"Dire Flower" is the third episode of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

It was uploaded on February 6, 2020.

Description Edit

"We take on a familia- This is one of those awkward times when it looks like someone you know on the streets and you wave awkwardly at someone ignoring you."

Summary Edit

Kirby (Emile) battles and defeats Flowery Woods, unlocking World 2: Lollipop Land

Kirby then takes on the last stage in Fine Fields, as well as the first EX Stage, Fine Fields - Stage 6. Bandana Waddle Dee gives him a hand along the way, with some supplies from Steet Pass. Kirby then defeats the Mid-Boss Blocky DX

Kirby then moves on into the second floating island, Lollipop Land, and takes on the first stage. Bandana Waddle Dee once again lends a hand with some supplies. 

Levels Cleared Edit

  • Fine Fields - Stage 5 (Boss Battle)
  • Fine Fields - Stage 6 (EX Stage)
  • Lollipop Land - Stage 1

Keychains Collected Edit

Bold indicates Gold Keychain

  • Cret (Stage 1-6)
  • Magical Paintbrush (Stage 1-6)
  • Melon (Stage 1-6)
  • Mumbies (Stage 1-6)
  • Blipper (Stage 1-6)
  • Animal (Stage 2-1)
  • Starship (Stage 2-1)
  • Bomber (Stage 2-1) (Emile's 25th Keychain, achieving Fair-Weather Collector Rank)

Trivia Edit


Wheel Kirby

  • First appearance of Flowery Woods.
  • First appearance of Blocky DX.
  • First appearance of Grand Wheelie.
  • First use of the Wing, Stone, Whip, Wheel Copy Abilities in Triple Deluxe.
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