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Kappa is Emile's Ludicolo in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. He was the second Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Kappa, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 2

Kappa was captured by Emile on Route 102 as a Lotad at Level 3. Moegami weakened him to the red with a Scratch while his retalitory Astonish barely scathed the Fire Chick. Emile's first Poké Ball then successfully caught Kappa.

Due to only having the weak Astonish as his first damaging move, Emile was forced to do switch training to allow Kappa to gain levels. He did so against a wild Poochyena, and Lass Tiana's Zigzagoon, by switching him out for Moegami to take them out. This made Kappa grow to Level 4. However, Emile forgot to switch back over to Kappa for Tiana's Shroomish.

Kappa then grew to Level 5 after knocking out a wild Ralts on its own, because Astonish was super effective. This allowed him to beat it with four hits.

Episode 3

Emile continued to train Kappa on Route 104's southern end. Kappa grew to Level 6 off of Youngster Billy's Zigzagoon, despite being switched out for Moegami due to his Astonish being completely ineffective against it. However, Kappa single handedly defeated Fisherman Darian's Level 9 Magikarp. It took eight hits with Astonish to deplete its HP (the second and fourth being criticals), while the Fish Pokémon could only use the useless Splash. Kappa then grew to Level 7 and learned Absorb after Lady Cindy's Zigzagoon was taken down by Moegami, effectively mirroring the battle with Billy.

Kappa's first onscreen use of Absorb took place against a wild Marill. He used it three times to beat it, and restore the HP lost from Marill's attacks (one being a critical Tackle). He grew to Level 8 here. Kappa then grew to Level 9 from a wild Shroomish in Petalburg Woods, after Emile switched him out and Moegami defeated it. The Water Weed then took part in the battle against Bug Catcher Lyle and his four Wurmples. Kappa was able to deliver an Astonish to the third Wurmple, but Emile was forced to switch him out because he ran out of PP. Emile did switch train him again on the fourth Wurmple.

Kappa gained three more levels offscreen, making him Level 12 when Emile encountered a wild Slakoth he was looking for at Level 6. Despite being a critical and the level difference, Kappa's Absorb only did about half of Slakoth's HP. Though it responded with Yawn, Emile was able to capture Slakoth before Kappa fell asleep. Slakoth would become Emile's third team member, and receive the nickname Teddy. After knocking out two more wild Poochyenas, Emile switched Kappa out of the lead slot in the party for Teddy.

Kappa then participated in Emile's first battle against Team Aqua. He was switched in from Teddy to allow her to get experience. While the Aqua Grunt's Poochyena lowered his Accuracy with a Sand Attack, and raised its own Attack with Howl, Kappa successfully knocked it out with three Absorbs (with the third being a critical).

Episode 4

Emile taught Kappa Bullet Seed, using the TM that he received from an NPC just after exiting the Petalburg Woods to the north.

In a battle with Rich Boy Winston, Kappa was switched in from Teddy after she weakened Winston's Zigzagoon. Kappa's Defense was lowered by Zigzagoon's Tail Whip right away. He used Bullet Seed onscreen for the first time, only for it to hit just twice. After Zigzagoon lowered his Attack with a Growl, Kappa used Absorb, putting it down to red HP (with Zigzagoon again using Tail Whip). Winston then used a Full Restore on Zigzagoon to Emile's surprise (similar to the battle with Lady Cindy one episode earlier). Kappa then hit with Absorb again. He followed with Bullet Seed, which hit four times. Zigzagoon hit with a critical Tackle (amplified by the previous Tail Whips), which Kappa endured with more than half of his HP. Another single hit with Bullet Seed finally took it out. The experience grew Kappa to Level 13, when he learned Nature Power. Emile taught Nature Power in place of Growl.

Kappa and Teddy battled alongside each other in the first in game double battle, with Twins Gina and Mia. Kappa used Nature Power for the first time onscreen in this battle, which turned into Swift. This did a small amount of damage to Mia's Seedot, and around half of the HP of Gina's own Lotad. Teddy's Scratch then took out Lotad. The next turn, Kappa used a Nature Power turned Swift again, putting Seedot to below half HP (while Teddy was forced to loaf around). Though another Nature Power turned Swift put Seedot down to low red HP, Teddy was able to deliver a Scratch to knock it out.

Episode 5

Kappa was Emile's main force in the Rustboro City Gym, since they specialized in Rock Type Pokémon. However, he took the liberty of switch training Teddy against Youngster Josh's Geodude. When Kappa came out, he took six HP of damage from a Tackle, only to restore it with an Absorb, which Geodude actually survived in red HP. After another Tackle put the six HP of damage back on him, Kappa took out the Rock Pokémon with an Astonish.

Emile then battled Youngster Tommy and Hiker Marc in tandem using Kappa and Teddy. Both trainers had two Level 8 Geodudes each. Kappa took out both of Marc's Pokémon with one Absorb apiece (the first went down to a critical hit, which proved unnecessary since the second fell without a critical). Kappa then finished off both of Tommy's Geodudes with Absorb after Teddy did negligible damage to each with Scratch. The experience from the battle grew Kappa to Level 14, after which he evolved into Lombre.

Kappa was once again the star player in the battle against Rustboro Gym Leader Roxanne. However, Emile still switch trained Teddy for all three of Roxanne's Pokémon. For her first Geodude, Kappa took it out unscathed with a two hit Bullet Seed due to the Rock Pokémon using Defense Curl. On the second Geodude, he took 11 HP of damage from a Rock Tomb and suffered a Speed drop. Despite that, he was still faster, and defeated the second Geodude in an identical manner to the first (growing to Level 15 as a result). Roxanne's Nosepass proved a bit more resilient. She used Harden when Kappa switched in. Kappa got three hits with Bullet Seed to put Nosepass to half its HP. It responded with a Rock Tomb, which in turn put Kappa around half his health. After Nosepass restored a bit of HP with its Oran Berry, it used Harden (now before Kappa after his Speed dropped from Rock Tomb). The Jolly Pokémon hit twice with Bullet Seed to knock Nosepass into yellow health. Roxanne used a Potion, but a three hit Bullet Seed undid the Potion's restoration. After Roxanne used a second Potion, a two hit Bullet Seed brought it back to half of its health. The next turn, Nosepass used Block to lock Kappa into battle. This proved useless, as another three hit Bullet Seed took out its remaining HP, winning Emile the Stone Badge.

Episode 6

Kappa grew to Level 16 offscreen.

In Emile's fight with May in Rustboro City, Kappa battled against May's Torkoal after switching in from Teddy. He was able to take an Ember well before Torkoal fell asleep from Teddy's Yawn. However, Kappa struggled immensely when it came to widdling down the Fire Turtle's HP. He used 14 attacks total, all of which did very little damage. They were a Nature Power turned Swift, a five hit Bullet Seed, and 12 Astonishes in a row (none of which made Torkoal flinch even after it woke up). Torkoal woke up after being asleep for three turns and used Curse (which it already used once earlier) to lower its Speed in exchange for a buff in Attack and Defense. The Coal Pokémon would ultimately use three subsequent Curses to make it even more tanky against Kappa's attacks. Additionally, it used Smog seven times (boosted from the Attack buffs from Curse). Surprisingly, it only connected on the third and seventh attempts. The first Smog that hit Kappa put him into yellow health. Kappa would ultimately be KOd when Smog struck him again.

