Bellsprout is Kyle's un-nicknamed Bellsprout in his Let's Play of Pokémon Crystal. It used to belong to Emile

Pokémon CrystalEdit

Part 3Edit

Emile sought a Bellsprout to demonstrate the in-game trade with Kyle in Violet City, particularly for players who picked Chikorita as their starter. After a lot of searching he found a female Bellsprout at Level 5 that knew only Vine Whip, and sent out Darmani, who was weakened from the various battles up until then. Bellsprout endured a Tackle with ease before finishing it with Vine Whip. Next, Emile sent out Odairu, who weakened it significantly with a Scratch attack before Emile threw a Poké Ball. Bellsprout broke free after three shakes and nearly knocked Odairu out with another Vine Whip, but Odairu healed himself with a Berry. Emile threw another ball, and this one succeeded in catching the Bellsprout.

Part 4Edit

Emile then traded Bellsprout for Kyle's Onix, Rocky.

Trivia Edit

  • Bellsprout is one of the few Pokemon Emile traded to an NPC, others include Abra and Finneon.
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