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Khold was Emile's Fearow in his Let's Play of Pokémon FireRed. He was the second Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Pokémon FireRed

Part 2

After much searching on Route 22, Emile found a Level 5 male Spearow that knew Peck and Growl.

Khold is caught.png

One Tackle from Bulbapedia and two Poké Balls later, Emile had his second team member. Like Bulbapedia, Khold was not nicknamed at the time of his capture.

Part 3

Offscreen, Khold grew to Level 7 and learned Leer. He was the first Pokémon Emile used in the optional rival battle on Route 22, matching him against Gary's Pidgey. Emile began by crippling the Pidgey's stats with Leer and Growl, giving the opposing bird the opportunity to nearly deplete Khold's health with Tackle. Emile used a Potion, but Gary's Pidgey landed the LP's first onscreen critical hit against Khold, knocking him out.

Khold's next battle was against Bug Catcher Rick in Viridian Forest, whose Weedle and Caterpie proved easy prey for the Spearow, resulting in him growing to Level 8. Khold then fended off the wild Pokémon of Viridian Forest, growing to Level 9 before reaching the forest's sole required battle with Bug Catcher Sammy. Khold made short work of his Weedle, but the caterpillar poisoned Khold with its Poison Sting before fainting. Though Emile used no Antidote, he made it to the Pokémon Center and healed Khold before he fainted.

Part 4

Emile mistakenly sent Khold out first against Camper Liam in the Pewter Gym. He switched quickly to Bulbapedia upon seeing that Liam's first Pokémon was a Geodude, but the resulting split in experience resulted in Khold growing to Level 10. He switched Khold back in as Liam sent out his Sandshrew, intending to use Khold against the Ground-Type due to the bird's Keen Eye ability and the fact that he wouldn't be able to help against Brock. Sandshrew landed a couple of powerful Scratch attacks, taking out over half of Khold's HP, before using Defense Curl four turns in a row. Khold depleted most of its HP before it used Scratch again, nearly knocking Khold out and prompting Emile to switch back to Bulbapedia to finish the fight.

On Route 3, Khold defeated Bug Catcher Colton, growing to Level 11. Then he fought against Lass Sally, whose Rattata reduced him to 1 HP before fainting. Emile debated switching Khold out, but decided to allow him to get a hit in on her remaining Pokémon, a female Nidoran. Due to the Nidoran using Tail Whip and Growl instead of attacking, Khold finished off Sally's last Pokémon in spite of his weakened state. The Nidoran's Poison Point inflicted Khold with poison, but Emile used an Antidote to heal him.

Part 5

Offscreen, Emile trained Khold enough for him to grow to Level 12. He then fought against Bug Catcher Greg, defeating him easily, growing to Level 13 and learning Fury Attack as a result. Then he fought Bug Catcher James, defeating his team with ease as well, and growing to Level 14. However, he struggled against Lass Robin's Jigglypuff, being put to sleep for several turns while the Normal-Type continually used Defense Curl after taking out a decent portion of her HP, and falling prey to Jigglypuff's Cute Charm ability as soon as he woke up and succeeded in attacking. At that point, Emile switched to Bulbapedia to finish the battle.

Part 6

With Khold at the front of the team, he came out briefly against Super Nerd Jovan's Magnemite in Mt. Moon, but Bulbapedia quickly replaced him to fight against the Electric-Type.

Khold later fought against a Team Rocket Grunt, and against his Level 11 Sandshrew, Rattata, and Zubat, Khold grew to Level 15 and Emile discovered the usefulness of Fury Attack.

Near the end of Mt. Moon, Khold took on another Team Rocket Grunt. The resulting battle forced Emile to once again reevaluate the usefulness of Fury Attack, as the Grunt's Rattata fell to one that struck four times (resulting in Khold growing to Level 16) and his Zubat fell to one that struck all five times.

Part 7

At the end of Mt. Moon, Emile fought against Super Nerd Miguel. Khold defeated his Grimer with ease, switches out to let Bulbapedia defeat his Voltorb, and then fought his Koffing, and though the Poison-Type's Smog attack poisoned Khold and took out a good portion of HP, the bird knocked him out and won the battle.

Later, in Cerulean City, after some offscreen training that resulted in Khold growing to Level 17, the Spearow took on Gary's Pidgeotto during the third rival battle. One Fury Attack that strikes five times, including one critical hit, nearly knocks him out, and though missing the second attack on the evolved Pokémon requires Emile to use a Super Potion, Khold knocks out Pidgeotto with another Fury Attack.