Episode 7

While exploring an extra part of Petalburg Woods that was accessible with the HM Cut, Emile received a Miracle Seed from a girl. Emile then gave it to Kappa so his Grass Type moves would be boosted.

Emile later went through the Granite Cave in Dewford Town. On the lowest floor, he encountered some wild Pokémon, including two Aron. For the second one, Kappa was switched in from Acoolslave. He immediately took one HP of damage from Aron's Mud Slap, which also lowered his Accuracy. Kappa used Bullet Seed, which took out almost half of Aron's health, while its retaliatory Tackle ironically missed. The Water/Grass Type got another three hits with Bullet Seed, knocking the Iron Armor Pokémon into red health. Another Mud Slap from Aron lowered Kappa's Accuracy another stage, causing him to miss on the following turn. Aron then used a third Mud Slap to lower his Accuracy even more. While Kappa missed again, Aron raised its Defense with Harden. The next turn, Kappa managed to connect with Bullet Seed to take out Aron with one more hit.

Episode 8

Kappa grew to Level 17 offscreen.

Kappa was Emile's last conscious main Pokémon when battling Dewford Town Gym Leader Brawly. He came out against Brawly's Makuhita after it knocked out Acooltent, Teddy, and Moegami. With the Fighting Type in low yellow health, and poisoned by Acooltent earlier, Kappa attempted to take it out with Bullet Seed. However, the attack only hit twice, putting Makuhita in red health. This allowed it to retaliate with a full powered Reversal, easily wiping out Kappa in a single shot. Luckily, Kappa's efforts would not be in vain. As Emile was forced to send out Slavinator, Makuhita hilariously fainted from the poison, winning Emile the battle and the Knuckle Badge.

Episode 9

Kappa grew to Level 18 after Emile did offscreen training. He also receives his nickname, after not having one for seven episodes.

Emile battled two Team Aqua Grunts in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City. Kappa came out for the second Grunt's Carvanha. He was easily able to take it out with a two hit Bullet Seed. Despite the first hit doing just less than half, the second did enough to knock it out without a critical.

Episode 10

In the Trick House's first puzzle, Emile battled Lass Robin. Kappa was used for her Marill, which he nearly took out with a three hit Bullet Seed combo. Marill replied with a Water Gun, which Kappa took one HP of damage from due to his quad resistance to Water. He then drained the rest of the Aqua Mouse's health with one Absorb, restoring the hit point lost as well. Kappa was then switched out for Moegami when Robin went over to her Shroomish.

Further on Route 110, Emile had his third battle with May. Kappa came out for May's Marshtomp. With a four hit Bullet Seed combo, he reduced Marshtomp to a sliver of red HP. It then used Mud Shot, which only did 12 of Kappa's health but also lowered his Speed. This allowed Marshtomp to go first on the next turn. However, it only did three HP with a quad resisted Water Gun before Kappa used Absorb to take it out and restore a Hit Point of damage. He grew to Level 19 from the experience and learned Fake Out, with Emile deleting Astonish to make room for it. Emile switched out Kappa for Teddy when May sent out her Slugma.

Episode 11

After Emile obtained HM06 Rock Smash from the Rock Smash Dude, he watched the Name Rater Show on his TV. The Name Rater described Kappa's nickname as "an appealing nickname that should make the Pokémon very charming." Though the Rater (ironically) doubted Kappa would be the charmer in Pokémon Contests, he said that the nickname had a "sublime, flowing feel to it."

Episode 12

Kappa grew to Level 20 offscreen.

Kappa later grew to Level 21 when Emile trained for the battle against Mauville City Gym Leader Wattson offscreen.

During the battle with Wattson, Kappa was sent out against Wattson's Manectric after it defeated Moegami and Acooltent. The Discharge Pokémon was just above half of its health and burned by Moegami earlier. Kappa began with Fake Out to get a free hit and flinch Manectric so the burn would damage it again. This put its health in the yellow zone. On the next turn, Manectric used Shock Wave, which lowered Kappa to 26/59 of its HP. He used a Nature Power turned Swift to try to take it out, but it only reduced it to red health following the burn damage. This prompted Wattson to use his second Super Potion, healing most of Manectric's HP. Kappa's next Swift from Nature Power and the burn damage were able to drop it back to low green health before he was knocked out by another Shock Wave.

Episode 13

Emile entered Rusturf Tunnel from Verdanturf Town where he battled Hiker Mike. Kappa was switched in from Acooltent for Mike's first Geodude. The Rock Pokémon only used Mud Sport, allowing Kappa to take it out unscathed with a two hit Bullet Seed. He then did the same to Mike's second Geodude (the second hit with Bullet Seed being a useless critical). This elevated Kappa to Level 22. Emile then withdrew Kappa and sent out Moegami for Mike's Machop.

After playing at the Mauville Game Corner and earning over 4000 coins, Emile exchanged them for TM13 containing Ice Beam. He then taught the move to Kappa in place of Absorb.

Episode 14

Kappa was Emile's lead Pokémon when he challenged the Winstrate family. The first trainer, Victor led with Taillow. Kappa opened with Fake Out for a free hit to flinch the Tiny Swallow Pokémon, also taking out nearly half of its HP. While Taillow proved faster on the next turn, it didn't use the super effective Wing Attack and only did a chip of damage with Quick Attack. This allowed Kappa to take it out with his newly learned Ice Beam. Emile then switched him out and sent out Moegami for Victor's Zigzagoon.

Kappa then battled Victoria and her Roselia. His Ice Beam wiped out most of the Rose Pokémon's HP, before it used Poison Sting. This poisoned Kappa, putting him just above half of his health after the poison damage. While Roselia's equipped Oran Berry replenished its HP to about half, this didn't prevent Kappa from defeating it with another Ice Beam.

For Vivi, Kappa was able to take out all of her Marill's HP with a Bullet Seed combo that hit four times. Emile then switched him out for Moegami when Vivi sent out her Shroomish.

Vicky was the final trainer in the gauntlet of battles, who used a Meditite. Kappa began with Fake Out, flinching the Fighting/Psychic Type and doing a small amount of damage (while the poison damage dropped him below half). He followed up with Ice Beam, which reduced it to yellow HP. However, Meditite's Hi Jump Kick overwhelmed Kappa and caused him to faint.

After Emile healed Kappa offscreen, he used Slavinator to smash a rock with Rock Smash to proceed north on Route 111. This caused a Level 5 Geodude to appear, which Kappa easily took out with one hit from Bullet Seed.

Kappa fought alongside Teddy during Emile's first battle with Gabby and Ty, who used Whismur and Magnemite. Teddy easily defeated Whismur with Strength, while Kappa did very little damage to Magnemite with a three hit Bullet Seed. He was then switched out for Moegami, but grew to Level 23 once Magnemite was beaten. Following the battle, Emile swapped Teddy into the front of the party in place of Kappa.

Episode 15

Upon coming out of Firey Path to the north side of Route 112, Emile used Kappa and Teddy to battle Kindler Bryant and Aroma Lady Shayla. They led off the battle with Numel and Shroomish respectively. Teddy one shotted Numel with Strength while Kappa did the same to Shroomish with Ice Beam. Bryant's second Pokémon was Slugma while Shayla's was Roselia. Teddy and Kappa used the same moves (Strength and Ice Beam). Though Teddy succeeded in knocking out Slugma, Roselia withstood Kappa's Ice Beam. Despite the attack freezing it, the Rose Pokémon immediately defrosted. Thankfully, it only used Growth to raise its Special Attack, allowing Teddy to knock it out with another Strength.

