"She's been great! It's the face of a killer!"
Jigglypuff is Emile's un-nicknamed Jigglypuff in a personal playthrough of either Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue.[1]

Unspecified Pokémon Gen I Game Edit

Jigglypuff was seen in a photo Tweeted by Emile.

Moves Edit

Known Moves Edit

  • Pound
  • Double Slap
  • Water Gun
  • Sing

Related Tweets Edit

"Decided to only use Pokemon I've never used in 18 years and [Jigglypuff]'s been great! It's the face of a killer! #Pokemon20" - @chuggaaconroy[2]
"So many replies saying they didn't know Jigglypuff could learn Water Gun. You underestimate the bizarre nature of Gen I TMs! #Pokemon20" - @chuggaaconroy[3]
"@chuggaaconroy I approve of the jiggly!! #favorite" - @MadameWario[4]
"@chuggaaconroy Wait til it gets Body Slam and Double good! <3" - @SlimKirby[5]

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References Edit

  1. The sprite shown is only used in Red and Blue.
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