Lavos is the main antagonist of Chrono Trigger

Chrono TriggerEdit

Episode 8: Guardian of the TragedyEdit

Lavos is seen during the recordings of the apocalypse, which were witnessed by Crono's party in the future.

Episode 13: The Day the World Died Edit

Crono's party attempts to take on Lavos in the apocalypse but turns out to be too weak, causing the party to fail and for the future to refuse to change.

Episode 28: Unnatural SelectionEdit

Lavos crash lands on earth in Prehistory. Upon landing, it completely destroys The Tyranno Lair and wipes most reptites. He quickly burrows under the ground towards the earth's core. As a consequence, Lavos would send earth into a long and miserable ice age.

Episode 37: Lavos BeckonsEdit

Queen Zeal Awakens Lavos at it's full power, causing Crono's Party to challenge it. Unfortunately, Lavos proves too strong and defeats the party. Crono sacrifices himself to protect everyone else.

Episode 55 (Finale): The Day the World Refused to DieEdit

Lavos is fought once again, but this time Crono's party was strong enough to finally defeat Lavos and saving the future of the world.

Final Bonus Video: Dream's EpilogueEdit

Lavos is discovered in The Darkness beyond the End of Time by Crono's Party and a Magus from a different time. Mysteriously, this Lavos is merged with Schala. This Lavos is beyond the power of its original form, and despite the party's efforts, this Lavos wipes the party. Before the party is killed, Schala wakes up and sends the party to another time to protect them.


  • Lavos's name is a combination of two words from Ayla's prehistoric launguage. "La", which means "fire," and "Vos" which means "big"
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