InvinciBug is a Shedinja that belongs to Yoshiller, and was used in his Pokémon Emerald team.


InvinciBug was the third Pokémon used in the battle with Chuggaaconroy, going up against Teddy, and negating Return thanks to the Wonder Guard ability. Teddy is withdrawn for Pandora, but is hit by InvinciBug's Confuse Ray. InvinciBug is then switched out with Milokaross.

InvinciBug is later sent out against Acooltent and uses Confuse Ray on it, which causes Acooltent to KO himself. Pandora is sent out and hits InvinciBug with Shadow Ball, which due to being super effective, Wonder Guard doesn't stop and InvinciBug is knocked out.


  • Shadow Ball
  • Fury Cutter
  • Confuse Ray
  • Dig
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