Gary's Rattata, which Emile dismissed as no threat due to its species, proved to be troublesome due to continually using Quick Attack, forcing Emile to use a Potion. Khold knocked it out with a couple of Fury Attacks, but with only 3 HP left, Emile switched in Bulbapedia to take on his Charmander (and from this point on, though Emile still deems Rattata and Raticate not worth using, he becomes scared of fighting them). Khold then came back in to defeat Gary's Abra that, due to not having any offensive moves, posed no threat, yielding a chunk of experience that made Khold grow to Level 18.

Failed Attempts

In all three of Emile's failed battles with Gary, Pidgeotto knocked out Khold. The first battle, Khold attacked with a two-hit Fury Attack before falling to a critical Quick Attack. The second battle, he hit with another two-hit Fury Attack amplified by Leer before Quick Attack again finished him off due to Emile deciding against using a Potion. The third time, both of his attempted Fury Attacks missed Pidgeotto, and Emile decided against using a Super Potion, giving up on that battle.

Part 8 1/2

On the Nugget Bridge, Khold defeated Bug Catcher Cale and Lass Ali before any of their Pokémon got a chance to attack with a combination of type advantage and good fortune with Fury Attack, growing to Level 19 and forgetting Growl in favor of learning Pursuit as a result. Youngster Timmy's Sandshrew and Ekans gave him more trouble, but good fortune with Fury Attack resulted in Khold winning against them as well. Lass Reli's male Nidoran fell to another fortunate Fury Attack, but its Poison Point ability poisoned Khold, and Emile elected to switch to Bulbapedia to finish the battle. Emile didn't heal the poison before moving to the final trainer, Camper Ethan, sending out Khold against his sole Pokémon, a Mankey. The Fighting-Type's Fury Swipes halved Khold's remaining HP, and it barely managed to endure a Peck attack. Emile once again switched to Bulbapedia to finish the battle.

After healing offscreen, Khold took on the Team Rocket Grunt at the end of Nugget Bridge. His Ekans depleted nearly half of Khold's HP, but a few Fury Attacks and a Peck knocked it out, and Zubat barely dealt any damage before a critical Fury Attack gave Khold the last bit of experience needed to grow to Level 20. However, Emile stopped him from evolving in favor of letting him level up to Level 25 first, when he would learn Aerial Ace.

Part 8 2/2

After Bulbapedia knocked out Lass Haley's first Oddish, Khold took over the fight, defeating her Pidgey with a fortunate Fury Attack and her second Oddish with a Peck.

Part 9

Khold fought the Team Rocket Grunt in Cerulean City that stole the Dig TM, knocking out his Machop and Drowzee with ease. Khold was then responsible for weakening a wild Meowth that Emile subsequently captured, though it would not gain the nickname Meow Mix until much later.

Khold later took on Bug Catcher Keigo on Route 6, switching in and out with Meow Mix to give the under-leveled Normal-Type more experience. Khold defeated his Bug-Types easily, growing to Level 21 in the process, but Emile once again stopped him from evolving.

Part 10

Khold fought against Camper Jeff, defeating his Spearow with relative ease but taking enough damage against his Raticate that Emile was forced to switch out to Meow Mix.

During Emile's montage of the battles aboard the S.S. Anne, Khold grew to Level 22.

At the end of the S.S. Anne, during the fourth battle against Gary, Khold switched in from Meow Mix to deal with his second Pokémon, a Raticate. Though Fury Attack took out a little more than half of the rat's HP, its Hyper Fang attack boosted by Leer defeated Khold in one shot.

Part 12

Offscreen, Khold grew to Level 23.

On the way back through Diglett's Cave, Khold took over the battle against a wild Dugtrio after it knocked out Meow Mix, but was himself knocked out offscreen.

Part 13

Offscreen, Khold grew to Level 24.

Khold battled Picnicker Alicia on Route 9, defeating her Oddish with ease, but not before being poisoned by Poisonpowder. The poison steadily reduced Khold's HP against her remaining Pokémon, but the bird ultimately defeated her next two Pokémon. Emile cut out the fight against her fourth and final Pokémon.

Part 14

Khold fought against Picnicker Sofia's Pidgey in Rock Tunnel, taking out most of the opposing bird's HP before Whirlwind blew him out of the battle.

Part 15

After Mimien grew to Level 26, Emile switched Khold to the front of the party so that he could gain the last level needed to evolve. He fought and defeated PokéManiac Cooper's first Slowpoke, during which Emile mistakenly stated that he was using Pursuit for the first time. However, due to Slowpoke's Growl, Khold's attacks become weakened, prompting Emile to switch in Meow Mix against his second Slowpoke.

