"Is that you, Spike!? So! You have betrayed me! You will be punished. I was given this Star Spirit by King Bowser I'll never give it up to the likes of you! You will both be punished for your crimes!"
―Huff N. Puff taunting Mario and Lakilester before their battle.[src]

Huff N. Puff is the Chapter 6 Boss in Paper Mario.

A rough-and-tumble thug leader of a gang of Ruff Puffs blocking out the sun in Flower Fields with their Puff-Puff Machine, Huff N. Puff must be defeated in order to rescue the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar.

Paper Mario[edit | edit source]

Chapter 6 - Part 6[edit | edit source]

Mario (Emile) and Watt first glimpse Huff N. Puff himself atop the Cloudy Climb in Flower Fields. He is laying in wait, ready for battle. Chugga teases the battle, coming in the next episode

Chapter 6 - Part 7: Huff N. Puff[edit | edit source]

Atop the cloud battlefield, Mario and Lakilester (a former soldier of Huff N. Puff) confront Huff N. Puff, who has been entrusted by King Bowser to hold Klevar, the sixth Star Spirit, captive. After some taunting, Huff N. Puff bursts up to attack and the battle ensues.

After a lengthy battle, Huff N. Puff is finally vanquished by a Shooting Star brought on by Mario and Skolar. After his loss, Huff N. Puff explodes into many smaller Puffs, releasing Klevar from captivity and ending the Chapter.

Ending - [Part 2/2][edit | edit source]

In the Ending Parade, Huff N. Puff is berated by Yoshi Kids and chased by Gourmet Guy, who wishes to eat him.

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