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Mewtwo is a Emile's un-nicknamed Mewtwo in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon FireRed

Part 51 [1/2]

Emile first encountered Mewtwo on the over world, ending the part as a cliffhanger. Prior in this part Emile made sure to prepare, saying that "Inside are the strongest Pokemon of all" referring to the levels of Pokemon in Cerulean Cave as well as Mewtwo.

Part 51 [2/2]

Mewtwo was battled and captured by Emile. Emile has the option to use the Master Ball, but ended up capturing Mewtwo in a Ultra Ball.


  • Psychic (Part 51 [2/2] - Present)
  • Swift (Part 51 [2/2] - Present)
  • Recover (Part 51 [2/2] - Present)
  • Safeguard (Part 51 [2/2] - Present)

 Post-Let's Play Fate

In May of 2016, Emile revealed that an unspecified accident deleted his FireRed save file shown in the LP. Consequently, Mewtwo and the rest of Emile's team were lost forever.


  • Mewtwo was the last Pokemon Emile caught in FireRed.
    • It was also the last wild Pokémon to receive a bio in FireRed.