Khold then battled against Picnicker Dana's Meowth, and though it nearly depleted the Spearow's remaining HP, he ultimately won, grew to Level 25, and learned Aerial Ace in place of Peck. Emile kept Khold out against her remaining two Pokémon, knocking out each of them with one Aerial Ace. At the end of the battle, Khold finally evolved into Fearow.

During the fifth rival battle in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower, Khold switched in against Gary's Pidgeotto. Though the opposing Flying-Type's Gust and Quick Attack dealt a good amount of damage, Khold took it out with two Aerial Aces. He switched out and then back in against Gary's Gyarados, taking a lot of damage from its Thrash attack in the process, and after striking it with a weak two-hit Fury Attack, Khold fainted.

Later, Khold took on a wild Growlithe that Emile planned to add to his team. After two Pursuit attacks, a failed Roar from the wild Fire-Type, and his only Great Ball, Emile captured it. This Growlithe would not be the one joining Emile's team, however, as he preferred one with the Ability Intimidate rather than Flash Fire.

Part 17

Offscreen, Emile gave Khold his nickname, along with Meow Mix and the newly caught RK9.

Khold fought against Beauty Tamia and Beauty Lori in the Celadon Gym, and though the former's second Bellsprout eroded much of Khold's HP with Sleep Powder and Acid (due to Emile explaining the reason for Khold's nickname, and the Bellsprout taking offense due to being a fan of THEKHOLDONE) Khold won both battles with relative ease.

Against the Gym Leader Erika, Khold struggled a bit more; though poisoned and losing much of his HP in the process, he defeated Erika's Victreebel with relative ease and grew to Level 28. However, Emile switched him out with Meow Mix when she sent out her Tangela. Later, after Erika's Vileplume defeated Mimien, Emile sent Khold back out. The Fearow finished off Vileplume with one Aerial Ace, earning Emile the Rainbow Badge.

Part 19

Khold fought against Rocket Boss Giovanni's Kangaskhan in the Rocket Hideout, after the powerful Normal-Type had knocked out both RK9 and Meow Mix without taking any damage herself. Khold's Aerial Ace did little damage at first, but his higher Special Defense enabled him to endure two Bite attacks with ease, giving him the opportunity to halve Kangaskhan's Defense stat with Leer. After that, two more Aerial Ace attacks depleted Kangaskhan's HP, earning Emile the victory.

Emile then used HM02 to teach Khold Fly, replacing Fury Attack, and used him to return to Lavender Town.

Part 20

Khold flew Emile back to Celadon City where he challenged the sleeping Snorlax.

Part 22

Offscreen, Emile trained Khold up to Level 34.

Part 23

Khold began the sixth rival battle in Saffron City's Silph Co., against Gary's Pidgeot. His Aerial Ace attack dealt decent damage, but after Pidgeot used Featherdance to halve his Attack, Emile switched out Khold for RK9.

Khold came back in to battle Gary's Exeggcute, and though the Grass/Psychic-Type paralyzed Khold with Stun Spore and damaged him with Confusion, it fell easily to two Aerial Ace attacks. Emile then switched him out for Meow Mix as Gary sent out his Alakazam.

Part 24

Khold finished the battle with Giovanni in Silph Co. After his strongest Pokémon knocked out Bulbapedia, RK9, and Tessie, Khold finished the severely weakened Nidoqueen with one Aerial Ace, winning the battle for Emile and growing to Level 36.

Part 25

Khold briefly appeared fighting against the first of the trainers in the Saffron Dojo, taking damage from a Machop's Revenge attack before preparing to use Aerial Ace. However, Emile cuts out the rest of that battle and the ones that follow.

Khold took part in the battle against Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina, fighting her Venomoth. One Aerial Ace nearly depleted the Bug-Type's HP, and its attempted Supersonic missed. Though it took three more turns due to Sabrina using two Hyper Potions, Khold easily defeated Venomoth and grew to Level 37.

Khold then took on Sabrina's last and strongest Pokémon, Alakazam. Emile initially attempted to utilize type advantage with Pursuit, but it did little damage after Alakazam used Calm Mind. The next turn, it used Future Sight, while the Aerial Ace Khold used after that did over half of Alakazam's total HP. However, before he could deal the finishing blow, one Psychic attack from the Psychic-Type knocked Khold out in one shot.

Part 29

During the battle against Zapdos in the Power Plant, Emile sent out Khold after the bird defeated Mimien, Bulbapedia, Meow Mix, and Tessie. Most of the battle is cut out, but Khold was shown to have taken at least one Drill Peck and been paralyzed by Thunder Wave. After exhausting all 29 of his Ultra Balls, Emile threw a Poké Ball, which succeeded in capturing the bird, much to Emile's indignant shock.

