"It's finally time. Our lord N will become the hero! What?! Someone made it clear up here?! Now! Stop that Trainer! For our lord N! Everyone who isn't Team Plasma is an enemy! Use all your powers to take them out!"
―Giallo to Emile[src]
Giallo is a character in Pokémon Black & White. He is one of the Seven Sages, high-ranking members of Team Plasma.

Pokémon Black & White Edit

Episode 1: Blair, Which Pokémon? Edit

Giallo appears in the cold open. He watches as Ghetsis crowns N in a Team Plasma ceremony, also attended by Anthea, Concordia, GormRoodBroniusZinzolin, and Ryoku.

Episode 44: The Upward Spiral Edit

Giallo is confronted by Blair/Emile on Dragonspiral Tower, and he sics four Plasma Grunts on Emile.

Trivia Edit

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