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Billbert, or GlitchxCity[1] is a Spider-man 2 enthusiast. Her remixes have been featured by Emile as montage music, in LPs such as Pokémon Platinum, Splatoon, and Pokémon Black & White. She's also a professional Mercy player in Overwatch, and she became the best Mercy player in North America in season 5. She enjoys playing Mercy every single day, and has over 4200 hours on Mercy. She also stans KPOP groups such as: Mamamoo, Loona, Red Velvet, Twice, and many others.

Pokémon Platinum

Bonus 1: Battle Factory [Part 1]

Due to audio issues, GlitchxCity's music is featured.

Bonus 2: Battle Factory [Part 2]

Due to audio issues, GlitchxCity's music is featured.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 12: In Good Company

While Emile undertakes a training montage while going over Bios, GlitchXcity's song "Team Plasma Theme" is used as backgro

  • Kourt-knee Vicktoreeyuh Will-yumz
  • Ever since fam started playing overwatch, she just threw away pokemon. Like really, and she didnt even like, give us that next let's play that she promised, BACK IN 2 0 1 6
  • Hi i'm the real GlitchxCity.
  • Omg big fan.
  • Makes nice music
  • Not a bad Ana
  • Likes to eat potatoes
  • Breathes air
  • "Hi, I'm Glitch"
  • okay
  • small fan small fan
  • okay
  1. 1 mercy main NA
  • Hates tracer
  • Trash
  • Oooooooo
  • im a b i g f a n
  • h i d y h o e v e r y o n e i t s m r f r u i t
  • Dank memer
  • Sometimes I like to pretend Mercy is rezzing me
  • Sponsored by a single banana


  • Emile and her were both at the Pokemon Symphony Orchestra.[2]

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