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Rotom is Emile's un-nicknamed Rotom in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Platinum

"Episode 12: Tending to Gardenia"

Rotom first appeared when Emile captured it in the Old Chateau.

"Last Episode"

Rotom was the third Pokémon showed up in the finale, when Emile was showing off the supporting characters of the series.

Pokémon Black & White

"Episode 73: Transfer Facility"

Rotom, along with Emile's Giratina, Shaymin, Beldum, Groundon, and Kyogre were transferred to Pokémon Black & White from the Poké Transfer Lab. Emile also got a another Rotom from a trade named Eeks in the same episode.


Current Moves


  • Rotom is the first Pokemon to have a portrait by Masae in Platinum.
  • This Rotom has a Modest nature.