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Emile's Lileep is a fossil Pokémon from the "Root Fossil" from Emile's Pokémon Emerald LP.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 21

Emile got one of the two fossils from Mirage Tower, which had the "Claw Fossil" and the "Root Fossil". Emile chose the "Root Fossil" to make up for a lost team member.

Episode 22

The Lileep was resurrected by a scientist in the Devon Corporation building, located in Rustboro City.


  • This Lileep and its evolution "Cradily" was originally going to be a team member on Emile's Emerald team.
  • Chuggaconroy thinks its species "Lileep" is one of the most underrated Pokémon of all time.
  • Lileep makes a cameo in the Emerald PC Box in Pokémon Platinum - Episode 79: Park It while Emile is accessing in through Pal Park.
  • None of the Lileep's moves have been revealed.