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Regirock is Emile's Regirock in his Let's Plays of Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 45

Emile encountered Regirock in the Desert Ruins on Route 111 after solving the puzzle in the Sealed Chamber in the previous episode. It took Emile four attempts at the battle to capture it.

On the first attempt, Regirock eventually depleted the PP of its moves, knocking itself out via recoil damage from using Struggle. Altair, who endured the hit with less than half of his HP, grew to Level 40 and tried to learn Dragon Dance, only for Emile to reset.

The second attempt saw Regirock defeat Kappa with AncientPower. Emile then accidentally fled from the battle, which caused Regirock to fly away. Emile wondered how a hunk of rocks was able to do such a thing before resetting again.

For the third attempt, Regirock knocked out Emile's entire team save for Slavinator. Emile threw two Poké Balls (a Premier Ball and Luxury Ball), both of which failed before Regirock took out Slavinator with AncientPower.

Emile finally caught Regirock on the fourth attempt. The Rock Peak Pokémon beat Moegami after he reduced it to the red zone (with Emile throwing a failed Nest Ball when he was on the field). Teddy took the field next, and she used Yawn to put the Legendary Rock Type to sleep. Following two failed Poké Balls, a Premier Ball managed to catch it.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 74: The Bio Weapon

Regirock is discussed.

Episode 79: Park It

Emile taught Regirock "Strength", replacing "Rock Throw" when he had it with him along with Registeel and Regice in order to capture Regigigas.


Current Moves

  • Strength (Episode 79 - Present)
  • Curse (Episode 45 (Emerald) - Present)
  • Superpower (Episode 45 (Emerald) - Present)
  • AncientPower (Episode 45 (Emerald) - Present)

Former Moves