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Gaol is a character in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord

Pit and Magnus are both aiming to defeat Dark Lord Gaol, so the two travel together through Dark Lord Gaol's Castle and battle Underworld troops along the way. Upon arriving in her throne room, Magnus and Gaol act familiar with each other, prompting Palutena to inform Pit that the two used to be friends. After her defeat, Gaol's armor falls apart, revealing a human inside. This upsets Pit, but Palutena assures him that Gaol is not dead, much to his relief.

Chapter 24: The Three Trials

Alongside Magnus, Gaol is called upon by Dyntos to participate in one of Pit's trials, where he must defeat the both of them. It appears that Gaol has taken control over her cursed armor, as her voice is no longer distorted and she retains her free will.


  • Gaol is the first human boss in Uprising.