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Virizion is Emile/Blair's un-nicknamed Virizion in Pokémon White. He is one of the Legendary Swords of Justice.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 37: Switching From Virizion

Virizion responded to Emile’s challenge when he entered the Rumination Field. Emile sent out Hilbert against it and, for lack of a Quick Ball, threw a Dusk Ball. Virizion broke free effortlessly and retaliated with a Sacred Sword, taking out most of Hilbert’s health but taking some damage of its own from the Rocky Helmet. It then used Helping Hand, caught up in memories of past combat, but found that its allies were nowhere to be found as Hilbert bolstered his defenses with Stockpile. Still dazed, it used Helping Hand again, but again it failed. Regaining its senses, Virizion struck with another Sacred Sword that nearly finished Hilbert off. But the Stockpiled defenses allowed the Garbodor to endure and to maximize Stockpile, upon which Emile healed him with Moomoo Milk before Virizion could Retaliate and finish him off.

The Rocky Helmet continued to damage Virizion, struggling a bit more with Emile’s attempts to catch it and struggling much more to deal damage to Hilbert. Repeated strikes weakened Virizion quickly, and it attempted to drain some of Hilbert’s HP with Giga Drain. The backlash from the poison-type’s HP made it stagger, and it almost failed to break free of Emile’s next Ultra Ball. It used Sacred Sword again, and Emile switched Hilbert out for Haywire to strike Virizion with Thunder Wave. The Zebstrika succeeded, though Virizion knocked her out immediately afterward. Emile mused on Haywire’s poor defenses but said she did what she had to. After a brief debate, he sent out Necessity.

Virizion broke free of the Dusk Ball Emile threw, and again used Helping Hand to no avail. Then it heard Emile musing on thinking it would like the Dusk Ball due to its fashion sense, mentioning Cobalion’s trench coat. In response to experiencing what Emile’s team had done together and learning that he had already bested Cobalion, Virizion surrendered, allowing Emile to catch it in a Dusk Ball.


Virizion has a Lonely Nature, increasing its Attack stat and decreasing its Defense stat. Additionally, its Characteristic is "Loves to eat," meaning that its highest IV is in HP.



  • Virizion is the second Legendary Pokémon Emile caught in his Pokémon Black & White Let's Play (Mythical Pokémon being a different category).