Episode 16

On Route 114, Emile challenged Picnicker Charlotte and Fisherman Kai, who used Nuzleaf and Barboach. Kappa took out Kai's Barboach with two strikes from Bullet Seed while Teddy used one Strength to deplete the HP of Charlotte's Nuzleaf.

Emile then battled PokéManiac Steve, who used an Aron. As Kappa was switched in from Teddy, Aron sharply raised its Defense with Iron Defense. A two hit Bullet Seed did 1/4 of the Iron Armor Pokémon's HP, before it used Mud Slap in return. It only did two HP of damage to Kappa, who then connected with Bullet Seed in spite of the Accuracy drop. After a three hit combo nearly took out its remaining HP, Aron used a second Iron Defense. Emile intended to knock it out with Nature Power, thinking it would turn into Razor Leaf. However, it was Stun Spore (due to being in tall grass instead of long grass), which missed anyways. Following a Headbutt from Aron that he took with ease, Kappa finished it with Ice Beam.

After several wild encounters, Emile found a wild Swablu at Level 17. Kappa took out a quarter of its health with a Fake Out to flinch the Cotton Bird before using a Nature Power turned Stun Spore to paralyze it. He didn't have much trouble enduring a super effective Peck either. Emile proceeded to catch Swablu in a Poké Ball and add him as his fifth team member, nicknaming him Altair.

Emile then used Kappa and the newly captured Altair in battle against Hiker Lucas and Picnicker Angelina. The former trainer opened with Geodude while the latter opened with a Lombre of her own. Kappa easily took out Geodude with two hits from Bullet Seed, while Altair's Peck did about a third to Angelina's Lombre. It then used Nature Power, which turned into Rock Slide. The attack barely did damage to Kappa, while Altair withstood it with half of his health despite being weak to it. Lucas sent out his Numel that turn. Kappa and Altair then double targeted Angelina's Lombre, knocking it out with combined damage from Ice Beam and Peck respectively. He then grew to Level 24 from the experience.

Kappa handily took an Ember from Lucas's Numel even with him taking neutral damage from Fire Types. After Angelina sent out her Marill (which Altair would put to sleep with Sing), Kappa used Ice Beam on Numel, which did more than half. He would finish off the Numb Pokémon with another Ice Beam after taking a second Ember, while Altair only did a small amount to Marill with Peck. The Aqua Mouse woke up to use Rollout on Kappa, barely scratching him. He then finished it with a four hit Bullet Seed combo to prevent Marill from creating a combo with Rollout.

Episode 17

Kappa grew to Level 25 offscreen. He was not used in any onscreen battles.

Episode 18

Kappa partook in the battle with Team Magma Leader Maxie on Mt. Chimney's summit, facing his Camerupt. After getting a free hit and flinch from Fake Out, Kappa attempted to use a Rock Slide from Nature Power but missed. The Fire Camel responded with a Magnitude 9, reducing him to around half of his health despite resisting it. On his second attempt at Nature Power, Kappa connected with the Rock Slide, which put Camerupt in the yellow zone thanks to a critical hit. However, he fell into the yellow zone himself from an Ember. Kappa then used Ice Beam, which only lowered the Fire Camel to the low yellow zone. It then knocked him out with a critical hit from Ember.

Episode 19

In Jagged Pass, Kappa battled with Altair in a tandem battle with Picnicker Autumn and Triathlete Julio, who had Shroomish and Magnemite respectively. To avoid triggering the Mushroom Pokémon's Effect Spore Ability, Kappa Ice Beamed it to knock it out in one hit, while Altair used Sing to incapacitate Magnemite. But neither made much progress on the Magnet Pokémon's HP, only taking out a quarter following a combination of a Rock Slide through Nature Power and Steel Wing. On the turn when Emile swapped out Altair for Moegami, Kappa's next Nature Power turned Rock Slide reduced Magnemite to below half. Moegami ultimately took it out with Ember to end the battle.

Episode 20

In the Lavaridge Town Gym, Kappa participated in two double battles alongside Moegami. The first was against Kindler Jace and Hiker Eli (who used Slugma and Numel), while the second was against Kindler Cole and Cooltrainer Gerald (using Numel and Kecleon). In both battles, Kappa used Ice Beam on the Numel to reduce it to the low green zone. At that time, Moegami used Double Kick on the other Pokémon to lower it to red health. Following that, Kappa took only minor damage (from a Rock Throw by Jace's Slugma, and Ember by Cole's Numel). Once Moegami redirected his Double Kick at the Numels to take them out, Kappa used a Swift from Nature Power to take out the last bit of HP of Slugma, then Kecleon.

Episode 22

Kappa was raised to Level 26 from offscreen battles.

Prior to battling the trainers in the Petalburg City Gym, Emile switched Kappa out of the lead slot in favor of Moegami. When Emile fought Cooltrainer Jody in the Strength Room, her Zangoose was a formidable foe. In spite of only having a chip of red HP, it was able to sweep through Teddy, Altair, and Acooltent with Slash boosted by two Swords Dances. Kappa was luckily able to end the threat with a Fake Out. The priority move was enough to take out the last bit of health that Zangoose had. He was then elevated to Level 27 from the experience.

Kappa was later used in the One Hit KO Room against Cooltrainer Berke and his Vigoroth, which was in low yellow HP, and already beat Teddy and Acooltent. Kappa began with Fake Out. The move reduced Vigoroth to just a sliver of red HP and flinched it. However, the Sloth used Slash on the next turn due to being faster. Fortunately, Kappa endured the attack in low green HP and took it out with Ice Beam.

For the battle against Gym Leader Norman, Emile sent out Kappa against his ace Pokémon: Slaking. Kappa immediately used Fake Out. The move was a critical, but still only doing a tiny bit of damage to the Lazy Pokémon. This flinched it, and enabled Kappa to use Ice Beam on the turn Slaking loafed around. This also only did a small bit of HP and didn't freeze it like Emile hoped for. Slaking (who was faster) then used Facade on the next turn, which was too much for Kappa to handle and made him faint.

Following the battle, Emile received HM03 Surf from Wally's father. He then taught the move to both Acooltent and Kappa. Emile deleted Kappa's Nature Power to make room for Surf.

Episode 23

Kappa participated in a double battle in an extra area of Route 115 with Battle Girl Helene and Psychic Alix, after Acooltent was knocked out by Helene's Makuhita. Teddy was able to take out the Fighting Type with Strength after Kappa switched in. The following turn, he used Fake Out on Alix's Kirlia, which was already in yellow HP. Incredibly, the attack was enough to finish off the Psychic Type without a critical, giving Emile the win.

Episode 24

On the eastern shore of Route 118, Emile gave the hidden Iron he found to Kappa so his base Defense would be raised. Then, Kappa and Acooltent fought together against Gabby and Ty in Emile's second battle with them. The Interviewers had Magnemite like before, but now their Whismur evolved into Loudred. Kappa began with Fake Out to flinch Loudred, after which Acooltent used Surf. This brought both Loudred and Magnemite to low green health. The Magnet Pokémon then paralyzed Kappa with Thunder Wave. Acooltent then used another Surf to bring Loudred to the yellow zone and Magnemite to the red. Successfully fighting through the paralysis, Kappa used Surf as well to finish the Electric/Steel Pokémon, while the Normal Type barely hung on in the red zone. After taking a small chip of damage from Loudred's Astonish, Kappa took it out with two hits from Bullet Seed. He wasn't fully paralyzed like Acooltent was that turn, which was why he got the finishing blows. Following the battle, Emile gave the comment "Liquid Ooze" in his interview.

