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Not to be confused with Blair or Emile's main Trubbish, both also known as "Hilbert"

Hilbert is Emile's first Trubbish in Pokémon White.

Pokémon White

Episode 23: Daily Garbage Run

Emile captured a Level 22 male Trubbish on Route 5 in a Nest Ball, wanting to add one to his team. He immediately nicknamed it, but upon returning to the PC, he chose the second Trubbish he captured due to its Ability, Stench, being better than Sticky Hold.

Episode 29: Charge N Up

Hilbert, along with the rest of Emile's catalog of Pokémon, was seen in the PC when Emile was looking for a Pokémon to teach Fly.


Hilbert has a Mild Nature, increasing his Special Attack and decreasing his Defense.



  • Hilbert is the fourth nickname that Emile has given to multiple Pokémon, after Darmani, Acooltent, and Derpidius.