Part 30

Khold led the party as Emile moved through the Pokémon Mansion, subsequently upsetting Emile when he encounters a Level 38 Raticate, one Level higher than Khold and therefore unaffected by his Repel. While Khold uses Aerial Ace, Emile grouses continually about the bird's weakness, which only continues when a critical Quick Attack takes out more than half of Khold's HP before he knocked the Raticate out.

Part 31

Offscreen, Khold grew two Levels to Level 39.

Contrary to Emile's complaints in the previous episode, Khold shone in Emile's battle against the Cinnabar Gym Leader, Blaine. Emile initially regretted sending Khold out against Blaine's Growlithe due to the Fire-Type's Intimidate Ability, but ultimately elected to keep Khold in. Growlithe used only Fire Blast, and missed three times, twice due to Khold using Fly and once due only to the move's inaccuracy. Khold defeated Growlithe unscathed.

Khold then battled Blaine's Ponyta, using Fly once again and subsequently dodging Ponyta's Fire Blast. It ended up being a critical hit, defeating Ponyta in one shot, allowing Khold to grow to Level 40 and learn Drill Peck in place of Aerial Ace, Emile considering Drill Peck a better move and not wanting Khold to know more than two Flying-Type attacks.

Khold then battled Blaine's Rapidash, using Fly once again and subsequently dodging Rapidash's Fire Blast. Emile complained that Blaine had used nothing but Fire Blast to that point and that it had never hit, only to voice his regret of saying it out loud immediately before Rapidash's Fire Blast struck Khold, wiping out most of his HP. Fly did a notable amount of damage, and Emile follows up with Drill Peck, which takes out more than half of the remainder. Rapidash's next Fire Blast misses, enabling Khold to finish it off with another Drill Peck. Emile then switched him out for Tessie as Blaine sent out his Arcanine, not wanting to deal with two Intimidates.

Part 32

Offscreen, Khold grew to Level 41.

Khold battled Pokémon Ranger Beth on Mt. Ember, defeating her first two Pokémon and growing to Level 42 in the process and tying him for Emile's highest-leveled Pokémon. Shortly thereafter, he defeated Pokémon Ranger Logan with similar ease, though Logan using a Full Restore on his Exeggutor caused Emile no small measure of exasperation.

Part 33

Emile sent in Khold during his attempt to catch Moltres at Mt. Ember's peak. He endured Fire Spin for three turns before, right as Emile spoke about his voice being at stake, he succeeded in catching Moltres. Khold then flies Emile back to One Island.

Part 36

Offscreen, Khold grew to Level 43.

Offscreen later, Emile used a Rare Candy to elevate Khold to Level 44.

Part 37

Offscreen, Khold grew to Level 45.

Near the end of Victory Road, RK9 and Khold fought in a double battle against two Cool Trainers, who send out a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen. Targeting the Nidoking first, RK9 burned away most of its health with Fire Blast before Khold finished it off with Drill Peck. Nidoqueen targeted RK9 with a Body Slam attack, taking out almost half of her remaining HP and paralyzing her. Khold then hit Nidoqueen with Drill Peck, and was struck with Body Slam in turn, while RK9 was unable to move due to the paralysis. The following turn, Khold wiped out most of Nidoqueen's remaining HP with another Drill Peck, and Nidoqueen retaliated by using Superpower on RK9. The Fire-Type barely endured, however, and fighting through the paralysis, finished Nidoqueen with a Fire Blast, winning the battle.

Part 38

Offscreen, Emile trained Khold up five levels to Level 50, during which it learned Agility in place of Leer.

Khold took part in the fight against Elite Four Lorelei, battling her Slowbro. Going for type advantage, Khold used Pursuit, which did very little damage. Slowbro's retaliatory Ice Beam took out most of Khold's HP, and Emile considered switching before deciding to use Fly. It did slightly more damage than Pursuit, and then Slowbro's Surf attack knocked Khold out.

Part 41

Khold took part in the fight against Champion Gary, battling his Gyarados after it defeated Mimien and Meow Mix. Taking advantage of the Screech that Meow Mix used before it fainted, Khold used Drill Peck, wiping out most of its HP, though it returned the favor with a powerful Thrash. However, the poison damage from Meow Mix's Toxic attack combined with one more Drill Peck succeeded in felling the sea serpent, upon which Khold grew to Level 51. Emile then switched him out for Tessie as Gary sent out his Charizard.

The End

Khold, along with the rest of Emile's team, entered the Hall of Fame.

Part 43

Khold flew Emile back to One Island after he obtained the Ruby from Mt. Ember.