When Emile healed offscreen, he switched Kappa into the lead spot. Kappa then grew to Level 28, likely during an omitted battle with Bird Keeper Chester on Route 118. During said battle, he took 31 HP of damage.

Emile then fought Cooltrainer Jazmyn on Route 123. Kappa immediately used Fake Out on her Absol and followed with Surf to reduce it to low yellow HP. Since the Dark Type merely created a whirlwind to set up a Razor Wind, this left the door wide open for him to take it down with another Surf.

Right after beating Jazmyn, Emile was forced to battle Bug Catcher Davis and his Pinsir. Like before, Kappa flinched it with Fake Out. He then used Ice Beam. Unfortunately, it only brought the Stag Beetle to about 2/3 HP. Additionally, it immediately thawed out when it was frozen. This allowed the tough Bug Type to deplete Kappa's health with a Revenge.

While visiting the Berry Master's house, Emile saw his interview with Gabby and Ty on TV. Just like their first battle with Emile on Route 111, Gabby and Ty gave good impressions from this battle. They commented on Acooltent and Kappa's marvelous support for each other, and the latter's Bullet Seed being their sign of friendship.

After healing in Mauville City, Emile progressed north on Route 119. There, Kappa ran into two wild Pokémon in the long grass: Zigzagoon and Oddish. He knocked out the former with a Surf (amplified by the rain in the area) and ran from the latter. Kappa then used Surf for the first time in the overworld as Emile checked out a part of the route that requires the HM.

Episode 25

Emile trained Kappa to Level 29 offscreen. He then raised him to Level 30 with a Rare Candy before challenging the Battle Tent in Verdanturf Town. Emile used Kappa, Acooltent, and Moegami for the challenge. In spite of being unable to take input from Emile, Kappa single handedly took out every Pokémon from the first opponent: Expert Tyson. He took out Tyson's Whismur with a four hit Bullet Seed and Surf, while losing only 21 HP to Secret Power.

For Tyson's Machop, Kappa got five hits with Bullet Seed to bring it to the low green area (while Machop used Focus Energy). Despite being unable to use his power the next turn, he took no damage since Machop pointlessly used Focus Energy a second time. After a three hit combo from Bullet Seed brought the Fighting Type to yellow HP, it locked Kappa into using Bullet Seed with Encore. This worked well, as another three hit combo finished off Machop.

Graveler was Tyson's last Pokémon. Kappa's five hit Bullet Seed (with it getting a critical on the fourth hit) only failed to knock the Rock Pokémon out due to its Focus Band activating, allowing it to survive the third, fourth, and fifth hits. It made little difference in the long run, as its retaliatory Rollout missed and enabled Kappa to use one hit from Bullet Seed to get the KO.

Emile omitted the second and third battles in his challenge, which Kappa also took part in, but was likely defeated in the third. He ultimately won the challenge regardless.

In Fallarbor Town, Emile next challenged the Battle Tent there. After losing on his first attempt, when he used Teddy, Altair, and Moegami, Emile swapped out Altair for either Kappa or Acooltent for his second attempt. This ultimately didn't matter, due to Teddy sweeping through every opponent.

Later, Emile continued his way on Route 119. On the route he gave a Calcium he found to Kappa to increase his base Special Attack.

When Surfing to another part of the route, Emile encountered a Level 33 Tentacool with Kappa. He failed to run away on his first try, enabling the Jellyfish to use Wrap and prevent escaping completely. Kappa's Rain Dish Ability restored some lost HP due to the Wrap. With no other choice, Kappa used Bullet Seed, which didn't do much after three hits, all while he was dropped to 51/82 HP from Acid. After attacking Tentacool again on the next turn, Kappa (who took no additional damage) was freed from the Wrap, and succeeded in escaping.

Kappa battled Fisherman Chris, knocking out his Magikarp before Emile shifted him out for Teddy when Chris used his Tentacool. He later sent out Kappa again for Chris's Carvanha.

Episode 26

Emile used Kappa to fight the Team Aqua Grunts in the Weather Institute. Despite just failing to knock out the first Grunt's Carvanha with a two hit Bullet Seed, Kappa remained unharmed when it only used Focus Energy before defeating it with one more hit.

Kappa struggled a bit with the second Grunt's Zubat. He used Fake Out, which didn't flinch Zubat due to its Inner Focus Ability. As a result, it confused Kappa with Confuse Ray. Kappa then lost a good majority of his health from hitting himself in confusion twice, and a Bite and super effective Wing Attack from Zubat. He did break through the confusion on the third try and finished off the Bat Pokémon with Ice Beam. Emile then switched out Kappa for Moegami when the Grunt sent out his Poochyena. Following the battle, Emile switched Kappa out of the lead spot in favor of Teddy.

When Emile battled the third Aqua Grunt on the second floor, Kappa knocked out his Carvanha with a single Bullet Seed combo that hit three times. He then grew to Level 31 and tried to learn Water Sport. Emile instantly refused due to how mediocre the move is.

Episode 28

Despite having Ice Beam for Type coverage, Kappa was not used in many battles in the Fortree City Gym due to their Flying Types. However, he was dragged out in the battle with Bird Keeper Jared and Picnicker Ashley when the former's Tropius forced Teddy out of the battle via Whirlwind. With the opposing side's Safeguard fading and Tropius down in red HP from Teddy and Acooltent's earlier attacks, Kappa used Fake Out to take out the last sliver of HP the Banana Tree had to win the battle.

For the fight against Fortree Gym Leader Winona, Kappa took the field against Winona's Altaria. Due to its Natural Cure Ability, the Cotton Bird was woken up from its sleep courtesy of Altair's Sing when Winona switched it out earlier. Regardless, Kappa began with a Fake Out to flinch it, doing a small amount of damage even with a critical hit. He then survived a super effective Aerial Ace from Altaria in the red before he shot it with the quad effective Ice Beam to reduce it to yellow HP. After Altaria's Oran Berry healed it slightly, it defeated Kappa with a Dragonbreath.

Episode 29

On Route 120, Emile took advantage of the rain by using both Kappa and Acooltent in a battle with Ninja Boy Riley and Battle Girl Callie. The opposing trainers had Nincada and Meditite as their first Pokémon. Though Meditite used Detect to negate damage, Acooltent's Surf knocked out Nincada in one hit due to its super effectiveness. Kappa's Surf then took out most of the HP of Riley's Koffing.

The following turn, Meditite succeeded in using Detect a second consecutive time. Regardless, Acooltent's Surf finished off Koffing on its own, while Kappa's didn't have any effect that turn. To Emile's surprise, Meditite successfully used Detect the next two turns as well (four in a row). On the fifth turn, Acooltent finally knocked out the Fighting/Psychic Type in one hit from Surf. Kappa's Surf then proceeded to one shot Callie's Makuhita and finish the battle.

