"Show respect, dog! You stand before King Sammer, ruler of the Sammer Guys!"
Jade Blooper, talking about King Sammer[src]
King Sammer is a character in Super Paper Mario. He is the leader of the Sammer Guys.

Super Paper Mario Edit

Episode 36 Edit

Mario, Carrie, and Tippi met King Sammer in his kingdom, after they defeated Jade Blooper in combat. King Sammer showed Mario his prized treasure, a Pure Heart. King Sammer than summoned all of his vassals, 100 Sammer Guys (including End Boss) to him. King Sammer declared that Mario and company must defeat all of his vassals in order to earn his Pure Heart, he then sent all his vassals to their "tournament positions". Bowser fought the next nineteen Sammer Guys until the fighting was interrupted by Count Bleck.

Episode 37 Edit

Bowser and co met King Sammer (who was actually Mimi in disguise) at the 26th duel gate. He said that, given the circumstances, Bowser could take the Pure Heart from a chest up ahead. Bowser opened the chest to discover a bomb. Mimi revealed her disguise and battled Bowser. She was defeated. King Sammer, along with the rest of Sammer's Kingdom, was erased from reality by The Void.

Finale [Part 2] Edit

King Sammer and his kingdom is brought back into existence. He is later seen during the game's credits.

Bonus Episode 1 Edit

King Sammer rewarded Bowser after he beat the Duel of 100.

Trivia Edit

  • King Sammer's head is based on a stereotypical king's crown.
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