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"Split Personality" is the first episode of TheRunawayGuys' collab of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

It was uploaded on June 29, 2019.


"It's Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! That sword... it reminds us of another game we've played before, but we can't put our finger on it."


This section is primarily transcribed from the Kirby Wikia

There is a land called the Mirror World that exists high in the skies of Dream Land. It is a world where any wish reflected in the mirror will come true. One day, however, it only copies evil minds, and rapidly changes the world into a world of evil as a result. Meta Knight notices this and recognizes this as a threat to not only the Mirror World itself, but also to his native Dream Land, and visits the Mirror World to save the two worlds.

Meanwhile, Kirby is taking a walk, when Dark Meta Knight—an evil Mirror World version of Meta Knight—appears. Before Kirby can react, Dark Meta Knight slices Kirby into four differently-colored Kirbys: Pink Kirby (Jon), Yellow Kirby (Stephen), Green Kirby (NCS), and Red Kirby (Emile). At this point, the Kirbys have to share the same Warp Star. The four Kirbys chase after Dark Meta Knight and enter the Mirror World.