Episode 30

On Route 121, Kappa fought alongside Moegami against Pokémon Breeders Myles and Pat. After Moegami easily one hit KO'd Pat's Poochyena with only Double Kick's first hit, she sent out her Shroomish. Kappa followed up with Surf, which brought Myles' Makuhita into yellow HP and Pat's Shroomish to the low green. The latter Pokémon took a critical hit despite not being very effective. Makuhita then only did minor damage to Kappa even with its Arm Thrust getting four hits. Moegami next used an Ember to take out Shroomish, forcing Pat to send out her Electrike. This resulted it in losing over half of its HP to Kappa's second Surf, which also took out Makuhita.

After Makuhita fainted, Myles sent his Wingull out. Moegami focused on the Seagull with his Rock Tomb to KO it in one hit. Myles then sent out Tropius, which was his last Pokémon. Kappa used Surf once again. Though Tropius easily took the hit due to its resistance to Water, it finished off Electrike. The experience from knocking out Electrike made Kappa grow to Level 32. The level up made Kappa faster than Moegami, as he went first to use Ice Beam. The quad effective move was more than enough to bring down the Banana Tree especially with it scoring a critical hit.

Upon arriving in Lilycove City and healing, Emile found May in front of the Department Store, whom he then challenged. Emile sent out Kappa for May's Slugma, which was at half HP after beating Altair. Kappa easily washed away the Lava Pokémon's remaining health with Surf, growing to Level 33 as a result.

Kappa once again had an easy time with May's Marshtomp. His first Bullet Seed hit three times and took away most of the Water/Ground Type's Hit Points while he took a Take Down with more than half of his own health. The recoil damage from Take Down and another two hits from Bullet Seed felled May's starter Pokémon and won the battle for Emile.

Episode 31

In Lilycove City's Contest Hall, Emile blended some Indigo PokéBlocks (which were Dry and Sour) with Kelpsy Berries. All three of them were Level 23 and had a feel of 19. Emile fed them to Kappa, who begrudgingly ate them due to his Jolly Nature giving him a distaste for Dry stuff. As such, his Beauty and Tough contest stats were not raised as much as they could've been.

Episode 32

Emile entered Kappa in a Normal Rank Beauty Contest in Lilycove City. Kappa had an early lead in the primary judging, earning substantially more attention compared to the other three contestants: Russell's Batro (Crobat), Chance's Rikelec (Manectric), and Paige's Sleal (Spheal).

For the first appeal round, Kappa went first and used Ice Beam. Though the move failed to startle the other Pokémon, the Beauty move was met with applause, giving Kappa three appeal hearts. However, Rikelec's Thunder made Kappa lose two hearts, then Sleal's Aurora Beam got rid of the last appeal heart and gave Kappa three jam (negative) hearts. While Batro taunted the other Pokémon with Haze, the move was ignored. Regardless, Batro was leading after the first round, while Kappa was trailing the other competitors.

In the second appeal round, Kappa went last. Batro tried to unnerve the others with Mean Look. It was only successful on Rikelec, while Sleal and Kappa were unaffected. Kappa used Surf on his turn, which stood out more than Batro and Sleal's moves, and caused the judge to watch him expectantly. While the audience ignored Surf in favor of Sleal's Rock Tomb, Kappa's move earned him six appeal hearts. This put him in third place at the end of the turn.

The third appeal round gave Kappa the lead. Firstly, Batro's Mean Look failed to unnerve any of the Pokémon, and it was penalized for appealing the same move consecutively. When Kappa's turn came, he used Ice Beam again. It reduced Sleal to jam hearts, and only added more jam hearts to Batro, while Kappa jumped up to eight appeal hearts from the great applause. Additionally, a Thunder Wave from Rikelec only halved Kappa's appeal hearts, still leaving him ahead of everyone else.

In the fourth appeal round, Kappa went first. Despite being a Cool move instead of Beauty, which didn't startle the other Pokémon, Kappa's Bullet Seed gave him two appeal hearts. He wasn't affected by the moves from other Pokémon, not losing any hearts and maintaining the overall lead. However, Batro did get two more than Kappa that round from Haze.

The fifth and final appeal round saw Kappa earn four hearts with his Surf, from catching the judge's attention, and the Beauty going over well with the crowd. However, he would lose all four hearts to Sleal's Aurora Beam, and earn a jam heart from Rikelec using Thunder Wave. In spite of that, Kappa still came out ahead of everyone. His overall consistency allowed him to win the entire contest by a decent margin. Emile was awarded a Ribbon for this feat.

After winning the contest, Emile was interviewed by a reporter. The reporter comments that Kappa's nickname "exudes an air that proclaims, 'Beauty!'". Due to his triumph in the contest, Emile said "Here I Come!" in the interview. Emile also noted that he imagined Beauty to be "Thick Fat", referring to the Ability. The reporter described Kappa's Surf to be entirely about Thick Fat as a result. Emile later watched the story being recounted on TV.

Episode 33

In Mt. Pyre's interior, Emile fought Pokémon Breeder Gabrielle, whose sixth and last Pokémon was a Taillow. Kappa took the field against the Bird Pokemon and easily brought it down with an Ice Beam, while losing merely 1/10 of his Hit Points to its Quick Attack.

In another battle with Hex Maniac Valerie, Kappa came out against her Sableye after it managed to knock out Altair. With the Dark/Ghost Type in the yellow zone, Kappa's Ice Beam reduced its HP to zero (albeit with an unnecessary critical) to defeat it and win the battle.

Episode 34

Kappa participated in a cut fight, during which he took little damage. Emile healed Kappa and his other teammates offscreen before going on Route 123.

On the aforementioned route, Kappa and Moegami battled together with Ninja Boy Jonas and Parasol Lady Kayley (which was not shown). While Kappa leveled up to Level 34, he ended up losing 66 of his 93 Hit Points and was poisoned in the process. Once the fight ended, Emile healed most of Kappa's HP with a Super Potion, and his poisoning with a Pecha Berry. In a later battle with Guitarist Fernando and Bird Keeper Alberto that was also omitted, Emile had difficulty with Alberto's Pelipper. This resulted in Kappa being knocked out, forcing Emile to send out Altair to help Moegami finish the battle.

Episode 35

In Team Magma's Hideout, Kappa was dragged out in the battle with the first Team Magma Grunt, when his Poochyena forced Altair out with Roar. Though Altair did no damage to the Dark Type, Kappa used Surf and took out all of its HP in a single shot.

In another part of the hideout, Kappa and Altair fought two Magma Grunts together. The male Grunt sent out Mightyena while the female used Numel. Despite Mightyena's Intimidate lowering Kappa and Altair's Attack, they had no problems. Kappa began with Surf, single shotting Numel due to its 4x effectiveness, and doing a third to Mightyena. The Bite Pokémon only used Odor Sleuth to identify Kappa on the turn Altair used Fly. On the next turn, Altair went first thanks to his Quick Claw, and depleted Mightyena's health when Fly scored a critical hit.

During another battle with a Magma Grunt in the same area, Kappa was dragged out when his Poochyena Roared Altair off the field, similar to the first Grunt Emile fought in the base. Kappa then took out the sliver of red health that Poochyena had with Surf.

Episode 36

Kappa and Pandora battled together against the two Team Magma Grunts in the last portion of their hideout. He started with Fake Out to flinch and do a chip of damage to the Numel used by one Grunt, while Pandora wiped out the other Grunt's Zubat with a single Aerial Ace. On the next turn, Pandora used Aerial Ace again to bring down the Fire Camel.

Emile sent out Kappa in the battle against Magma Admin Tabitha for his Zubat. He proceeded to one hit KO the Bat Pokémon with Ice Beam. Emile switched out Kappa for Acooltent when Tabitha sent out his Camerupt.

