Hans the Arms Dealer is a major character in Dokapon Kingdom.

 The Runaway Gaiden Edit

Dokapon Kingdom: Battle Royale - Part 1 Edit

Hans appeared only in the opening sequence.

Dokapon Kingdom: Battle Royale - Part 4 Edit

NCS entered Hans' store, but all of his gear outranked Hans'. NCS ultimately chose to leave the store.

Dokapon Kingdom Edit

Episode 56: The Bug Bear Edit

Hans is mentioned as the reason that the recording's audio was lost, as him not being encountered was a bad omen.

Episode 57: Alchemy, My Dear! Edit

Jon went to the Weapons Store and saw Hans. Jon sold his Magic Key, a Trap Dodger, a Stl-Bru, and a Conjure spell to Hans, in order to get rid of the Big Bug. Jon then left the store.

Episode 92: 100% Off Edit

Jon visits Hans but buys nothing. Tim later turns up on Saturday when Hans is having a sale, and unsuccessfully tries to rob him.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a lot of sales
    • A cash-strapped Tim tried robbing him in Episode 92 but failed (the "robbery sale" followed by "Wanted: This Duck" when Tim's attempt failed)
      • This turned into an animation.
  • Jon does a pretty accurate Hans voice.
  • Has been referenced in a RunawayGuys episode for nobody knowing who the voice actor was[1]
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