The King of Dokapon is a major character in Dokapon Kingdom.

 The Runaway Gaiden Edit

Dokapon Kingdom: Battle Royale - Part 1 Edit

The King appears only in the opening sequence.

Dokapon Kingdom: Battle Royale - Part 3 Edit

Proton Jon visited the King in Dokapon Castle and he had Jon's wounds healed. Karlie then came over and gave Jon a haircut. Jon then left the castle.

Dokapon Kingdom Edit

Episode 54: Doka-Podcast Edit

Jon visited the King and became an Alchemist.

Episode 55: Off-Topic Discussion Edit

The King does not physically appear, but he made a royal announcement due to the Abnourmous Disaster. Later, the King rewarded Timbo with 265,000 Gold for defeating a Big Monster.

Episode 56: The Bug Bear Edit

The King gave Timbo and Jon money from Chugga's wallet after Chugga defeat the Flame Eater of Granada. He then announced that Princess Penny has been kidnapped by Rico Jr.. The King sent the heroes on a quest to retrieve his daughter. Later, Jon visited the King to get a haircut from Karlie.

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References Edit

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  2. "If the winner is a girl, he will offer to marry you, however, it seems you turn him down," - Dokapon Wiki
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