Episode 37

While revisiting Route 123, Emile recieved TM19 Giga Drain from a woman on the route. He taught the move to Kappa and overwrote Bullet Seed.

Emile used Kappa and Moegami to battle the Team Aqua Grunts in the Aqua Hideout. The first pair of Grunts led with Zubat (from the male Grunt) and Poochyena (from the female Grunt). Once Moegami knocked out Poochyena with solely the first hit from Double Kick (which scored a useless critical), the female Grunt sent out her Zubat. Kappa then used Surf to bring both Zubats on the field to about half of their health. The male Grunt's Zubat next used Air Cutter, which only did a small amount of damage to both Kappa and Moegami even with them being weak to it.

After Moegami brought down the male Grunt's Zubat with Rock Tomb, the Grunt sent out his Carvanha. Kappa's Surf reduced the female Grunt's Zubat to a small chip of red HP and did 1/3 to Carvanha. Zubat used Bite on Kappa, which again did a minimal amount of damage to him. As Moegami finally took out Zubat with Blaze Kick, Kappa made his first use of Giga Drain to sap the rest of the Water/Dark Type's health and regain most of the health he lost. Additionally, he grew to Level 35 as a result.

Kappa and Moegami fought the next pair of Aqua Grunts in a double battle as well. Moegami's Rock Tomb easily took down the female Grunt's Zubat in one hit. Kappa then did the same to the male Grunt's Carvanha with Giga Drain, which also restored his HP completely.

Emile found two Electrodes in Archie's office while attempting to get a Nugget and the Master Ball, with Kappa fighting them both. His Fake Out on the first Electrode wiped away 1/3 of its HP thanks to a critical and flinched it. He only took 20 HP of damage from a Sonicboom, before he finished off the remainder of the Ball Pokémon's HP with two Surfs (while having his Defense harshly lowered by Screech). For the second Electrode, Kappa used Fake Out again. While it did flinch like usual, the attack didn't get a critical and only took away a little chip of the Electric Type's HP. Electrode proceeded to defeat itself with Self Destruct. Kappa luckily endured the blast with seven of his Hit Points remaining.

Episode 39

Emile used Kappa and Pandora to fight several of the trainers in the Mossdeep City Gym. The first tandem battle was against Psychics Preston and Maura, who sent out Kirlia and Kadabra respectively. Kappa did about a quarter of Kadabra's HP and flinched it with Fake Out. At that time, Pandora also got Kirlia to flinch with Bite, which barely failed to knock it out in one shot. On the following turn, Kadabra ended up using Future Sight pointlessly, allowing Pandora to finish it off with Bite. Kappa then used Surf to knock out Kirlia as well.

The next pair of trainers were Psychics Blake and Samantha, who used a Girafarig and Xatu. Kappa's Fake Out flinched the Mystic Bird and took away only a chip of its HP. Pandora followed with Bite on Blake's Girafarig, doing more than half to it. The Normal/Psychic Type then used Odor Sleuth to no effect. For the next turn, Xatu used Future Sight as Pandora reduced it to the low yellow zone. After Girafarig boosted its Speed two stages via Agility, Kappa used Surf, which surprisingly only reduced both opposing Pokémon to a sliver of red, even with a critical on Girafarig. Before Pandora finished off Xatu with Bite, the Psychic/Flying Type's Night Shade took off 36 of Kappa's Hit Points. The experience from Pandora knocking out Xatu grew Kappa to Level 36. His Surf then took down the Psychic Giraffe to end the battle.

The third pair of opponents consisted of Psychic Virgil and Gentlemen Nate, with Ralts and Spoink as their Pokémon. Spoink used Magic Coat in vain before Kappa's Fake Out (which was outprioritized). Kappa's attack did nearly half of the Bounce Pokémon's health thanks to a critical hit. Meanwhile, Pandora easily brought Ralts' HP to zero with Bite. On the following turn, Spoink used a second Magic Coat. Although Emile inadvertently commanded Kappa to use Fake Out again (which failed for not being on the first turn he was on the field), Pandora managed to use one more Bite to defeat it and clinch Emile the victory.

In the cut battle with Hex Maniac Sylvia and Psychic Hannah, Kappa had his HP reduced to below half. Afterwards, Emile switched Kappa out of the second slot in the party for Altair.

Between Episodes 39 and 40

In Episode 37, Emile showed a brief clip of him returning to Route 123 again to find a Calcium. He gave said Calcium to Kappa (who was paralyzed in battle) to raise his base Special Attack. This event took place after Kappa grew to Level 37.

Episode 41

In a failed attempt at Emile's battle against Team Magma Leader Maxie and Magma Admin Tabitha in the Mossdeep Space Center alongside Steven Stone, Kappa was Emile's last Pokémon. He was on the field along with Steven's Aggron, with both facing Maxie's Crobat, which was by itself since all of Tabitha's Pokémon were defeated. Kappa attempted to shoot Crobat with Ice Beam, only to be taken down in one hit by the Bat Pokémon's Wing Attack. Despite Steven still having conscious Pokémon, the battle counted as a loss for Emile's side, even though the same didn't apply to Maxie and Tabitha.

After Emile succeeded in driving Team Magma from the Mossdeep Space Center, he Surfed and went underwater on Route 124 using HM08 Dive (which Emile recieved from Steven). Emile switched Kappa into the lead when he was searching for a wild Relicanth. He eventually found one at Level 31. Kappa weakened Relicanth to the yellow zone with a combination of Fake Out and Ice Beam, while the Longevity Pokémon took away 46 of Kappa's HP.

Emile threw a Net Ball at Relicanth, which broke free after two shakes. It then dropped Kappa to 33 HP and lowered his Speed with Rock Tomb. Following a failed Great Ball, Relicanth made Kappa drowsy by using Yawn. After breaking free from another Great Ball, the Water/Rock Type used a second Rock Tomb to reduce Kappa to the red zone (and his Speed another stage), just before he fell asleep from the Yawn. Emile then tried a Poké Ball, which shook once before Relicanth broke out. It then defeated Kappa with its Take Down (taking only a small bit of recoil).

Once Emile successfully captured Relicanth, he explored all of the secret areas on Route 124 accessible with Dive. In the last area, he found what he was looking for: a Blue Shard. After returning to Mossdeep briefly to heal, Emile exchanged the Blue Shard with the Treasure Hunter on Route 124 for a Water Stone. Emile then used the Water Stone on Kappa, which caused him to evolve into Ludicolo.

Episode 42

During offscreen training, Kappa was raised to Level 38.

Kappa fought numerous Swimmers on Routes 107 and 108, which were omitted. One of the battles was in tandem with Acooltent against Swimmer Beth and Triathlete Camron.

On the Abandoned Ship, Kappa and Acooltent battled Beauty Thalia and Youngster Demetrius. This was Kappa's first onscreen battle as a Ludicolo. Acooltent used Surf, which took out Demetrius's Zigzagoon in one shot and did around half to Thalia's Wailmer. Kappa then sapped the rest of Wailmer's HP with Giga Drain. Thalia and Demetrius's next Pokémon were Horsea and Electrike respectively. Electrike barely did any damage to Acooltent due to the significant level difference. Acooltent next used another Surf to take down both Horsea (despite being resisted) and Electrike (with a useless critical) to win the battle.

