia Gym, Emile backtracked to heal and then collected a Potion from Lillipip. Upon collecting Potions from Lillipep and Lillipap as well, Emile chastised the three of them and told them to pick up better items.

In the cut battle against Burgh, Emile sent Lillipip out against Burgh's Leavanny. She fainted to a Razor Leaf, causing Emile to lose the battle and black out.

Episode 18Edit

After using the Exp. Share to level Lillipap up, Emile gave it to Lillipip so that she could grow more levels and pick up better items as well. Through this, she grew nine levels to Level 11 and learned Odor Sleuth and Bite offscreen.

Episode 19Edit

Offscreen, Emile deposited Lillipip in the PC to make room for a Dwebble that he planned on catching as an HM user.

Episode 29: Charge N UpEdit

Lillipip, along with the rest of Emile's catalog of Pokémon, was seen in the PC when Emile was looking for a Pokémon to teach Fly.


Lillipip has a Calm Nature, increasing her Special Defense stat and decreasing her Attack stat.


  • Tackle (Episode 1—Present)
  • Leer (Episode 1—Present)
  • Odor Sleuth (Episode 18–Present)
  • Bite (Episode 18–Present)
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