Not to be confused with Kirby of the Kirby Series

Kirby is Emile's cat. He has a habit of wanting to lay on Emile's lap during recordings.

Mentions Edit

Super Paper Mario Edit

In his LP of Super Paper Mario, he often tried to get in front of the screen.

Super Mario 3D World Edit

Episode 17: Head in the Clouds Edit

Because of the game's cat power up, Chugga started off this episode with an adorable meow from Kirby. After they fought Prince Bully, Emile mentioned how cute Kirby is.

Kirby's Dream Course Edit

The cat is talked about through out the entire LP. It is assumed by Emile that it was because they kept saying its name. Considering it's named after this game's title character, Emile's assumption could be accurate.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Edit

In the bonus episode, Emile mentions that he had to re-record some lines as Ghirahim due to Kirby wandering over to him and meowing, thinking he was upset because of how he was speaking. He then shows an example clip that got cut out of the finalized LP.


  • Kirby was named after the video game character, Kirby.
  • Chugga's other cat's name is Teddy, who passed away in early 2016.
  • Unlike the video game character, Kirby is orange and white.
  • Chugga likes to play joust with Kirby
  • Kirby was named by Chugga's mother
  • Kirby is Chugga's only living cat as of this moment.
  • If Mario Party 4 is to go by, Kirby likes everybody but his owner.