Kappa was later used to battle Sailor Duncan and Tuber Charlie offscreen. He also fought alongside Acooltent again for another omitted battle with Ruin Maniac Garrison and Tuber Jani.

Upon finding the Scanner in the hidden area of the ship, Emile flew to Slateport City to deliver it to Captain Stern. While Emile was briefly returning to the ship to talk to the researcher investigating it on behalf of Stern, Kappa was elevated to Level 39 (likely during a cut battle with Young Couple Kira and Dan, in which he and Acooltent fought together once more).

Episode 43

Emile elevated Kappa to Level 40 with a Rare Candy he found on Route 127. Kappa also took damage from offscreen battles on the water routes between Mossdeep City and Pacifidlog Town, including Route 128.

Episode 44

On Route 132, Kappa took part in the battle with Fisherman Ronald, who had a Magikarp and five Gyarados on his team. Kappa came out for the fourth Gyarados, which was at Level 23 and lowered his Attack with its Intimidate. He used Giga Drain to sap all of its HP in one shot thanks to a critical. Kappa then fought Ronald's fifth and last Gyarados (at Level 35). After his Attack was lowered by Intimidate again, Kappa was able to bring it down with a Giga Drain and three Ice Beams, while taking very little damage from Gyarados' three Twisters.

Episode 45

As Emile was attempting to capture Regirock in the Desert Ruins, Kappa was sent out during the second attempt at the battle, merely taking hits while Emile threw various types of Poké Balls. After Kappa fell to Regirock's AncientPower, Emile inadvertently ran from the battle, which caused Regirock to leave. Kappa also ended up being knocked out during the failed third take of the battle with the Rock Peak Pokémon.

Episode 46

Emile Surfed on Kappa and Acooltent to reach the Island Cave on Route 105 to find the Legendary Titan Regice. However, Kappa wasn't used in any battles that were shown onscreen.

Episode 47

Emile sent out Kappa when trying to catch Registeel in the Ancient Tomb. Kappa didn't use any moves, merely taking hits as Emile threw Poké Balls. He eventually fainted to the Iron Pokémon. Kappa and the rest of Emile's team were healed at Mossdeep City's Pokémon Center once Emile caught Registeel.

Episode 48

Emile deposited Kappa in the PC for his Relicanth as he needed Dive to reach the Seafloor Cavern to find Team Aqua. This was after he initially Surfed to Route 128 before realizing he didn't have a Pokémon with Dive.

Episode 49

Emile took Kappa back out of the PC and deposited his Relicanth again. Kappa encountered a wild Sableye at the Sky Pillar as Emile was heading to the top to awaken Rayquaza.

Episode 50

Emile fought some of the trainers in the Sootopolis City Gym. The first trainer he battled was PokéFan Bethany. Kappa knocked out Bethany's Azurill with Fake Out followed by Surf after the Polka Dot Pokémon flinched from the former attack. Bethany's Marill next went down to a single Giga Drain. Her Azumarill also gave Kappa no trouble. The first Giga Drain reduced the Aqua Rabbit to just below half, after which it simply did six HP of damage with Rollout before its Oran Berry healed it to the low green zone. Kappa then sapped the remainder of Azumarill's health with another Giga Drain, restoring the HP lost from Rollout in the process. The resulting experience grew Kappa to Level 41.

Following the battle with Bethany, Emile switched Kappa out of the lead in favor of Acooltent and put him in the second slot in the party. As such, Kappa and Acooltent battled in tandem against Lady Daphne and PokéFan Annika. Daphne had two Luvdiscs while Annika had two Feebas. Acooltent knocked out the first Feebas with Sludge Bomb while Kappa defeated the first Luvdisc with Giga Drain. The second Feebas also went down to Acooltent's Sludge Bomb. However, Emile wanted to see Luvdisc perform well in battle, so he had Kappa intentionally weak attack the Rendezvous Pokémon with Ice Beam, which did about one third to its HP. Luvdisc then used Attract to infatuate Acooltent. As Acooltent was immobilized by love on the next turn, Kappa's second Ice Beam knocked Luvdisc into the yellow. The Heart Shaped Pokémon next used Take Down, doing a mere 16 HP of damage to Acooltent, while its recoil damage was minimal too. After Acooltent was immobilized by love a second turn, Kappa Giga Drained the rest of Luvdisc's HP to end the battle.

Episode 51

Kappa was used in Emile's battle with Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan. He fought Juan's Whiscash, flinching it with Fake Out before following up with a Giga Drain. A critical hit on top of Giga Drain being 4x effective swiftly finished the Water/Ground Type, after which the experience raised Kappa to Level 42. As Juan sent out his Sealeo, Emile withdrew Kappa in favor of Moegami.

After Emile defeated Juan and got the Rain Badge, he flew to certain places in Hoenn to reach areas accessible by Waterfall. In Fallarbor Town, Emile temporarily put Kappa in the PC in favor of his Relicanth so he could teach it Waterfall. Emile later took Kappa out of the PC in Pacifidlog Town before heading back to the Sky Pillar.

Episode 52

Kappa was sent out as Emile tried to capture Rayquaza atop the Sky Pillar. He used Fake Out, only taking off a sliver of the Legendary Dragon's HP despite flinching it. Rayquaza then put itself to sleep and healed its HP with Rest on the next turn. Kappa followed with two quad effective Ice Beams as Rayquaza was asleep, putting it in the mid yellow zone. After Emile threw a Nest Ball and Net Ball which both failed, Rayquaza woke up and used ExtremeSpeed, reducing Kappa to only 16 HP. It then knocked him out with Outrage on the next turn after a failed Dive Ball.

It took Emile a total of four attempts to successfully catch Rayquaza. On the fourth attempt, Rayquaza knocked out all of Emile's team except for Kappa. At that point, the Sky High Pokémon was in low green HP. As Rayquaza was in the air while using Fly, Emile threw an Ultra Ball, and he counted the times the ball rolled in Spanish since Kappa was on the field. Hilariously, the ball succeeded in capturing Rayquaza.

Episode 53

Emile once again deposited Kappa in the PC temporarily, needing to use his Relicanth to explore the inner area of Meteor Falls, and later to reach Ever Grande City, both of which required Waterfall.

Episode 54

Emile withdrew Kappa from the PC, with the Water/Grass Type having gained two levels from offscreen training to make him Level 43. He also taught Kappa Waterfall offscreen after deleting Surf at the Move Deleter's house in Lilycove City. This was only temporary, as there were waterfalls to climb in Victory Road.

Near the entrance to Victory Road, Emile met Wally again and battled him. Kappa started off the battle for Emile's team, first facing Wally's Altaria. He began with Fake Out, doing a chip of damage and flinching the Cotton Bird before taking out its remaining HP with the 4x effective Ice Beam. Kappa stayed in battle for Wally's Roselia. His first Ice Beam reduced the Rose Pokémon to the yellow zone and froze it. To Emile's joy, Roselia stayed frozen and didn't immediately thaw. This allowed Kappa to finish it off unscathed with one more Ice Beam. As Wally sent out his Delcatty, Emile shifted out Kappa for Moegami.

Kappa later took part in the battle with Cooltrainer Albert, facing his Magneton. He managed to defeat it in one hit thanks to a critical Waterfall. Emile then switched out Kappa in favor of Teddy when Albert went over to his Muk.

When Emile's Super Repel wore off, he encountered a wild Golbat. Kappa took 14 Hit Points of damage from a Bite when he couldn't run away on the first turn. Emile succeeded on the second turn though.

