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Gadzooks is Emile's Zangoose in his Let's Play of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He was the fifth Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

He was first seen in Episode 3 where Zook threatened to use his Shadow Zangoose on Michael and Jovi however Ardos intervened and easily took it out with his Alakazam by using a single Psychic attack. He was seen again in episode 24 where he defeated Biden's Oddish immediately afterwards Zook was battled however Chugga was unable to snag him as Team Snagem had just stolen the Snag Machine from Michael. After retrieving the Snag Machine, Chugga battled Zook one final time and finally snagged him in episode 28. He was purified in episode 31, and renamed in episode 35. Gadzooks was suggested by iFEELikePudding because it sounds like Zangoose and he was originally Zook's.


Current Moves

  • Shadow Ball (Episode 31 - Bonus 5)
  • Brick Break (Episode 28 - Bonus 5)
  • Swords Dance (Episode 34 - Bonus 5)
  • Crush Claw (Episode 28 - Bonus 5)

Previous Moves

  • Refresh (Episode 28 - Episode 31)
  • Counter (Episode 28 - Episode 34)


  • Gadzooks plays a similar role to Voltaire, except it is mainly a strict attacker, whereas Voltaire has Thunder Wave to make snagging Shadow Pokemon easier. He does do solid damage against the opposition well thanks to Ghost/Fighting coverage and Normal STAB in addition to packing Swords Dance. 
  • Due to a glitch in the game, Zook's Shadow Zangoose can switch genders until it is battled. This happened in Chugga's LP, as it was male battling Ardos, female battling Biden, and male once again battling Chugga. 
  • In episode 42, Chugga battled Ardos and Gadzooks managed to one-hit KO the same Alakazam that defeated him at Gateon Port.
  • Chugga once stated that Gadzooks only had an okay run, Trifecta only having a worse time in battle but in the aftergame Dodrio had a better run.
  • Gadzooks is a word for an exclamation of surprise or annoyance, this makes the nickname more fitting than it already is.