Josh Jepson (b. June 3, 1993) is an American Let's Player and one of the guests from the TheRunawayGuys.

Biography Edit

Josh is good friends with Emile.


  • He plays as Yellow Toad in both New Super Mario Bros. Wii & New Super Mario Bros. U.
    • Due to his name, he was the main topic of Emile's first Super Mario co-op platformer spoof songs, this one based on the theme of The Jetsons.
      • This resulted in memes regarding Tim when the song referred to him as the Jane to Josh's George; Emile got Elroy while Jon (referred to as Jonny) was stuck as Judy.
  • Josh currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Brooke.
  • Josh is bisexual.
  • Josh's favorite video game is Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Josh was born and raised in Maine, but then moved to Seattle in 2012.
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