Kappa then fought Cooltrainer Hope and her Roselia. His Ice Beam brought the Grass/Poison Type to red HP before it badly poisoned him with Toxic, taking damage as the turn ended. While Hope used a Full Restore on the next turn, Kappa's next Ice Beam undid the HP restoration. After taking more damage from poison, Kappa finished the last of Roselia's HP with Waterfall, despite being resisted. The experience was enough to elevate Kappa to Level 44.

Once Hope was defeated, Emile cured Kappa's poison with a Pecha Berry and switched him out of the front slot of the party for Acooltent.

Episode 55

As Emile continued through Victory Road, he battled Cooltrainer Julie. Despite still having damage from the previous episode, Kappa battled Julie's Tropius, knocking it out with a quad effective Ice Beam. During this battle, Emile pointed out that the brown stem on Kappa's head looked like a bird, and that it was impossible to unsee it.

Emile later fought Cooltrainer Caroline, who led with a Skarmory. Emile sent out Kappa in place of Teddy, after which Skarmory used Spikes on Emile's side of the field. Kappa knocked out the Armor Bird with two Waterfalls, falling into yellow HP from an Air Cutter in the process. Emile then switched him out for Altair when Caroline went to her Sableye.

Once Emile defeated Cooltrainer Vito, he healed his entire team including Kappa with whatever items he had.

Kappa used Waterfall in the overworld to reach extra areas on Victory Road's lowest floor.

Emile had a rather tedious battle with Cooltrainers Katelynn and Quincy, who were the last trainers in Victory Road. Kappa came out late in the battle in place of Teddy to fight Quincy's Dusclops alongside Altair (who was at a sliver of red HP), whereas all of Katelynn's Pokémon were defeated already. Dusclops was able to neuter Altair's Dragon Claw on the turn Kappa was sent out.

On the following turn, Kappa and Altair used Waterfall and Dragon Claw respectively, doing enough combined damage to put the bulky Ghost Type into the yellow. Dusclops then used Skill Swap to swap its Pressure Ability with Kappa's Rain Dish. This made no difference however, as Altair (who then went before Kappa due to a Speed tie) finished off Dusclops with a critical hit from Dragon Claw to win the battle. The experience then grew Kappa to Level 45.

Episode 56

Offscreen, Emile deleted Waterfall on Kappa and retaught him Surf. Kappa was also raised to Level 46 during the offscreen training for the Elite Four. Additionally, Emile used PP Ups to max out the Power Points of Kappa's Giga Drain.

Episode 57

Kappa fought in Emile's battle with Elite Four Drake, facing his Flygon. He flinched the Mystic Dragon with Fake Out and got a free hit before following with the 4x effective Ice Beam to KO it. Kappa only lost a small amount of HP to a resisted Earthquake from Flygon. He stayed in the battle for Drake's Salamence, whose Intimidate Ability didn't affect him much due to being a Special Attacker. Kappa survived Salamence's Dragon Claw with 30 HP and took out more than half of the Psuedo Legendary's health with Ice Beam. However, Salamence was healed to the high yellow area from its equipped Sitrus Berry. It then finished off Kappa with Crunch.

After Emile won the battle with Drake, he revived and healed Kappa to full HP, then switched him to the front of the party to prepare for the battle with the Hoenn League Champion.


Kappa was Emile's opener for the battle against Hoenn League Champion Wallace, who began with his Wailord. Kappa used Fake Out to flinch Wailord before using Giga Drain on the next turn, the combined damage reducing it to about half. That turn, Wailord used Rain Dance. Not wanting Wallace to use a Full Restore, Emile had Kappa intentionally weak attack it with Ice Beam. He lost a bit more than half of his HP to Wailord's Double Edge. The Ice Beam and recoil put the Float Whale in mid yellow HP. Thanks to Kappa's Rain Dish Ability, he restored enough health to get back to the green zone. He then used Giga Drain again to absorb the rest of Wailord's health and heal himself to 118 out of 144 Hit Points. As Wallace sent out his Tentacruel, Emile switched out Kappa for Teddy.

Emile later sent out Kappa against Wallace's Whiscash after it knocked out Acooltent. The Water/Ground Type was already slightly damaged from Acooltent and badly poisoned, taking damage from the latter when Kappa took the field. Kappa first used Fake Out not only for a free hit and flinch, but to cause the cumulative damage from the poison to increase that turn. He next used a quad effective Giga Drain to restore his own HP to full, while the attack left Whiscash with a sliver of red health. Whiscash used Earthquake that turn, which left Kappa with a bit less than the Hit Points that he had before using Giga Drain. The Whiskers Pokémon then fell to the poison, with the experience elevating Kappa to Level 47.

Wallace next sent out his ace Pokémon: Milotic. It used Ice Beam, which lowered Kappa to around 1/3 of his HP due to it being neutral against him. Kappa's Giga Drain only took off a small amount of Milotic's health while only restoring his own to about half. After Milotic badly poisoned him with Toxic, Kappa used another Giga Drain to put it to the low green area and himself to the green as well even after the poison damage. The Serpentine Pokémon used another Ice Beam, which put Kappa down to 33 Hit Points. Kappa's next Giga Drain healed 20 HP while putting Milotic in the mid yellow zone. It's equipped Sitrus Berry didn't entirety cancel out the damage that Giga Drain did, as it healed it to the high yellow area. However, the increasing poison damage almost completely undid the HP that Kappa absorbed from his attack. Emile contemplated using an item to heal Kappa, but decided against it, allowing Kappa to faint to Milotic's third Ice Beam.

Kappa and the rest of Emile's team were later inducted into the Hoenn Hall of Fame.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 67: The Second Journey

Platinum sprite

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Kappa.

 Other Appearances

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy!

Kappa participated in the titular battle.


Current Moves

  • Ice Beam (Episode ? - Present)
  • Waterfall (Episode ? - Present)
  • Giga Drain (Episode 37 - Present)
  • Fake Out (Episode ? - Present)

Previous Moves

  • Growl (Episode 2 - Episode 4)
  • Astonish (Episode 2 - Episode 10)
  • Absorb (Episode 3 - Episode 13)
  • Nature Power (Episode 4 - Episode 22)
  • Bullet Seed (Episode 4 - Episode 37)
  • Surf (Episode 22 - Episode ?)

Nickname Origin

Kappa was named after the Kappa in Japanese mythology.

It may also come from Ludicolo's German name, Kappalores.


  • Kappa is Emile's first Pokémon:
    • That he entered in a contest.
    • With a unique type combination.
  • Kappa is often joked as a Mexican stereotype in the Emerald playthrough due to his appearance.
  • Amusingly, Emile counted the times Rayquaza's Pokeball shook during its catch attempt in Spanish because Kappa was on the field. Even more amusing, the catch was successful.
  • According to Emile, Kappa looks like a Mexican dancing pineapple with an "Angry Bird" sitting on top of its hat.
  • Kappa was the first and last Pokémon on Emile's team to evolve.
    • Kappa was also the Pokémon that took the longest to fully evolve in the Pokemon Emerald, spanning 39 episodes.
  • In the final battle against Steven, when Kappa is fighting Claydol and Metagross, he scored a lot of critical hits from STAB Waterfall (4 out of 5 times to be exact).
    • Ironically, Waterfall is not a High Critical Hit Ratio move.
  • Kappa, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.