King Boo, also known as Boss Boo or Big Boo, is the main antagonist and final boss in Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. He appears as a boss in Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 DS.

King Boo also makes a cameo in New Super Luigi U.

Super Mario Sunshine Edit

Luigi's Mansion (solo LP) Edit

King Boo is the main antagonist.

Super Mario 64 DS Edit

King Boo kidnapped and imprisoned Luigi.

New Super Luigi U Edit

Episode 20 Edit

In the secret exit of the "Vanishing Ghost House" stage, a likeness of King Boo and Luigi could be seen. This foreshadows the eventually rematch he and Luigi have in Dark Moon.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Edit

Episode 1: Poltergust 5000 Edit

King Boo attacked the Dark Moon.

Mario Party 8 Edit

King Boo's Haunted Hideaway [Part 1]: Rogue-lite Board Edit

King Boo appears fir the first time in a Mario Party game as the owner of his own board:

Luigi's Mansion (collab) Edit

King Boo once again is the main antagonist.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The King Boo in Super Mario Sunshine is technically considered a separate and distinct character from the King Boo who debuted in Luigi's Mansion.[1][2]
  • Chugga doesn't hide the fact that King Boo is at fault in Dark Moon and expresses irritation that the game tries to do so.
  • King Boo's first two TRG collab appearances occurred consecutively: Mario Party 8 (Collab #34) and Luigi's Mansion (Collab #35)

References Edit

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