Fiora, pre-tranformation

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Fiora is one of the seven playable protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Xenoblade Chronicles Edit

Episode 1: The Battle of Sword Valley Edit

Fiora first appeared in a flashback with Shulk.

Episode 2: Sunrise in the Park Edit

Fiora was seen hanging out with Reyn and Shulk.

Episode 6: Metal Face Edit

She was seemingly killed by Metal Face.

She was later revealed to be alive, having been transformed into a Mechon, Face Nemesis.

Quotes Edit

  • "Sometimes, you just gotta get wild."
  • "I'll carry on fighting beside you until the very end."
  • "It is not only you that has the right. Every living thing has the freedom to choose the path they walk. And THAT is the future!"

Trivia Edit

  • Fiora is Dunban's little sister.
  • Fiora is 18 years old.
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