GoldenPant is Emile/Whitlea's Scrafty in Pokémon Black.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 25: Triple Spin Kick

GoldenPant is used in the Rotation Battle against Charles.

Episode 75: The Birthday School of Music

GoldenPant participates in the Pokémon Musical, alongside Salsa. Her outfit (composed of two maracas, two ribbons, a top hat, a dress tie, a belt and glasses) is described by Emile as awful.

Episode 82: Battle Across Time

The last Pokémon Whitlea uses during her first battle against Blair is GoldenPant. She is able to take a hit from Roc's Acrobatics, but she just barely fails in knocking him out with Retaliate, despite its power being boosted due to Statik having fainted the turn before. Another hit from Acrobatics - a critical this time - takes GoldenPant down, resulting in a loss for Whitlea.



  • GoldenPant is named after a reference of the item Golden Pants in his let's play of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, which he had a whole story of the item's name itself.
  • Emile burst into laughter when first reading Scraggy's nickname on-camera, which he didn't know beforehand.
  • GoldenPant is technically Emile's third Fighting type after Moegami, and Psythe.
  • She is also his third Dark type after Pandora, and Terrabite.[1]


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