Eterna City is a location in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Platinum Edit

Episode 10: Chansey of a Lifetime Edit

After traversing the Eterna Forest with Cheryl, Emile finally reached the entrance to Eterna City.

Episode 11: Eterna Life Edit

Emile explored Eterna City. He met Cynthia. Emile and Barry saw Cyrus near the Diagla/Palkia statue.

Episode 12: Tending to Gardenia Edit

Emile battled Gardenia in her Gym and won.

Episode 13: Digging Myself a Hole Edit

Emile got the Underground Kit from the Underground Man and explored the Underground.

Episode 14: Digging Ourselves a Hole Edit

Emile and Sephazon played in the Underground.

Episode 15: Ascending to Jupiter Edit

Emile fought Team Galactic and Admin Jupiter in their Team Galactic HQ.

Episode 16: Completing the Cycle Edit

Emile got a bicycle and finally departed Eterna City.

Episode 68: Bird Migration Edit

Emile visited Professor Oak in his new home in Eterna.

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References Edit

  1. "Eterna City has 50 residents, not counting Team Galactic, with the majority of the population in buildings on the main street." - Bulbapedia
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