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Josh is Emile's Sandshrew in Pokémon Crystal. He is an HM Slave.

Pokémon Crystal

Part 11

Emile caught and subsequently nicknamed Josh offscreen in Union Cave at Level 6. Emile used Darmani to weaken him, reducing him to 3 HP before catching him. Also offscreen, he used HM01 to teach him Cut, and subsequently used him to get through Ilex Forest. Throughout the episode, Emile did not acknowledge Josh's presence in his commentary.

Part 12

Josh was shown to be in Emile's Party but was never used.

Part 13

Emile sent Josh out against Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney's Miltank as a sacrifice play, using his turn to heal Darmani with a Super Potion. Miltank knocked Josh out with a single Stomp. This instance revealed Josh's species and gender, but Emile still gave the Sandshrew no verbal acknowledgement whatsoever.

Part 14

Josh remains in Emile's party but is not used.

Part 15

Josh remains in Emile's party but is not used.

Part 16

Josh remains in Emile's party but is not used.

Part 17

Josh remains in Emile's party but is not used.

Part 18

Offscreen, Emile deposited Josh in the PC Box to withdraw his newly caught Shiny Koffing.

Part 25

Offscreen, Emile deposited his Hoothoot to withdraw Josh, needing Cut to open the way to Suicune on Route 42. Emile came close to acknowledging Josh in this episode as he sang about having Cut before Josh cut down the tree.

Part 26

Offscreen, Emile deposited Josh to withdraw his Hoothoot.

Part 48 (Kanto - Part 2)

Offscreen, Emile deposited Volvagia to withdraw Josh from the PC Box so he could Cut down the tree on Route 9, acknowledging him for the first time and calling him by name, though he insulted him immediately afterwards: "You know who Josh is? Neither do I."

Part 49 (Kanto - Part 3)

Offscreen, Emile deposited Josh briefly to withdraw his Hoothoot, then deposited her and withdrew Josh again in Cerulean City.

Part 50 (Kanto - Part 4)

Offscreen, Emile withdrew Josh again to cut down trees on Route 2, opening the way to Pewter City.

Part 51 (Kanto - Part 5)

After defeating Brock, Emile deposited Josh back in the PC Box to withdraw his Hoothoot.

Part 56 (Kanto - Part 10)

Emile deposited Darmani to withdraw Josh—once again mentioning the Sandshrew by name—to reach the Celadon Gym. He deposited him back in the PC after defeating Erika.

Part 63 (Kanto - Part 17)

Emile's final usage of Josh was to clear the way on Mt. Silver to the house where he obtained the TM for Steel Wing. This was entirely offscreen, and Emile once again did not mention the Sandshrew.


  • Scratch (Part 11 -
  • Defense Curl (Part 11 -
  • Cut (Part 11 -


  • Josh's name is similar to the name of Let's Player JoshJepson. It is unknown if he made this as a joke towards him simlar to Khold, or just a name he thought up of.