Part 46

Khold battled against a Team Rocket Grunt in the Rocket Warehouse on Chrono Island after his Hypno defeated the weakened RK9. Khold made short work of his two Hypnos.

Khold then fought against the female Team Rocket Admin, battling against her Muk. He managed to take out most of its HP before the Admin used a Hyper Potion to heal it. Though Khold managed to take out most of its restored HP, two Rock Tomb attacks for super effective damage and halving Khold's speed later, Muk finished him off with Sludge Bomb.

As the episode ended, Khold flew Emile back to the Pokémon Center to heal up before the battle against the stronger Admin.

Part 47

Khold took part in the fight against the male Rocket Admin in the Rocket Warehouse, battling his Golbat. Khold defeated the weakened bat with one Drill Peck, and Emile then switched him out for Mimien as the Admin sent out his Weezing.

Khold later battled the Admin's last and strongest Pokémon, a Houndoom. Though its Flamethrower took out most of Khold's HP, two Drill Peck attacks proved to be enough to knock it out, winning the battle for Emile.

Khold then finished the fight against Scientist Gideon, defeating his weakened Porygon with a Drill Peck after it defeated RK9.

Part 48

Khold fought against Bird Keeper Harold, defeating his Hoothoot and Noctowl unscathed.

Part 49

Khold fought against Swimmer Denise, taking a significant amount of damage due to type disadvantage against her Chinchou and Lanturn, but winning regardless and growing to Level 53.

Part 52

Offscreen, Emile trained Khold up to Level 65.

Khold took part in the rematch against Elite Four Bruno, defeating his Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee with one Drill Peck each. After surviving the first Drill Peck, Bruno's Machamp managed to hit Khold with a Rock Slide, wiping out most of his HP, but a second Drill Peck defeated it, winning the battle for Emile.

Khold took part in the rematch against Elite Four Lance, battling his Kingdra after it defeated Meow Mix and Bulbapedia. Kingdra struck Khold with Ice Beam, taking out most of his HP, but a Drill Peck finished the severely weakened sea horse.

Khold then stalled for time against Lance's most powerful Pokémon, his first Dragonite, while Emile revived Tessie. He fainted after just one turn when Dragonite used Thunderbolt.


Khold began the rematch against Champion Gary, defeating his Heracross with Fly without the Bug-Type dealing any damage to him, growing to Level 66 in the process. Emile then switched him out for Bulbapedia as Gary sent out his Tyranitar.

Khold later battled against Gary's Alakazam after it defeated Meow Mix. He attempted to use Drill Peck, but was knocked out in one hit by Alakazam's Psychic attack, to Emile's chagrin.

At the end, Khold, along with the rest of Emile's team, entered the Hall of Fame for the second time.

Why Emile Chose Fearow

Emile saw the Spearow family as the faster and more aggressive counterpart to the Pidgey family, as Pidgeot has balanced stats for a 3 stage Flying type, and elected to catch one for himself despite their rarity. Although Dodrio is vastly stronger than Spearow, it is available later on in the game. Also, he used Fearow as a reference from a Let's Player who took advantage of the in-game trade of a player's Spearow for a Farfetch'd: THEKHOLDONE. I guess it's just why Emile likes Fearow that much.


Final Moves

  • Pursuit (Part 8—Finale)
  • Fly (Part 19—Finale)
  • Drill Peck (Part 31—Finale)
  • Agility (Part 38—Finale)

Former Moves

  • Peck (Part 2—Part 15)
  • Growl (Part 2—Part 8)
  • Leer (Part 2—Part 38)
  • Fury Attack (Part 5—Part 19)
  • Aerial Ace (Part 15—Part 31)


Khold's Nature is never revealed.

Nickname Origin

He is named after THEKHOLDONE, a Let's Player who took advantage of the in-game trade of a player's Spearow for a Farfetch'd, which he used on his team as a self-imposed challenge, and groused about its weakness throughout the game. Emile named his Fearow after him to gloat, to show him what he could have had instead.

Post-LP Fate

In May of 2016, Emile revealed that an unspecified accident deleted his FireRed save file shown in the LP. Consequently, Khold and the rest of Emile's team were lost forever.[1]


  • Khold is Emile's first Normal-Type Pokémon, as well as his first Flying-Type Pokémon.
  • Khold never used Agility onscreen, presumably due to it being fast already and too frail to survive long battles.
  • Khold is the first Pokemon that Emile has canceled evolution for. In this case, it was to learn Aerial Ace. The only others so far are Teddy and Psythe.


  1. "@travdalf The FireRed save file is, to date, the only LP save file I have lost. I try to hang onto them all, but it was lost to an accident." - Tweet