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"Feeling Fine!" is the second episode of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

It was uploaded on February 6, 2020.


"We go into the forest to collect bugs! …With our mouths!"


Kirby (Emile) continues his adventure through Fine Fields

Kirby makes his way through the faux-forest of Stage 3 using his Hypernova

He then conquers stage 4 with some help from Bandana Waddle Dee's supplies, defeating the giant beetle mini-boss Hornhead using his Fire Copy Ability, and unlocking the never-before-seen Beetle Kirby Copy Ability. 

Levels Cleared

  • Fine Fields - Stage 3
  • Fine Fields - Stage 4

Beetle Kirby

Keychains Collected

Bold indicates Gold Keychain

  • Triple Star (Stage 1-3)
  • Cutter Kriby (Stage 1-3)
  • Stactus (Stage 1-3)
  • Plasma Wisp (Stage 1-3)
  • Bugzzy (Stage 1-4)
  • Bouncy (Stage 1-4)
  • Dark Matter (Stage 1-4)
  • Needle Coo (Stage 1-4)
  • Kirby (from Kirby Super Star) (Stage 1-4)


  • First appearance of Hornhead.
  • First appearance of the Fine Fields boss (silhouette).
  • First use of the Cutter and Beetle (new in Triple Deluxe) Copy Abilities in Triple Deluxe.
  • Emile references the "Bugsy's a boy!?" gag from Pokémon Crystal - Part 10 (a reference to Gym Leader Bugsy's androgynous appearance) when obtaining the Bugzzy keychain.
  • This episode features a rare use of a flashback to another episode, showing a brief montage of Emile briefly using Ice Kirby in the previous episode.