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Pikachu is Emile's un-nicknamed Pikachu in Pokémon Emerald.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 34

Emile encountered Pikachu in the Hoenn Safari Zone. This encounter made him start going over the bios in the Safari Zone, the first of which being Pikachu. Emile threw a Safari Ball, which to his surprise, caught Pikachu in one try.

Episode 47

Emile took Pikachu out of the PC, temporarily depositing Acooltent for the purpose. He taught Pikachu Flash in order to solve the puzzle to access Registeel in the Ancient Tomb. Emile sent him out during the battle with the Legendary Titan. After Emile threw a Poké Ball that shook three times before Registeel broke out, the Iron Pokémon knocked out Pikachu with a single Superpower (causing its own Attack and Defense to drop).

Episode 54

After Emile defeated Wally at the entrance to Victory Road, he withdrew Pikachu (depositing Moegami) temporarily. Emile taught Pikachu Rock Smash, needing it along with Flash to navigate Victory Road.

Episode 55

Emile continued to use Pikachu to get through Victory Road. In addition to using Flash to illuminate the lower floors, Pikachu broke some rocks with Rock Smash.


Current Moves

  • Rock Smash
  • Flash
  • Thunder Wave
  • Slam