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"Moltres, I am here recording this on a Saturday night. You think I'm just going to give up, and I'm gonna go somewhere else and I'm gonna give up on catching you? You think I have better things to do than sitting here trying to cram a six-foot-tall bird into something the size of a baseball? No. I don't have anything better to do. You think I have friends to go see? You think I have places to go hang out? You think I have dates to go on? You think I have sex to have? Well, apparently, you don't know teenage boys on the internet very well."
―Emile's iconic rant while battling Moltres[src]

Moltres is Chuggaaconroy's un-nicknamed Moltres in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon FireRed

Part 32

Moltres first appeared at the peak of Mt. Ember. Moltres was captured in the following episode, after a now infamous rant.

Part 33

Moltres was captured during this part after 15 Ultra Ball, 2 Pokeballs, A Net Ball, A Nest Ball but successfully capturing Moltres in a Ultra Ball. It was revealed that the attempt that Emile caught Moltres on was his 5th attempt with the previous 4 failing to capture Moltres. It took Emile 2 Nights to successfully capture Moltres.

Moltres's former domain: Mt. Ember


Current Moves

  • Agility (Part 33 - Present)
  • Endure (Part 33 - Present)
  • Fire Spin (Part 33 - Present)
  • Flamethrower (Part 33 - Present)

Post-Let's Play Fate Edit

In May of 2016, Emile revealed that an unspecified accident deleted his FireRed save file shown in the LP. Consequently, Moltres and the rest of Emile's team were lost forever.


  • This Moltres only has Fire-type attacks.
    • Thus, a Pokémon with the ability Flash Fire cannot be harmed by Moltres.